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    Mon Feb 25 2013

    Some of My thoughts about doubters. What I find funny those who have doubt about a Co. that has been in business for almost 4 decades. Racers and just users that tout the benefits of Amsoil for others to hopefully enjoy the advantages of using an superior oil. IMO those whom doubt the use of Amsoil are the losers while as I am reaping the benefits. I recently did a show in Springfield MO the guys that shared their use of Amsoil was worth the show in itself. Yet they will allow paid advertisements full of bogus facts to sway their opinion. For an international Co. I guess we are doing ok. For more info on Amsoil go to or I would like to add a mix of old and my thinking. Don’t say no to Amsoil Until you know the facts!

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    Thu Jan 26 2012

    If its half as good as the cheerleaders would have you believe, this MLM scheme would sell better... UPDATE: I just want to know what I have to say to break off 100+ D votes in a single review...

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    Thu Jan 26 2012

    Salads taste better with olive oil, even in frigid temperatures. Update: Only wusses use Amsoil. You hicks in the south bathe in it ,heh heh.

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    Tue Dec 20 2011

    If you want to save money AMSOIL is hands down a sure fire way to keep more money in your pocket.You save by extending your oil change intervals with a guarentee on the product u are using ,fuel economy is increase by up to 5 to 6 %,and your equipment will last longer. Simple math ,less oil changes ,better fuel economy,less maintenance, and vehicle longevity. If you have any questions feel free to go to . Or email me at [email protected]. move up to the best move up to AMSOIL. Independent T1 Certified dealers Nathan&Brenda Parham

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    Mon Mar 21 2011

    Popular Science magazine had an article around 1980 wherein Ray Potter , chief lubrication engineer for Ford Motor co., in Michigan wrote that it performed in the ANSI Oldsmobile 3 test that was used for testing lubrication performance better than anything they ever tried. There were photos of the engines after going through toture test and results were never seen as good. Mr. Potter said he would put it in his auto and drive it 100 thousand miles without ever changing the oil but utilize oil analysis and filter changes. There is no question this is the best oil for an auto if it is put in early in the engine life. I was so interested that I researched it thoroughy from the mgr. of the base stock to engineering books about synthetic lubricants I got at Purdue University. The base stock, at least at that time was Ester base. W.R. Grace company back around that time, told me how good it was in the lubricants with this base stock on the construction equipment used in Alaska for the oil... Read more

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    Thats what momma used to make biscuits & pappa used to grease up little sis ! Uncle Cleetus uses it in his hair & dang if he gots much left.

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    I put this stuff in my car and it took me to Triton, the moon of Neptune and back before I needed another oil change! It is only with the utmost effort and the help of St. Anthony that I am able to withstand dividing myself into 567 oscargamblesfros to write 567 glowing reviews of this magical substance!

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    Mon Feb 14 2011

    And the spammers continue...where's the Better World Books crowd? As for this product, I indeed have used Amsoil on my vehicle, and it is a good product, but a bit more expensive, especially compared to other brands of synthetic like Pennzoil or even Mobil. I actually prefer synthetic brands to regular, as it requires less oil changes per mile of usage and it does increase the life of the engine. Normally, I change the oil about every 8500-9000 miles. Amsoil is a decent product, but I normally go with more affordable brands that give me more or less similar performance outcomes. Sorry to break the news to the Amsoil dealers and zombies. You're not winning points with consumers by spamming sites like this.

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    I've been using Amsoil for 38 years! There is NOTHING OUT THERE that even comes close in quality and durability. The independent tests tell it all. When used in a (MECHANICALLY SOUND ENGINE) Amsoil NEVER moves off the amber color scale. If Amsoil or for that matter any good Synthetic Oil ever turns Black, it means you have excess fuel dilution or Sludge present, This is why Amsoil also has recommended using their flush prior to installing Amsoil. The Amsoil Flush is also great. One must just be able to follow instructions to the letter. Most people don't follow instructions, as they think they know better. Use of Amsoil filters ( BY FAR BEST ON THE MARKET) is highly recommended. The main simple equation is install Amsoil in newer engines or those free of deposits such as sludge. There are numerous engines out there prone to sludge. If you have one of these engines it is highly recommended to flush the engine and do frequent oil changes unless this engine is new. NO, I REPEAT, NO ENGINE... Read more

