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American multinational technology company focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence Website

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    Thu Sep 15 2011

    All my experience with Amazon is great!!!! The prime is amazing! sometime free two-day shipping will be late, but no more than 3 days. I really love and trust Amazon!

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    Wed Jul 20 2011

    The Best online Shoppe over internet. Their service is so fast and have quality products . I give Amazon an excellent five star. S Edwards

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    Pros + It's a nice place to work in most aspects. + You get a lot of exposure to business. + Depending on your team, you could get to do some good work. + It's a big tech company. You get exposure to a lot of hot technologies and very smart people. + Ample scope to grow professionally. Cons - The work atmosphere is pretty intensive, compared to most similar companies. - Work-life-balance needs to improve. - The salary(and hikes) tend to tank after joining initially on a good package. - There is no variable pay or annual/performance-based bonus. - The employee benefits programme needs to be reworked. one of the company mottos is "Frugality". Extreme cases of that can't go down well with the employees.

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    Wed Mar 30 2011

    I AM GIVING 3 STARS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE FAST SHIPPING. Out sourced customer service, terrible! When are american companies going to start employing americans???????

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    Mon Mar 07 2011

    I would have given them 5 stars,based on years of excellent service,however,in January I made the mistake of buying an extra item (a gift) to get the "Free Shipping" deal they're always pushing.Well,guess what? I wish I'd just ordered the thing I originally wanted,because it took at least a MONTH to get only part of my order,and I'm still waiting for the rest.Never again.I'll still use Amazon,but no more "free shipping" scams for me !

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    Mon Mar 07 2011

    got by books right on time as promised

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    Wed Feb 23 2011

    I use for lots of things. It has good textbooks. It has good little knickknacks for Christmas or Birthdays. That being said, it is an online site and there are some greedy buggers out there who are just trying to get your money. There's a rating system for the sellers, so you can tell if everyone else who has bought from them likes them. I have never had any troubles until, out of desperateness I bought a book from an unrated seller. A sixty dollar book from an unrated seller. I was hoping to get it by the next week, which I e-mailed them in hopes we could have a good relationship where they would help me get my book as best as I could. After two weeks of never hearing from them, I said cancel my order, I am buying the book elsewhere. Still no response, but I had no choice. You have to wait until the three or four weeks or whatever time period Amazon gives them before you can file a claim. So, I wait out the four weeks, file a claim, and then the jerk of a seller tries to se... Read more

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    Amazon's reputation is better than eBay's, but that's only because reality has not caught up with perception. eBay has quietly cleaned up much of the bootleg, counterfeit, fake and pirated merchandise sold on its site. And where has most of it gone? To Amazon, where anyone can open a seller account for $39.95 and sell ANYTHING they want. Or, without a seller account, anyone with a regular Amazon account can list AGAINST an existing product with a fake or defective or completely different item and steal your business. You could own the Mona Lisa and list it for $900,000,000, and Joe Schmo could say he has the same painting and list it for $10. Yep, Amazon policy requires that sellers not describe their products as unique even if they literally are unique. Great way to encourage dishonest sellers to sell fake stuff. Oh, that's right, Amazon collects fees on all the fake stuff that's sold too.

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I bought one thing from them and they started sending me their newsletter. I have unsubscribed 4 times and I still receive the newsletter. Don't sign up for anything from them they will spam the shit out of you

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    Best online shopping ever in my life!

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    Fri Sep 03 2010

    I have used Amazon to buy various items as such used college textbooks, aquarium light fixtures, a fountain pen, video games, and even a kukri (machete) to hack apart bushes and a cumbersome pine tree in my backyard. Variety is one of the main features that attracts people to this site. There is very large selection of items available for purchase, often at cheaper prices than normal retailers (I saved a lot of money on textbooks). The choice of sellers is also a nice feature, especially given the fact that seller ratings (which in part denotes their reputation) are viewable. I have placed dozens of orders and have only run into 1 major problem. An independent seller advertised a cheap copy of Windows Vista a few years back but never shipped after I had placed (and paid for) the order. This problem was mostly due to my compulsive choice of seller and not really a fault from Amazon, which actually ended up reimbursing me fully. That one inconvenience doesn't detract from their ov... Read more

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    Great site to buy new or used items - I've found most everything I wanted at a reasonable price. Shipping is always fast, and you can usually find multiple copies of books, DVDs or anything else so you can pick the one you want.

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    The product is great, i love amazon

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    Sat Sep 27 2008

    I love Amazon ! Always get easy sales and my products sell for high prices. What more could I ask for?

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    Very few sales

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    I love this site.

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    Not good anymore.

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    Thu Aug 16 2007

    Ive always had excellent service from Amazon.Sometimes things are hard to get and take a long time to be in stock but great service from them

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    Thu Jun 08 2006

    I've used Amazon for books, both used and new, as well as other items. Each time I've used Amazon I've had no problems and I would definitely use that site again.

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    Wed Nov 09 2005

    There shouldn't be any surprise that eBay isn't at the very top. I do want to put my two cents in about Amazon. First, I'm sure I buy more than most people do from Amazon. I check the frequently the "today's deals." I trust Amazon and have very good luck with them and their products. I also have good luck with great "rebate" offers from them too. If you ever need any boxes and packing supplies be sure and order from Amazon. I had one single order that arrived in 7 or 8 different boxes on different days. With that being said, on their site is also an auction site. The sad thing about it is they make it so easy to slip into this auction site. When you see that common, "12 Used & New" underlined link... could be 12, 5, 50, etc., it will take you to a screen with respected large retail chains and then as you scroll you get into individuals selling their things. It is a little confusing to see Sears and then Bob-The-Crook right below them. Here's the truth about their auctions: First t... Read more

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