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    Mon Sep 05 2011

    I have flown Allegiant 11 times from Springfield, Mo, to St. Pete Florida, and always had a pleasant trip. No problems with any staff, in fact the staff has always been wonderful. I find their web site very easy to navagate, and the options are all listed, and easy to opt out of. No they don't have snacks or drinks for free...WHO DOES? and Yes they charge for bags, but everyone does. The planes have always been clean, and I've never had a problem with them being on time. A good friend of mine is a very high ranking official with another airline, and when I asked him what he thought of Allegiant, he only had praise for them. He told me they had a very high safety rating, and were also rated very high in customer service. I like them so much, I've bought stock in them, and made a tidy sum in the last 5 months. GO ALLEGIANT!!!

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    Mon Aug 29 2011

    The ground staff is rude. They thrown a zillion fees at you, including a "convenience fee" for booking on the internet. The equipment is old and noisy. It may seem as if Allegiant is a good alternative. The airline is rude and uncaring. If you have an alternative, take it!

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    Tue Aug 16 2011

    In July of 2011 I experienced the worst service humanly possible from Allegiant while waiting to check my bag at the St Pete airport. I arrived an hour and one half early and ended up waiting in line until the plane was boarding. The one and only agent at the counter was trying to do the worst job possible or he was the stupidest person on earth. I timed him and it took him 10 minutes to board a party of one and twenty minutes to thirty minutes to check a party of four. As boarding time approached another agent came to help out the moron and the other agent moved passengers through the line 5 to 1 of the stupid slow agent. Everyone on the plane was complaining and even started to laugh when the captain told us that there were plane changes that made the flight late. The horrible service is the real reason that they say there were mechanical issues. It is very unlikely that I will fly this airline again. This is the worst airline ever. To make matters worse I was traveling a... Read more

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    Tue Jul 19 2011

    Booked a flight from the "sale" they were running. Round trip LGB to LAS, $10 each way. For my wife and I, that should have been $40. After all the fees, it was $176.78! Air conditioning didn't work. Weather at time was 85% humidity. Before door was closed and plane pushed back, everyone was sweating up a storm. Flight crew announced it wouldn't be working. The entire flight was about 90 degrees. After sweating out a gallon, they had the nerve to charge $2.00 for water (should have been free because of aircraft defect!). My wife ended up getting sick from the heat, and ruining our Vegas vacation! Never again!

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    Fri Jun 24 2011

    They called me at noon to say my 3:45 flight was canceled, then called at 1 and said the flight was moved up to 2:00...rushed down there, (45 min drive) and there is no flight at all....After waiting on the phone for 30 minutes and another 15 minutes at the ticket counter I finally get to speak to someone. He looks like a 19 year old kid and proceeds to call me "Bud" cant give an explanation why I got the call saying my flight was moved up, and they are completely unwilling to do anything at all for me. What a joke, its pathetic how i was treated today, and I wouldn't recommend this airline to anyone. Pathetic customer service!

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    Mon Jun 13 2011

    I can't believe that they call it an airline this is the biggest joke in aviation. They went thru 4 airplanes before 1 was able to get here 5 hrs late. I fly all the time and have never had service like this. If they didn't sell beer at Ft Collins airport there would have been a riot, you have to love flying with drunks. Walk, drive, crawl, don't go, or take another airline. Anything is better than this so called airline. You have to question if they are safe??? Doc

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    Wed Jun 08 2011

    If you have plenty of time to travel and don't mind delays without explanations.This is the AIRLINE for you. We had a flight leaving Phoenix/Mesa, Az.trying to get home for my husbands father death. The outgoing flight was delayed by 4-41/2 hrs. no explanations, after the delay we finally landed in Peoria,IL. around midnight only to have a 3 hr drive to central IL. Return flight from Peoria arrived our 2 hrs. ahead of time ,returned rental car . Seen alot of people at the ticket counter and there wasn't any one at the ticket counter. Good thing I printed ours online. Proceeded thru security and it was there that the lady told us about the delay. Was stuck because we had already turned in the rental car. Suppose to leave at 8:50pm flight didn't leave until after 1:30 am. Arriving Phoenis/Mesa a little after 3:30 am. Only to go to work at 5:00 am.A little peeved after having to deal with a death in the family and all of this B.S. They did give us some pizza and drinks. WOOHOO. A... Read more

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    Mon May 09 2011

    Allegiant is a great airline with great prices on flights and hotels. I had problems with my flight and the customers service agents went out of their way to make sure that I was satisfied. I will continue to fly Allegiant every chance I have. Allegiant really cares about their customers and that makes a big difference to me!

