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    Wed Jan 06 2010

    They should add another word to the title of Alltel and make it "Alltel-lies" because when you deal with the salesman they ALL end up TELling you some kind of LIE if you talk to them long enough. My problem with them was that they claimed they couldn't reactivate one of their OWN phones. I think it was because they wanted to sell me a new phone. However, it wasn't the only lie I was told that day. This was a lie of omission rather than a flat out lie. What they didn't tell me was that if any chump wanted to spam a text message to my phone that I would have to pay for it. Yes, that's right, I have been made to pay for every text message that has come into my phone spam or not spam. I had noticed that I was burning up card after card and not talking very long at all so I stopped sending text messages. It only got worse until I stopped by the ALLTEL-LIES store and that's when they broke the news to me. The idiot salesperson told me that if I didn't want to be charged that I shoul... Read more

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    Mon Oct 26 2009

    For all those who give AllTel four and five stars and tell people to quit whining when they go over their minutes and get their phones shut off, let me explain what happened to me two days ago. AllTel recentely merged with Verizon and ever since the merger there's been nothing but trouble with my phone service. Texts come through duplicated and I get charged for the duplicates, I won't get voicemails for days after they're sent, and my coverage is spotty at best. Upon taking my phone to my local AllTel store, the girl kindly told me that she could upgrade my phone but it would take 20 to 30 minutes and there was a 10% chance that doing so would fry the phone (I'd hate to see what would have happened if I'd fried it right after getting it when a telephone techie told me to do the same thing)... My wife and I ran a few errands and returned to the store approximately 45 minutes later. I was told by the in-store tech that there wasn't anything they could do for my phone becau... Read more

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    Fri Jul 31 2009

    i only give it one star because there wasn't a blank space before that. i've been a prepaid customer of alltel for 3 years, during which i've had numerous times of no service, i was only made aware of afterwards by my kids who'd tried to contact me during the down time, while other alltel customers with contracts kept their service on, the towers were closed down to the prepays whenever repairs or additions were made...they store credit card information on their records so if you ever once use a friends number, it perpetually stays on the account to be used again, which should be highly illegal...i bought a minutes plan due to renew by the 5th of the month, put extra money on the account on the 3rd so it would be there, and they rolled my account on the 3rd....if you think these things are scandalous, trying calling their outsourced customer service lines, Indians reading off a script, everything is your fault, no they won't connect you to the supervisor, but they'll put you on hold f... Read more

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    Sun Jul 05 2009

    NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GET ALLTEL!! If you have the chance to get any other service, take the other service. Alltel is slow, there phones are terrible, there service is terrible, they scam you every which way they can. Just take my advice. Never get alltel!

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    Sat May 30 2009

    I have been on Alltel since February 28, 2008. I'm eligible for a phone upgrade this October. I got the phone because of a bomb scare at my school and I didn't have a cell phone to contact my parents. Later that week, my grandparents added me to their Alltel account with the LG Scoop. The only reason I'm on Alltel is because it's "cheap" and my parents couldn't afford to add me to their Sprint plan. I've had to replace my phone four times. I replaced it the first time six months in because the keypad stopped working. The second time, after I moved to Utah where there are no Alltel stores, I had to send it in because I couldn't slide it shut anymore and half the keys had shut down. The third time, the phone stopped charging after the charging port wore itself down. Not even two months later, I've had to send it in for the exact same problem. Alltel has done nothing with the Verizon merge, which I've been waiting for. You can't make your own ringtones, you have to download them and ea... Read more

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    What a day... tried to exchange my Blackberry that I accidentally damaged over Christmas. I have the premo insurance plan (approx $99 for a replacement)which I didn't mind paying. I had asked if I could upgrade to a newer model and was told no, not unless I add it as an additional phone to my current 2-year account. I agreed to get the same phone as a replacement, and after speaking with the insurance company and paying for my new "red" colored phone, the local salesman told me he would only give me a "white" phone. I told him the insurance company said I'd get the same "red" model and he said that they only trade out refurbished unpopular color models and that I couldn't get it in red. I asked if they had red in stock, and he said yes, but not for you. Only new accounts can order it. I was ready to cancel my entire account and tell this guy where to stick my dead, red phone. My wife who was with me also had purchased a new Alltel phone on my account a few weeks before and neede... Read more