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    Wed Nov 03 2010

    To those who complained of black oil. I had the same experience when I first switched to Amsoil that the first oil change after Amsoil was put in, the oil would be thick and gooey when drained. On the oil pan I would see globs of oil as if it was a booger. I found out that what Amsoil did was cleaning the sludge out of the internal engine and I didnt know I was supposed to use the amsoil engine flush. After two Amsoil oil changes the sludge and gooey stuff was gone and after wards the oil drained very easy. so its normal that the first time you switch to Amsoil that there would be very black stuff. Amsoil cleans the engine... I use Amsoil on my 2005 Impala and 2000 Silverado and will continue doing so...

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    Am-soil got sued and lost for recommending too high of intervals. they now have a 3500 mile change recommendation. which is no better than regular oil. there are many independent studies that show it has no performance benefit. so why pay 5 times the cost for nothing. and these people that say that the way the oil looks (thick and black) has no bearing on the performance and protection of the oil, are delusional. it is simple physics, sludge does not lubricate. the only oil i have ever used; and i have been in the oil change business for around 20 yrs, that give any of these benefits is G-OIL. and it is not bad for the environment like regular oil and even worse synthetic.

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    Certainly as an Amsoil Dealer I will say the products are great just like all the other dealers. They are! But, I wanted to be able to prove it to people so I am running a study on my website where I changed the oil and filter on a customers 2006 Chevy Impala SS to the Amsoil SSO 17,500 -35K mile one year oil, and a EA 25K filter. My customer averages 18,000 miles per year and at the end of the year I will produce oil analysis to prove the oil can last as long as Amsoil states. FYI.. I have a poll set up where visitors pick the oil analysis company at the end of the year. Oil Analyzers (Amsoil Owned), Black Stone Labs, and Analysts Inc. Check it out ..

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    Sun May 23 2010

    I put Amsoil in my truck in 1990, I sold my truck last year with 180,000 miles on it. I only change the oil in the truck about five times. When I sold it, it could burn rubber as if it were brand new. Amsoil was the first synthetic oil on the market, I was told over and over again for ten years that this oil was carp and that I had voided my warranty. Then one year the new Corvettes came out with their turbocharged motors requiring full synthetic motor oil, then all at once the mechanics failed to remark further on its supposed faults. There were only two synthetic motor oils on the market back and Amsoil soon became king. I buy my Amsoil though a commercial account; I am not a part of the MLM plan. The only reason Amsoil needs a MLM marketing plan is because it takes a one on one explanation between two people with the hopes that the bone heads out could understand it is good stuff. What’s in the cars that go round and round on Saturday afternoon, is it regular oil, is it paras... Read more

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    Fri May 14 2010

    i've got a 2006 dodge ram 1500 and it calls for 5w-20. second to a house, the average person's most expensive thing they'll buy is a vehicle which is a big investment if you think about it. naturally i wanted to protect my investment the best that was possible so i did my research on oils and filters because preventative maintence is the focus of your vehicle's life span. you take care of it, it takes care of you for a long time. if you dont, it wont. plain and simple. i switched from pennzoil to an amsoil filter and oil at roughly 20k miles. i really didnt notice an mpg gains, maybe 1 or 2mpg that i cant tell but every little bit helps. i cant tell if it's protecting my engine like it says unless i tear into it, which i wont. but i do know 2 things that it did. i noticed my engine temp was reading around 210 degrees before i switched and then after, it dropped down to around 192 degrees. the positive crankcase ventilation valve (pcv valve) is supposed to be changed every 30k miles (lo... Read more

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    Sat Mar 27 2010

    The Best on the market!!!

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    Mon Mar 15 2010


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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Just recently put it in my 2000 dodge stratus, I checked the dipstick after about 2500 miles and the oil still looks relatively new...not to mention it helps my car run smoother, a lot better than other oils. Highly recommended.

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    this stuff doesn't even deserve a full star- it's the worse oil I've ever put in any vehicle- it turns black within 1000 miles - and you are suppose to run it for 12K - I DON"T THINK SO !!!! I asked several well established engine builders about it and they said "RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION" don't use it if you want your car to last !!!