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    Fri Apr 29 2011

    I used to love to fly in allegiant, but now I am very angry with them. almost every time I buy a ticket, it comes up with an error at the end saying "your transaction could not be completed" and it would ask you to buy it again. I decide to wait and when i checked my email, I had a confirmation number. I realized they do that to make you buy it twice. On top of that before I got my ticket I made sure all the info was correct before I paid for it. After I paid the email showed that I got the wrong dates and the airports backwards. I could not belive that, I had just checked everything. I called CS and they were asking me to pay 100 fee plus price difference on all 3 tickets I had, which was more than if I bought them again. I am so upset, I lost my money, I would not recommend them.

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    Mon Apr 04 2011

    Unable to rate this rip off airline company. With add on charges it amounted to 62% more for a flight from Mesa to Bellingham and return. The seats on the plane would NOT recline and they charged for everything. Each way they left 45 min. late and they desk people just stood around and talked. The plane was on the tarmac and the baggage loaded but all they did was shoot the breeze for 45 minutes while people waited. Its amazing to me how they can get away with all of the charges and the POOR service. Guess the only way to stay in service is to rip of there customers. I hope we never fly on Allegiant again. The sure are NOT a "low cost" airline.

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    Mon Apr 04 2011

    This airline will kill you with baggage fees. And they will charge twice and then deny. I can prove I paid for my son's baggage online and then the gate agent had no record of it when he checked in and forced him to pay again. When I caught what had happened I called the only number available and the agent stated that he would not have to pay on his return flight as there was a credit on his itinerary.....what do you think happened.....the gate agent on the return flight stated that his bags had not been paid for of course!.....He paid again! So now Allegiant owes me/my son $70....I sent an email as that's the only recourse the consumer has and of course got NO response.....So the consumer has no recourse but to wait for them to reply....CANNOT speak to a manager.....My advise to you is DO NOT spend your money here! They are a SHADY company,....this coming from someone who travels extensively for work and flies ALL airlines....Never have I been treated like this......

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    Thu Mar 24 2011

    If I could give Allegiant Air no stars, that's what I'd do. This company has THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced, and we haven't even flown with them yet. We booked our flight out of Shreveport, Louisiana and switched to Northwest Arkansas. We understood that there was a $200 fee for doing that. The flight was actually a little cheaper, so our remaining balance was $186. No arguments there. Here's what makes me so angry (and should really be illegal): We had $70 worth of vouchers that we applied for the extra charges. The website showed that the vouchers were applied and my balance was was a little over $101. I agreed, and put in my credit card. This was on March 19th. Yesterday (March 23rd) I got my credit card bill, and Allegiant charged the full $186. I thought, well I need to call so they can correct it. After sitting on hold for 25 minutes, I finally got someone on the phone. I explained what happened, the rep acted like it was no big deal, put me on hold to speak w... Read more

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    Thu Mar 03 2011

    The only way I've traveled somewhat decently (providing they're on time) on Allegiant is by purchasing my ticket on line, buying priority boarding, and paying extra to choose my seat in advance. (And, of course, you must have good weather.) It's worth it to me to be treated a little better than passenger trash with their awful general boarding procedures. I have flown Allegiant maybe 10 times to St. Pete & back from GSP and the staff at St. Pete are ALWAYS nasty and unfriendly. This past flight a week ago, I saw who I believe were foster parents traveling with 3 very evidently special/handicapped children, 2 in wheelchairs and one toddler. I absolutely could not believe my eyes (while I was being ordered around in the security area and through the body scanner) when I saw several TSA agents/staff kneeling down, very invasively and very intently checking everything in the wheelchairs and patting down/touching all the children in front of everyone in a huge area full of people. I ... Read more