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    Wed Dec 17 2008

    Alltel is by far the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I have had a phone with this service for 5 years and I am never looking back. I would pay a million dollars to cancel my contract! To start with, they sold me the phone knowing the area code I was in they don't have any service. Then month after month after month, they have tried to put charges on my account that were not valid (ie. data/fax). Every time you need to call to straighten out an error they made it is a 5 hour ordeal. They always try to make their errors seem like it is the customers fault. Luckily, I don't have to pay a million dollars to get out of this stupid contract, only $200 but I would do anything to cancel this service. It is by far the worst service and worst company I've ever dealt with. Their customer service reps are like robots. They can only do what is within their "box". After they blame you for everything they have done wrong, of course they won't give you their contact information.... Read more

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    Wed Nov 12 2008

    Here is a copy of the email I sent to Alltel. They are just horrible....My husband and I have only been Alltel customers for a mere two weeks and have already experienced horrible customer service. We have received terrible service from both the Alltel store in Marietta, Ohio and from the Alltel Wireless Customer Service helpline.My husband is a Federal Employee and had been given information that he was eligible to receive a 15% discount on monthly service and a waiver for the activation fees through Alltel. When checking out Alltel's phones and services at the Alltel store in Marietta, I asked Vicki (I believe she is an Assistant Store Manager) about the discount and she said that we would able to receive the discount when we sign up for a plan. I also asked Chad (Store Manager) on the phone the same question and received the same answer. When we went in to actually sign up for the plan, we asked our associate, Abby, about the discount and she said we were eligible and gave us John W... Read more

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    Tue Nov 11 2008

    They are so freaking slow when it comes to pay cell bills online!

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    Wed Oct 01 2008

    you can set them as a ring tone just you got to have them sent as a text message alltel is dumb wen it comes to that because i got a new cell the other day and my sis sent me like 20 ringtones and i set them on everone in my cell wen they call they play but just to help just make sure they are sen it a text message.later

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    they won't let you change Bluetooth songs to ringtones. u have to buy them for $3 each! thats really overpriced, and it SUCKS!

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    Sat Aug 09 2008

    customer service is terrible, whenever i call they transfer me around in circles and i always end up back to the automated menu. their departments don't communicate...information on my account is wrong and they month after month they fail to follow through on making the changes to fix it. the phone as a modem doesn't work well, it always kicks me off...there's really not much to like about their service. if they hadn't suckered me into another contract then i would have dumped them... i'm seriously considering paying the fee to break my contract.

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    I may be the last boomerang customer left. July 28 2008 Was domes day for boomerang Alltel. At 9;00am my account was closed. I have had the alltel boomerang serves sense 2001. I have NEVER been late on a bill. Thy was not going to let me keep my # and after 9hr on the phone with costumer severs and checking with the FCC elect, elect, I got my phone # from them. (costumer severs was a joke supervisors would not work out the problem) On my 10th call to alltel and olny 5 min on the phone i found some one. That seen it my way and put there jobe on the line to fix the problem. ---( if your in the right never give up) ALLTEL Will Never See My Business Again >>.

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    Thu Jul 17 2008

    I have had alltel for years now and not any I have a plan with 4 phones. Two of them are emergency phones for my special needs teens and we were assurred that they could be blocked from texting, and dowloading anything when we got them. As a rep that posted here said something about teens doing things...well that is why I asked to have all axcess services blocked since they don't have a single phone that does not have that automatically. They are setting you up so this happens. The button to go on the internet is easy to bump and sign onto it. Sales people that day were positive and it is NOTED IN YOUR PROFILE that all axcess services are blocked. First bill comes and is over $300 for downloads...hmmmm weren't they blocked? So every month forever I was calling to get charges off my bill. I finally got the phones scalped of everything they could possibly get a charge for then I washed my older sons phone and got a replacement with insurance...Hmmm they failed to t... Read more