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    Fri Dec 11 2009

    I have used Amsoil for many years and have had great results. I have also used the other brands like Royal Purple and they to are good. Amsoil is by far the best. If you likk at what you put into a race engine a 100.00 oil change in a drop in the bucket. I recommend you stick with a regular oil change schedule. I still change my Amsoil every 3000 / 5000 miles regardless of the claims. It only 100.00 or so. Buy in bulk and do it yourself. A 20,000 dollar engine is worth it. I would rather listen to the wifes nagging than a knocking rod. At least with the wife you can leave the room.

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    Amsoil is a very good oil. keep in mind that warranties may be affected by the use of this oil. The XL line is a group three just as the other syn. like QS, PennPlatinum,Valvoline etc. Why anyone would pay more for theXL line is beyond me. Still they have been around for a long time and make a ggod range of products. The other website BITOG< shows very good to so so UOA data,but rep. they have has been great for years.You can find dealers in your area and save shipping costs. I have used this product and it never blew me away but then that is just me.

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    Fri Jul 31 2009

    Just do the research. Look at the statistics. Just google the best oil. I have used it in my cars, harleys, etc. For the price of a harley, it pays to buy the best. If your one that believes in the 3000 mile myth, you better do your research. I had to write an essay in college on a topic I was unfamiliar with, and it was oil, oil filters, air filters and oil additives. To sum up the 10 page essay and 4 pages of references, including companies that do oil testing to 3m with Dupont for oil additives. Don't bother, just stick with the first in synthetic oils and their filters. It is not even an opinion, it is fact. Overall ratings from flash points, viscocity, bearing wear etc. are the best on average. In the end it is your choice what you put in your engine. I use Amsoil. I am not a sales person if you all are thinking this. Just do your research before you start typing reviews. Enough said.

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    Sat Jun 06 2009

    Been using it in my Dodge RAM 2500 Cummins with their bypass filter and have seen a noticeable improvement not only in fuel mileage but in smoothness and clarity of the oil even after 20-30k miles. I am extremely pleased.

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    It's decent. The extended drain 0w30 doesn't really live up to its advertised 26k mile drain intervals. I would never trust it that long, even with their oil filter specific for the application. You can use a high-end Wix/Napa Gold, PureOne, Mobil 1 or Carquest Premium filter and change just the filter at intervals recommended in your car's owners manual (but no more than every 6k) and maybe get 15-17k out of this oil at best. With the Amsoil premium filter maybe 20k. I wouldn't push it any further than that. This oil is too expensive for the extended drain interval to be cost-effective and it really doesn't seem to be a whole lot better than mainstream brands.

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    Been using Amsoil since 1994. used it on 93 Geo 268K miles to date without having the head off yet. Used their ATF in trans and change it every 30K miles. Same trans with no work on it. Have a 2001 Ford Focus 157K miles on 0-30 since first oil change. Running very strong and engine is bone dry. Tried their gear oil. It thickens in winter and trans screams when temp under 10 degrees F until it warms up. Change to another trans oil and got better results. No screaming at all. Focus gets 33 to 35 MPG on hwy 26 to 28 in traffic. I log each fill up. GREAT STUFF. Costs more then store oil and less then some other oils BEST VALUE ON THE MARKET. MOST COST EFFECTIVE OIL AROUND.

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    Sun Jan 11 2009

    I notice this oil is very clean and last quite long... (OFC you dont trust what they said the oil could last for 25k miles right?) I change my oil at 5k miles, and the oil still looks good shape.  Anyway, it helps my car's engine to warm up faster in New England winter weather and also protect my car from stop and go traffic.  Good one!

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    shemale316 has been drinking the cool aide, again. *** I've been using Amsoil since 1978 when I discovered it was used in the A-4 SkyHawk I flew in the US Navy. Yes, there is a milspec for Amsoil. For 30 years, every car I put Amsoil in had at least a 5-10% increase in mileage. The best was 15% in a 1978 Corvette with 20k miles, but this may have been due to also replacing the gear lube in the transmission and rear end. For whack-jobs like shemale316, you MUST drive the same route, the same way, and under the same conditions to determine your net change. If you drive a different route and in a different style (e.g. hills with your foot in the intake manifold) you will not see a positive change EVEN IF THE ROUTE IS THE SAME DISTANCE. Also, cold start-ups in cold weather WILL NOT show the same mileage as warm start-ups on warmer days, especially with aggressive automatic mixture (choke) settings that make the car run MUCH richer for longer periods in cold weather. *** By the... Read more