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    Tue Mar 01 2011

    Be careful with Allegiant flight attendents, as I found out today flying from Tri-Cities to Sanford. The two of the 3 I encountered today are grown up versions of the mean cheerleaders from circa 1970's high school. Be especially careful if you are a middle aged woman who does not wear any makeup and doesn't like the back of her seat pummeled by a 4 year old black kid whose Mother thinks he can behave badly because he is "just a little boy". Allegiant's reservationist took so much time learning how to change my reservation that all the seats sold out while I was on hold (almost 2 hours). Between their badly trained reservation agents, poor on-time performance, and prissy, southern bell, prom-queen-from-heck flight attendants, a flight with them is just a disaster waiting to happen. As for me, today was the second worst and most humiliating day of my life. The good news? What goes around comes around; I just hope there aren't any innocents in the way when it does for Allegiant.

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    August 2010 we booked a trip to Vegas on Allegiant from 20-27 Dec. Dec 11 we cancelled the trip due to a family emergency. I used the Allegiant web site and received a voucher for the trip good until Aug 2011. I copied a screen cap (image) of the voucher to my computer. Jan 22, I went online to rebook for March using the voucher and it was gone. I sent an email to Allegiant and received an answer from Vicki S. the 24th saying that their records indicate I was a no show and they forfeited my funds. The 25th I attached the image of the voucher from Dec. On the 26th of Jan Allison S. responded by saying they were not allowed to open any email attachments. SO I converted the screen cap to a text file and embedded it into an email and sent it the same day. On the 28th Allison S AGAIN responded by saying they can’t open any attachments (there WERE none!). SO ..I resent the email with the text of Dec 11 in the message itself. I got an answer the 29th from Brittanie L. saying they were not ... Read more

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    On Feb, 2nd, 2011 my husband and I where scheduled to fly out of Plattsburgh to St Petersburgh. Plattsburgh had received 14 inches of snow and there was very little visibility. Burlington Airport had canceled all their flights. A flight coming into Plattsburgh from Fort Lauderdale was cancelled and a flight going to Boston before our flight went down the runway and came back to the terminal and was canceled. Our flight loaded as planned, which was a shock given the weather conditions. There where five snowplows plowing the runway non-stop. The plane went up and the runway numerous times not being able to take off. The plane was de-iced three times and there was still ice on the wings and the windows. A passenger insisted on getting off the plane and this is how the flight got cancelled. It took a passenger to voice his concern/opinion to finally have the flight canceled. The next day our flight was delayed two hours, we where told the weather was bad in St. Petersbugh. The pilot n... Read more

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    I would NEVER FLY THIS AIRLINE EVER. I BOOKED MY TRAVEL ON THEIR WEBSITE AND REALIZED IMMEDIATELY I BOOKED THE FOLLOWING WEEK INSTEAD OF THE DATE I NEEDED TO FLY. I CALLED THIER CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SAT ON HOLD FOR 20 MINUTES. I FINALLY GOT SOMEONE AND EXPLAINED MY MISTAKE. THEY ESSENTIALLY SAID TOUGH LUCK AND TO CANCEL THE FLIGHT WOULD COST ME $29 AND THEY WOULD CREDIT MY ACCOUNT FOR THE REST. I asked to speak to a manager and was told nobody was around there were all in meetings ( 11:30pm ) at night but someone would call me back within 48 hours. Their customer service is terrible. Their website adds items into your purchase automatically that you don't request such as priority boarding, seat assignments, and other items. The average person will miss these and pay additional $'s. I would much rather walk to my destination then fly this airline ever.

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    Sat Feb 05 2011

    People that fly Allegiant Air need to understand that this is a "no frills" airline and as such they do a great job. I fly all the time from Orlando to Chattanooga or to Knoxville. The flights are much cheaper that any other airlines. Most of the times they are on time. Service is good and the staff is efficient. I really like the fact that they fly out of smaller/regional airports and not the bigger/busier ones. I just don't know what people leaving negative reviews want out of this airline. They are in business to do just what they do, provide decent, inexpensive transportation between point A to B. It's an easy fix, if you don't like them, don't fly them. Nobody is making you do it, that is why we have choices in this life. If you want something different, pay double or triple more and be happy. They are there to serve a purpose and they do well. I hope that they keep expanding their destinations so that I can fly with them more often.