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    My Grand Ol' Story: I share a plan with my friend and her mother. I had the Razr2 and at first, the phone seemed wonderful. Turns out, its not all it came out to be. I was not recieving calls, texts, or voicemails. When I sent messages, they would not go through. My calls were constantly dropped, I got horrible signal anywhere I went, people could hardly hear me and the sound quality sucked. I live 10 minutes away from the tower so that's not the issue. I took it up to the store and they gave me a replacement exchange, after an hour of complaints. 3 months later, bring it up there again, same thing happens. Finally, I went up there and told them I was SICK of how horrible the customer service was and how horrible the phone has been, and now they FINALLY give me a new one. But goodness, it took about 8 months. Stick with At&t; if you must. Verizon will be buying Alltel next year.

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    Wed Jul 02 2008

    Their customer service is an insult to their customers. You can spend an hour or more trying to get a live person on their nightmare of an automated phone system. It's the worst automated phone system I've ever seen.

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    Sat Jun 28 2008

    My wife and I had separate Alltel accounts before we were married. After getting married, we wanted to have one plan to save money. It took us 6 months and many headaches to get our plans joined. We tried many times to go through the procedure they told us by filling out the necessary forms. We filled out forms several times and tried several different methods to get our phones on one plan. Every time we filled out the forms, they told us that was all we needed to do and it would be taken care of. After 6 months of paying her $70/month bill, they finally got our phones on 1 plan - But they kept sending us bills for her account that was closed. When we tried to call in and take care of it, they ignored us and kept sending bills. This has been a severe pain and I will be contacting the better business bureau because their customer service is HORRIBLE, not to mention dishonest!

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    I signed up for a plan with MyCircle and had two phones put on it, one for me and one for my fiance who was moving away. Things went great for a while, aside from some misunderstandings about the internet service I didn't have. Then around the time my one years mark with them came up, everything went down hill. I made 2 separate payments that they denied having received, then when I gave them the receipt to prove I made it, they told me it would be taken care of then big surprise, it wasn't. They said they would credit my account when I paid the new bill, so I did and it hasn't been credited now. I've had to pay late fees for 2 months that I shouldn't have to pay. I had to pay one of the payments twice. Now I am waiting for my account to be on hold for the 3rd time in a month so I don't lose service. I have never been late and have never forgotten to pay a bill. I drop calls all the time. They over billed me, told me I didn't know how to use text messaging and that was why I ... Read more

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    Sun May 25 2008

    I have had problems with Alltel's customer service. They just do not deliever what they promise. I live 2 hours from the closest alltel store at the moment, they refuse to mail me a new phone so I can ship the broken one back to them. So I have a brand new Blackberry that does not work at the moment. I have been told I was rude by one of there associate, when I was trying to explain to her about the poor customer service problem I was having with alltel. The store I normally deal with is out of Marietta, Ohio. There Manager who I have been told is suppose to contact me never has, she has also never returned a phone. I have had alltel for about 10 years, and within the last year service and customer service has hit rock bottom. Do not get Alltel, I think Sprint is the way to go.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    Alltel is awful. They sold me a service they could not deliver then refused to let me get out of the contract. They are unresponsive and uncaring. I wish I had never done business with them.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    I was an Alltel customer for 12 years. They used to be courteous and helpful. The first phones I had, worked. Alltel has changed. They are discourteous, and do not know how to solve a customer's problem. The problems I had were ALL due to very strange mistakes Alltel made. 1} I filled all of the paperwork required by Alltel to change ownership of the account from my husband's name to mine. The name and SS# changed on the account. Then, they deactivated my phone "by mistake," and would not activate it again because it did not have GPS. They refused to replace the phone for free or for a discount. So, I was tricked into getting a new phone, and a new contract. 2)Mr.Rescue had no service for the area in which I broke down. I had to pay for tow service and submit the bill for reimbursement. I never received the reimbursement, and Alltel says they are not responsible. 3) I got a text from Alltel saying that I have successfully changed my password. I had no password on my account and called ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 11 2008