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    What is all of this crap about Amsoil being expensive? Are you people on drugs? What planet are you on? How much does 8 to 11 trips to Jiffy Lube cost vs. $50-70 for Amsoil? Man, some of you people simply are not good at math. I've had 4 cars using Amsoil and EVERY ONE OF THEM had an increase in gas mileage by as high as 4.7 MPG. Don't give me this crap about your car not getting better gas mileage. You must be driving in stop and go traffic in NYC or something then or you're a total lead foot. Anytime I see a post where somebody says Amsoil is expensive, this INFURIATES ME. People like you should be sued for slander and lies. Amsoil costs me NOTHING! If you pay $50-70 to save $200-400/yr. in fuel, HOW IS THAT EXPENSIVE? Some people here are just idiots. +++++++++++++++++++++++++ I never got a fuel economy increase. I track every single mile I drive, type of driving (highway or city), time of the year, brand of gasoline I put in (shell is the only one to give better fuel economy... Read more

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    Sun Sep 21 2008

    After I started using AMSOIL I am saving money in oil drain change and also I am helping the environment because it is 100% synthetic.

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I haven't used a lot of the Amsoil products but from the oil I've used it has been totally satisfactory. In Oregon I can buy the product in "Joe's" stores. I haven't tried their the oil filters as yet but would be willing to try them sometime.

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    Fri May 02 2008

    What is all of this crap about Amsoil being expensive? Are you people on drugs? What planet are you on? How much does 8 to 11 trips to Jiffy Lube cost vs. $50-70 for Amsoil? Man, some of you people simply are not good at math. I've had 4 cars using Amsoil and EVERY ONE OF THEM had an increase in gas mileage by as high as 4.7 MPG. Don't give me this crap about your car not getting better gas mileage. You must be driving in stop and go traffic in NYC or something then or you're a total lead foot. Anytime I see a post where somebody says Amsoil is expensive, this INFURIATES ME. People like you should be sued for slander and lies. Amsoil costs me NOTHING! If you pay $50-70 to save $200-400/yr. in fuel, HOW IS THAT EXPENSIVE? Some people here are just idiots.

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    Thu May 01 2008

    if anything they are only a tiny bit better than the other oils out there. I've tried it, saw no difference in my fuel economy, and I am crazy about this stuff. I see a difference everytime I do maintenance. But never found any with any amsoil changes. And I got news for you guys. Any synthetic will run 25+k miles without an oil change. Not just amsoil. Just amsoil would rather charge you more, give you less oil, unlike the others who try to get you to buy it more often toi make the same money. Just because an oil is black, doesnt mean it's bad. that's just the detergents doing its job. It's still just as lubricating. Find out for yourself. Run both oils, get them tested as you go. You'll find they both go good for the same amount of mileage.

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    Sun Mar 09 2008

    Hands down the best lubricants money can buy! I've been using all their products (ATF, Oil, Brake Fluid, Gear Lube etc.) for about 18 years in everything from my VW Golf TDI to my weedeater and have never had an issue. The once a year oil change is NOT true, you can actually go much longer but for $52.00 why chance it. It's expensive yes, but you save money over the long haul. You pay $52.00 a year instead of $18.50 eight times a year ($148.00). Everyone has an opinion but when it comes down to the nuts and bolts Amsoil leads the pack and has been doing so since they introduced the first API certified synthetic in 1972.

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    Have used amsoil asl 5w-30 for the last 4 years on a vehicle with now over 150,000 miles on it. Change it once a year but now seriously considering only every 2 years since everytime the oil sample is analyzed at the end of the year, it looks brand new. My mpg also improved from 18 to nearly 21. I need 5 qts for $35 the filter another $15 for a total of $50 a year so it would be stupid and more costly for me to use any other synthetic. To each their own but I recommended searching for it and giving it a try before forming any negative opinions about it. The only reason it's not in alot of retail stores is because amsoil won't give them a big enough discount for them to turn a profit and since you'll only need it once a year they wouldn't be able to move fast enough or afford to offer it for sale or clearance like they can everything else that is marked up so high to clear it off the shelves.