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    Interesting...flying from Santa Maria, Ca to Las Vegas for the first time on this airline...interesting. No one at the ticket counter to initially purchase my ticket as it is open Tues and Thurs and I was there on Monday. OOOKKAAAYYY. Flying alone to see grand kids in St. George, Utah so I am willing to go with the flow here. Ticket is finallly bought on their terms, cheap yes...two trips to SM no. Checking in was easy as I had a carry on and there was no one at the ticket counter anyway, so boarding pass to someone at a line in front of TSA and I am inside security. As has been said before, the few people present from Allegiant could not say when or where the plane would touch down. When the aircraft finally showed (hour late on a 1:20 flight from LV) we boarded, closed the door and then...just kidding. For three hours someone chased the non-working light that was probably not working when the plane left Las Vegas where, if in the FAA strictest sense of airworthiness, it shoul... Read more

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

    I have flown Allegiant many times since they started flying out of Orlando Sanford. The fares are great 90% of the time and the service is great. The website is somewhat confusing if you aren't internet savvy but remember the baggage fees and seat fees are optional - so if you don't want them, then uncheck them. I suggest the travel protection for $7.99 per person each way or you may be sorry (don't ever say you don't think you will need it like I did - $490 later). This will save you the $50 change/cancel fee per person each way plus the change in airfare, if you get the travel protection the only cost to you is the change in airfare and the changes are unlimited and if you cancel, you only lose the travel protection plus the convenience fee. They don't have free food and drinks but it only cost you $2.00 for a soda and like the other airlines the cost for liquor will run you $5 to $7 and they have a good snack selection. They do fly anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week to some places ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    I LOVE ALLEGIANT AIR!! i dont know why everyone is bashing it. i just flew it from peoria to mesa..the employees are all very nice, the flight was right on time. no troubles at all. would defanitely recomend i to anyone. and its a fair price especially if you book early and take off the seat charges. round trip w. a checked bag was less than 200. i love that airline and wont fly another one if i can help it

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    Wed Jan 19 2011

    I had flown with Allegiant once before and it was great. I do believe that was before they changed policies or execs or something. I booked my flight in November to take my daughter to Vegas for her 21st birthday. Last night I went to pay the extra fee to choose our seat assignments and noticed that they changed our date to 2 days before we were originally scheduled. There was no phone call or email to let me know about this and they only go out of Colorado Springs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so it's not like we could have scheduled for a different time of the day. When I finally got customer service (20 minutes on hold), they asked me if I could just reschedule the trip. I guess rescheduling her birthday should be more of an option than expecting an airline to not cancel a whole flight. Plus, why would they cancel a Wednesday flight for a Monday flight, but whatever. I explained to the rep that going out 2 days earlier than we planned would cost us extra in hotel, rental ca... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    Allegiant Air has brought customer service to an all time low. They do not provide the customer with an outlet for customer complaints. The customer cannot speak to a supervisor or even one of the Customer Resolutions Officers that they speak of on their website. I have left two voice messages and left a message with a ticket reservation agent that I would like for a CRO to contact me. I have asked to speak with a supervisor or be given the email address of a supervisor. The agent or online "customer care" representative informed me that they do not have a supervisors name or number and cannot give out email addresses. This does not say much about their concern to rectify any customer issue. They charge the customer a $35 baggage fee then do not want to take responsibility or even hear the customer complaint. Maybe by keeping their heads buried it will all go away. I would recommend that all travelers stay away from Allegiant Air.