    I work at Alltel and i have to say that no company in the world will please every single customer. I work in a call center in the customer service department. So i deal with a lot of people, for the most part people are very nice and honest. If you come right out and take some responsibility for your mistakes i will help you with your overage and so will most reps. First we do NOT overcharge on your bills. If most of you would take the time to read them you will see that there is FCC and federal taxes on the bills. The only "tax" that Alltel charges in the administrative fee. When you call in please remember that the rep that you are talking to is a human. They may have just gotten off a bad call where someone said they were going to slit my throat because I wouldn't turn their past due phone back on without a payment. But guess what i try to put a smile on my face so when i get to your question i can help you the best i can. So when you call in saying that your teenage ch... Read more

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    alltel just sucks... service sucks.. costumer service sucks. overchaging bills SUCKS. phones SUCK. oh did i mention they overcharge bills with hidden fees and shit. i hate alltel soon as my damn contract is up. im saying FUCK YOU to alltel and going with a different service provider. if i could have given it no starts... that is what i would give it.

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    Wed Feb 06 2008

    I was forced to go with alltel when midwest wireless sold out. Since then my call's don't come through to me, I got a replacement phone when my nokia broke, a samsung u-340, what a piece of junk, it shuts off all the time, you can't here it ring. I hate the phone and the service. I can't wait for my contract to run out, i'm going back to AT&T; or somewhere else.......

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    Wed Jan 09 2008

    I started sevice with alltel in mobile al. moved to columbus ms and transferd my account to have a local number huh what a mistake my sevice sucks the customer sevice sucks too. Also use caution when you pay online they or some one took money out of an old account i had stored online and caused 300.00 in fees they said its was not their fault if was not there fault why did put money on my alltel account and not send it back to the back?

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    I've been an Alltel customer for 10+ years. Unless something drastic changes, they have a customer for life with me. I have found the customer service to be excellent. Once, a few years ago my kids (who thought we had unlimited nights and weekends, when we didn't) had overcharges that made for a horrible bill. I called and even though none of this was their problem, Alltel retroactively put us on a different plan that reduced the charges greatly. This summer we bought new phones that had rebates. One of the boxes was thrown away before I retrieved the part I needed for the rebate. I had all the other documentation and I wrote customer service and they gave me the rebate without the box. We also use Alltel (Windstream now) for my husband's business. We have 6 phone lines and a t1 for internet access for about the same price as Bellsouth had previously charged us for only 4 phone lines and no internet service. Also, my husband travels a lot and has never had a problem hav... Read more

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    Fri Dec 14 2007

    I have been an alltel customer for about 6 months now and am so disappointed I'm going in today to disconect my service. The first problem I had was that I signed up in a radio shack store. I got the new LG 8600 and was so happy with my phone I made everyone jealous. The first couple of months went ok, but my bill kept getting higher and higher. I share a line with my sister and we found out that she was going over on texts by like 30 dollars. We got that straightened out by adding unlimited texts for an extra 20 dollars a month. Then 2 months ago my LG speakers went out. I took it into Alltel and they told me that since I signed up in Radio Shack I had to take my phone there. When I got there Radio Shack told me that they have a 30 minute policy with there phones. If anything happens to your phone, you have 30 minutes from the time you got it to return it to Radio Shack. If its past that 30 minutes, they can't do anything and they told me to go back to Alltel and they have to deal wit... Read more

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    Sat Dec 08 2007

    I am extremely disappointed in Alltel's customer service. I recently purchased two phones from the company. After having the phones for a day, I decided to return the phones and stay with my current phone carrier. The return went very smooth. I basically lost my 50 bucks from the activation fees and was told by the rep that sold me the phones I would be billed about 8 dollars for 2 days of service. When I received my bill it was for 110 dollars. I called Alltel customer service and they said "we will give you a credit, your new balance is 40.00. I knew this could not be correct because my rate plan of 79.99 prorated to 2 days could not be anywhere near this. The rep told me it was for "taxes on the 79.00. I proceeded to tell her that the 79.00 charge was a mistake and I am being charged taxes on something I do not owe. She told me she could not give me a credit on the taxes, I would have to pay the full amount of 40.00 and I would later be credited and they could send me a ch... Read more

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    Fri Nov 30 2007

    Love alltel... they have the best service throughout....especially if you live in rural areas.