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    Wed Apr 18 2007

    Been using Amsoil products since 1998. Not a dealer either. Driven over 220,000 miles and mechanic says cars are in the best shape he has ever seen. Gas mileage increased 10%, lower maintenance costs (extended drains, oil, transmission, rear differential, fuel injector cleaner, etc.) No seal problems, compression is the same out of the factory. See you on the road!

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    Mon Mar 12 2007

    I do think most people dont need to spend their money on amsoil when for the most part, changing oil using something cheep like havoline every 5000 miles will work for most. How many miles do you expect to put on your car? I used havoline 5w30 in a honda civic which I did 5k oil changes and sold at 148k. My friend bought it and has 246k on it using the same oil. I forgot, hondas go forever on any oil while in a big three pos, you need amsoil to even think about putting 150k on the engine.

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    Amsoil is awesome. Amsoil has been making a 1 year or 25,000 mile oil since 1972. Mobil 1 wasn't even thought of in 1972. With the Amsoil nano fiber technology oil and air filters a 25,000 mile or 1 year oil change is possible. Amsoil is also American made and the best oil you can buy. If you have truely researched the quality of motor oils you would already know there is nothing better than Amsoil. Mobil's best motor oil is only a 15000 mile oil which isn't even half as good as the best Amsoil which is a 35,000 mile oil. Mobil 1 15000 mile oil isn't much cheaper than Amsoil 35000 mile oil. It should be half the price of Amsoil since it is only half as good, but it isn't so who is getting ripped off? Do the math. Mobil doesn't even believe in their own product since they recommend not going beyond manufacturer recommended drain intervals until the vehicle is out of warrenty. There are all kinds of tests posted all over the internet on how Amsoil out performs other e... Read more

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    the best synthetic on the market. Look at the test reports. I use it in my pumped Harley

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    Amsoil is a great oil. Nice of someone thinking ahead 30 years ago and make an synthetic motor oil for internal combustion engines. It is second to none. I would use it 10,000 miles and not worry at all.

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    Wed Dec 20 2006

    I have had nothing but excellent results with the Amsoil product. There new Ea series filter and 0W30 oil is what I use in everything I own, except my diesel, that gets the 5W30 diesel oil. My oil has been sampled and checked by blackstone labs to be safe, even after 20,000 miles with no change. MPG has gone up also. Nobody offers an oil filter that even compares to there new line of filters...I've tried them all and have used blackstone labs to verify my results.

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    Tue Oct 31 2006

    Looks like a bunch of propaganda. Performing on bench tests (static tests-Noack, pour, flash point, yes...even the 4 ball bearing wear test(I checked the site)) doesn't mean squat when it comes to active (dynamic reality) motor wear. I am sure Amsoil is a good synthetic.....but why pay so much more for something that is really no better than the other guys...Mobil one, Pennzoil,etc.etc.etc. Also, looking at what info. I can find...Amsoil doesn't have anything (active ingredient) superior to any of the other oils....Mobil One or Royal Purple most bang for the buck. 25k oil change...keep playin' with fire, get burned.

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    Sun Oct 29 2006

    Best on the planet, but a little pricey. I've used it for 25 years and always notice the difference when I put it in.

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    Mon Sep 18 2006

    Best oil ever made. We use it in all of our vehicles and each vehicle gets better gas mileage since the switch and they all start better in the wintertime. We now put it in our four wheelers, generators and lawnmowers, most relizble oil ever. My dad is a licensed Amsoil dealer! AMAZING PRODUCT! For you people who say its hard to find. Most family owned shops carry Amsoil products, plus you can find them online at their website. FOR THE FOURTH TIME, BEST OIL EVER MADE, ONCE YOU SWITCH YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK!!

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    Mon May 29 2006

    good stuff. works great with my supercharge camaro

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    Fri Mar 31 2006

    Simply put the best! Yes they back it up and challenge all. Its comical to read some of the following users comments on this web site ----Quaker State, what a joke. Jets, all new Corvetts, NASA program "hence space shuttle" all and I mean all run synthetics, and as far as the following comments about not lasting 25,000 miles from a previous post ----Here some terms you should know about "SPARKY" its called Oil viscosity. Anything under 4% is considered good, ask a Diesel Mechanic. YOU should staying shopping at Wall-MART And oh by the way folks, why over in Europe does the same crap oils recommend changes at 10,000 miles instead of 3000! Hell I bet half of these pole smokers dont even change their own oil and drive JAP CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!