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I have flown Allegiant on at least six times round trip. Sometimes it is okay, and sometimes not. I have had little problem with schedule changes or planes that did not work. However, although some of their personnel are very nice and professional, many are not. I won't go into details, but I've had several experiences that were very unpleasant and clearly unreasonable. I DO know how airline professionals should behave. I am a medallion frequent flyer on a major airline. Allegiant started out as a cheap, no frills airline. Now they are a not-cheap, no-frills airline. More often than not, I'm able to take the major airline for the same fare or even less, get all the frills, earn incentives, schedule when it's most convenient for me, and be treated like a valued customer. No airline is perfect, but it's very clear that Allegiant is no longer the type of service that they set out to be. They are my last resort when I need to fly to Mesa. Sometimes you luck out when you... Read more

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    Mon Jan 10 2011

    This airline is absolutely horrible. Allegiant is an abomination of the character of the American spirit of commerce Any change in your itinerary due to you OR THEM will cost you, and cost you big. If you fly Allegiant and haven't been screwed yet then HEED THIS WARNING....... STOP FLYING ALLEGIANT NOW!! I'm telling ya, sooner or later they're gonna screw ya hard!! Read the other complaints on this website because they're spot on! I SAY CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE!

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    The only way I will fly with this airline again is if I am forced to do so. I would also be hoping I make it home ok as the last few Allegiant aircrafts I have been on have broken down.

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    I sent my 15 year old daughter on this airline. We found info on the bag size per the website for a carry on and measured what we had to see what would fit. When we checked her in, it fit in the box outline and we were not charged. When checking into her return flight, she was told that it was too big. She tried to pay in cash and was told that the amount would be charged to my credit card instead. I sent a note to the "contact us" from the webpage and about 3 days later, I received a letter back stating it was not refundable and to contact another number for more information. I called and sat on hold for about 15 minutes. When I got a rep, I explained that the bag met requirements at one airport and not at another. She told me that I was lucky I didn't get charged twice. The return airport used a tape measure rather than the "box" and determined my bag was 2 inches larger. When I explained that I had flown with the bag before she said, "how could you have flown with it befor... Read more

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    Flew from Peoria to Mesa on 12/24. Drove 1.5 hours to Peoria in snow. No parking at airport. Arrived at ticket counter 30 minutes before flight departure. No ticket agent working. They close the ticket counter 30-45 minutes prior to departure. After flight departed, given customer service phone number. Actually, the CSR on the phone was very friendly and nice. Allegiant will NOT accommodate you if you are LATE. They suggested I purchase a one way ticket to fly next day 12/25 at $350. Original RT flight cost me $260. I could cancel the entire trip and receive a credit for the return flight. I would have received about a $60 credit after fees for a future flight. Don't think I'll be flying them again so credit does not really matter. Most airlines would try to accommodate you by placing you on stand-by for next available flight. NOT Allegiant. If you're late, you lose and they keep your money. I really didn't want to give Allegiant another $350 dollars. I could purchase a one way on AA o... Read more

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    Sun Jan 02 2011

    Flew from Grand Rapids to Phoenix Mesa airport and back. Two hour delay in G.R. and One hour delay in leaving Phoenix. Both because of mechanical problems. The flight was smooth. Phoenix was cold, not Allegiants fault, but it was a dry cold! I may use Allegiamt again.

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    Have most of you people ever flown a real airline? They tend to hide their fees better than Allegiant, but the fees are still there. Mechanical issues occur, weather does delay flights, cabins are not spotless and I've met an unpleasant flight attendant or two. All airlines tend to charge for most amenities. Get over paying 2.00 for a bottle of water, cheapskates. Learn how to read the contract to which you're agreeing. When an airline gives you a specific check in time, be there. They have no obligation to accomodate you if you're late. You create a burden and a hassle for the baggage handlers, flight attendants and passangers. I don't care if you have car issues, live four hours away of if you're just too irresponsible to arrive on time. It's not thei airline's fault. It's yours. You don't deserve a refund. Buy the insurance if you think you do. When they give you specific luggage requirements, follow them or be charged for your stupidity. 1/4" over the size limit i... Read more