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

    Phuque Alltel! For some unknown reason I have had the misfortune to stay with Alltel in excess of 10 years. But I have every intention of leaving this unholy accord as soon as I can muster up the required blood money to do so. They promise much but deliver little. Almost 10 months ago, I had to get a new phone for my daughter due to her's being stolen or lost. She is developmentally disabled and has the mental capability of a child of 9 or 10. We got her a phone for emergency purposes and specifically requested and were assured that no texting, internet or gaming access would be allowed. They lied! It seems that some of the kids at the school my daughter attends found out how to download games, play online and start text messaging to get jokes, love letters, weather reports, etc. I attempted to resolve this issue when I got her first billing statement with over $400.00 of charges for unwanted services. I went into the local store where we got the phone and was told I had to call 611 an... Read more

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    Mon Nov 05 2007

    I've had Alltel for four years and we have been overcharged many time. The service is okay as long as you're in the city but if you'll be in the country you better count on not having a phone.

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    Tue Oct 30 2007

    I just signed a new contract with Alltel and wish I wouldn't have. I had to return one of the phones and have the tracking slip showing they received it on 9/11/07. The customer service acknowledges they received it, yet they will not credit my account the 162.92 that is due. I have called repeatedly but no one seems to know what their job is and I am transfered until I am blue in the face. Now they are applying late charges because I am not paying the money that they should have credited back to me nearly two months ago. I have been with this company since 1995 and can't believe how bad they have gotten. I will NEVER renew with them again. One star is too many for their customer service, or lack thereof. I'm beginning to think it is well worth the $200 never to have to deal with these people again!

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    Fri Oct 19 2007

    We are very dissapointed with Alltel customer service! I'm sure they are all nice people, but we've had ten different conversations with ten different people about the same issue: a broken phone. We've had one number with Alltell with four plus years and been happy with coverage and support. Recently, we added a second number to our plan and chose the free phone with new service, which happened to be a Motorola Razr. Within a week, the screen looked like it had black ink behind it and the "ink blob" kept growing. We went back to the store to exchange the phone thinking that it was defective. We were told by the Alltel representative that the damage was physical (aka: my fault) and that our only option was to pay $50 to get the phone fixed. They said this damage was done by pressure to the screen, even though the phone stayed closed in my purse most of the time. We can also stab the phone with a pen to show that pressure does not cause this sort of damage. Beware, this is what we lea... Read more

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    This has nothing to do with actual coverage with the Alltel company. What this has to do with is the customer service. I've been with this company since before it was Alltel (CenturyTel) which is over 10 years. For the past year they have charged me an extra $1 when I pay my bill online. They are then supposed to "put that back" or "take $1 less for the bill payment". Not so. In August I never received a paper or email bill. I prefer email but that hasn't come for months I just gave up on trying to get that to work again. NOW they want to charge me an outrageous $35 to "reconnect" me because I didn't pay my bill. They charge $200 per phone number to disconnect if your contract is not up yet. I told them I won't be paying any more bills, which really burns my butt because I paid one month's worth today and still don't have service, and they will not have another single cent sent to them from me. What a load of crap! This company really really needs to work on it's customer service!

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    Sat Sep 01 2007

    Fist off I would like to remind everyone, that regardless of cell service provider you will have to sign some form of contract to receive a discount on a phone. Secondly you are signing a contract. You are legally obligated to what you sign for. In short read the dang contract. Secondly all receipts are itemized, look at your receipt! If you see something you are not wanting to sign up for mention it before you leave the store. Thirdly, if you move to a place that does not have your carrier you are still obligated to pay for the service, or pay the cancelation fee. Your cell provider didn't pick you up at gunpoint and move you there. Next always get insurance on your phone. Your cell provider does not dictate the warranty period. The manufacturer does. You will only receive a 1 year warranty. So either sign a 1 year contract or get the insurance. Most consumer complaints can be avoided if customers take the time to read the contract and receipt. Sales reps will very rarely ever stick y... Read more

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    Very pleased with Alltel, I have 3 phone's 2 data card's with them. Customer service is great, they have ALWAY'S done what was needed to correct any and all issue's regarding my service or plan. I've had US cellular, and Sprint. Now I have ALLTEL, and could'nt be happier. Yeah I've had droped call's but who has'nt, NEVER has Alltel ever tried to over charge me. Like US cellular, and Sprint did! The billing has alway's been correct

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    Mon Aug 27 2007

    I've had alltel for something like 12 years now. I tried cellone for a time before they became us cellular but the service in our area was really poor. I wish they had access to more versitle phones and services but that will come in time. We are usually last to get the new technology in our area. I am anxious to try out their wireless internet service. I am putting up a new house in the fall and my house plan will not be tall enough to accomodate the satellite service I have now.

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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    Alltel is evil. When I was with Verizon and moved down south they said, no problem we will release you from your contract since we can't give you a local number. Now that I've moved back west, Alltel tells me that they 1) can't give me a local number, which the person at the Alltel store told me was not a problem and 2)they can't release me from my contract even though they can't give me a local number. Also, when I had to get a new phone last year, I signed on for another year because they said I could get a local number when I moved. Turns out the first bill they sent out after I signed up said my contract was extended for another 2 years instead of 1 (which is apparently what they do regardless of the length you signed up for). Customer service tells me it was my responsibility to call and tell them I had only signed on for 1 year and not 2! What kind of insanity is this?!? What weasels! I know no one company is perfect but please use anyone other than Alltel. Alltel really... Read more

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    Sat Aug 25 2007

    I was forced into Alltel when AT&T; became Cingular (something like half the people in my city went to Cingular and I was one of the unfortunate ones put into Alltel). I had a really nice phone that I paid a lot of money for when I was with AT&T.; When they switched me over to Alltel, I could no longer use it with their service because it was a GSM phone. First they told me I had to pick one of a couple of their cheap phones to trade mine in with. These were the kinds of phones you might get for free with a contract. I told them no way, my phone cost me $400 and none of their phones were worth anywhere near that much. Finally, I got a supervisor to tell me I could pick any of the phones they had to offer. My other choice was to pay a fee that I couldn't afford to break the 2-yr contract with Alltel that I was being forced into (thanks AT&T;). I had to trade in my Motorola v600 in for a Nokia worth half as much. They had a bunch of computers to move contacts from your old phone to your ... Read more

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    Wed Aug 22 2007

    I had their Family National Freedom plan 1000 and everything went as advertised until I tried to go paperless and they quit sending me any reminder or notification that my bill was due. After many attempts to convince their service people to correct this problem with no success I finally missed a payment. Service was terminated and required a reconnect fee, a late payment fee and I had to turn paperless off so that I could get monthly bills via mail. I terminated service because of many problems but mainly indications that they were overcharging thru misc charges on my bill. I had one plan but was charged disconnect fees for two phones $400. I also argued with them that my security deposit should have been applied to the disconnect charges and they disagreed.. Can you say Sucker.

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    Wed Aug 15 2007

    Horrible service, rude employees. SHitty phones that they will not stand behind. They are loosing me.

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    Fri Jul 27 2007

    I have also been a customer for over 4 years. I have no complaints whatsoever! I drive for a living. I have been all over the US and Canada with no connection issues. I have also had several cell phones with different companies before with very very many issues with billing and service.  Since I got my Alltel phone, I have gotten every other phone cut off, including my home phone! Thats how confident I am with my Alltel service! There is no other company providing me any service that I am as pleased with as I am with Alltel.  It was great from the beginning, and they have continually found ways to make their service to all customers even better.  I have had problems with a phone I upgraded to, but I called their very friendly customer service and was very pleased.  I wound up turning the same phone in for service again, and that time they kept it and gave me a brand new one.  The only reason I am on this site is to brag about how well Alltel has treated me for over 4 years.  After havi... Read more

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    Sat Jul 07 2007

    Wow. Some people. I have been with Alltel for 4+ years and have never had a problem. Some of you people think that since you went over your minutes and your phone got shut off because you didn't pay your bill that it's the sales reps fault. Guess what people.... ITS YOUR OWN FAULT! I feel sorry for Alltel's wonderful sales reps because they have to deal with all of you bitchy people!

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    Tue Jun 26 2007

    Well i have had alltel for more than a month comming from tmobile. im on the 900 my circle plan nation wide, free night and weekened, and free mobile to mobile. So far so good. I got the green 8600 (which by the way i love) my first problem was that my phone started not to be able send picture message, so i went to the alltel store and without any questions they exchanged my phone!!!! no problems with it since then. with alltel i get reception everywhere i didnt get with tmobile. I leave in newport news va. i go to hampton, norfolk, williamsburg, D.c and alexandria and so far so good!!!! The reason why i changed was beaucause i worked at williamburg and never had any reception-- i was one of those people that held there cell up in the air in hope of getting altleast one bar and when i did then i was hoping to say what i had to say to the other person before my call dropped. lol. meanwhile all my verizon, alltel, and sprint friends had reception. it took me a while to decide, i ... Read more

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    Tue Jun 19 2007

    Alltel will kick you in the ass on the way out as well as charge 200 to terminate early. They disregarded my rate plan for 4 phones instead charging minutes only + early out 200 ea.They suck way worse than most carriers.

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    I unfortunately am stuck with Alltel because they are the only ones that have decent reception in some of the areas I work, but if you can get a provider with as strong a signal as them, DO IT. They will nickel and dime you to death. The "Axcess Shop" is nothing more than a sham -- they make it so that nobody can write any software for phones through their service without wrapping it in their proprietary security software so that they can "rent" it to you for $5 a month. Manufacturers make these phones with methods of connecting to your computer to transfer pictures or music -- Alltel makes them remove that functionality so that they can charge you extra to transfer them. THEY ARE ESSENTIALLY HOLDING YOUR PHONE'S FUNCTIONALITY HOSTAGE. I bought a Kyocera KX-12 but the only function that will work with the computer is the contacts transfer simply because Alltel didn't want me transferring my pictures to my phone instead of paying them $2.00 to send a 25k generic wallpaper image over. Tr... Read more

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    Sat Jun 02 2007

    I like them. I think it works fine and I have never ever had any issues. I can't complain about anything. Its all good for me. Sorry to hear so many had trouble.

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    Wed May 09 2007

    We have been customers of Alltel for many years (6+). Every time we thought we would like to switch companies, they had too many nice features that we didn't want to give up. We had a few billing issues over that time, but customer service always seemed to do what they could to make it right. So, imagine our surprise when we moved out of their service area and they would not release us from our contract. We were told that they had a service agreement with Verizon (the main provider here), that would allow them to continue providing service for us. It would be up to their discretion as to whether they wanted to cancel our contract, otherwise it would be $400 to cancel ($200 per phone). Fine. We'll continue until the contract is up. After 4 months at our new location, my husband's phone dies. Since that time, his new phone (through the insurance company) would not keep a charge and would drop calls left and right. We cannot get a new phone for him because there are no Alltel st... Read more

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    Alltel is the worst cell phone company. I had them and hated them. You always have to wait 30 minutes to an hour, when you go to their store, even if you just want to make a payment. The employees are always so rude and there are always new employees. They have a high turn over rate. I switched to Cingular and I love them. I will never go back to Alltel

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