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    Two really bad experiences. Most recent is a flight I tried to book this morning. I started calling at 7:04 a.m. after reading that I must call to book my flight when travelling with a pet. I have a small dog. I started calling to be told that due to the high call volume I must call back later. I finally got a different message to be told the wait would be 7 min 15 sec - long after 7 min elapsed I got the "call back later message so I use their on line chat system to see if I can get anyone to help me book my flight. This came back as "unable to service your request, call xxx). So, 30 min later I get on again to be told a 7 min wait and finally someone answered. During all of this time, the return segment price increased by $20 (when I started it was 39.99 and it went up to 59.99 (not incl exhorbitant fees). I inform the agent that I did everything possible to book my flight per their policy and it is not my fault I could not get through when the fare increased. She said "so... Read more

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    I live in Phoenix AZ. Allegiant flies out of Mesa Gateway Airiport which is a small airport offering an easy check in. The problem is that today Allegiant had three flights leaving Mesa Gateway within 10 minutes of each other. The checkin was a mess. The line was out of the terminal and into the street. The TSA security line was the same mess. Terrible scheduling. Terrible experinece.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    I have flown Allegiant since it entered the Roanoke VA market many years back. Not once have i had the problem of rude employees. All the employees at both Roanoke and St Pete have been excellent. My flights have been on time or early all but once, in which there was an aircraft problem in St Pete, and they flew a spare plane in from Orlando to take us back to Roanoke. Our aircraft have been clean and in pretty good shape. I just flew them on Monday and our aircraft appeared to have been refurbished in the interior. As far as the fares go, if you book early you can get some crazy deals. I've seen them a few months out as low as 17.99 each way. If you dont pay for a checked bag the counter agents have been great about checking bags for free to save space in the bulkheads. I dont preselect my seats, and if you arrive 2hrs early as the suggest there is no problem with the open seating process even with a family of 5. Bottom line is that you have to be smart about the add-ons you... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    0 stars ABSOLUTLY THE WORST FLYING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD! It's bad enough to deal with the TSA people when flying, but add this joke of an airline to the mix and you'll have an authentic nightmare! The same guy who was working the ticket sales is the same one who was loading the luggage and backing up the plane. I'm pretty sure the average age working was 16. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, Listen, do not fly with this airline. Aaron Graves, Electrical Contractor Sterling Electrical Contractors .

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    The worst!!!!! Not only do they list the incorrect airport on the itenerary, once you finally get to the right airport, they won't let you on the plane because you are late from going to the wrong airport which is the airport that they listed on the itenerary. Because there are limited flights, you can't reschedule for later in the day, more like 4 days later. Tried to save money by booking with Allegiant. Trip total BEFORE fees and taxes was $169.98 after fees and taxes the ticket was $230.35. I could have booked this ticket with Delta, US Air or some other reputable airline and had an itenerary which listed the correct airport and even if there was a glitch in travel for ANY reason, have booked a later flight. Customer service for Allegiant doesn't care. Just kept my money - no voucher, no we're sorry that we listed the wrong airport on the itenerary too bad for you. You are out $230.35. Don't waste your money by thinking you will be saving money - Go with a real airline.

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    Sun Dec 12 2010

    iLL RATE IT TERRIBLE WHICH IS TOTALLY OVERSTATED... Discustingly gross negligent business practices. I wouldnt even give them a point on a star. Allegiant Air DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS! My girlfriend was supposed to fly from Wilmington to Sanford FL and her flight was delayed 6 hours becasue the plane coming from Orlando came half way to Wilmington NC and then turned around and went back to Orlando. Instead of sending a plane to Wilmington they made the passengers wait till they fixed the plane in Orlando. The flight arrived in Wilmington at 12:30 AM and left at 1:00 am and arrived at Sanford at 2:50 am!!! When i called tAllegiant i was on hold for 1/2 an hour and then when i spoke to the representative i was told 3 different stories. The people at the gate in Wilmington didnt know what was going on. There is no communication, poor cuistomer service and obviously LOW cost and not customer focussed. If you'r ethinking about it...dont do it! PAy more money and fly on a real airl... Read more

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    As a Director of many companies I have cold called Allegiant CSR department on more than one occassion, sadly I agree with much of the frustration outlined in some of the reviews . As an FYI we have one young man whom identified himself to me as Howie, representing himself as the manager of our CSR department. This young man not only spoke down at me he had the nerve to advise he graduated from the University of Tennessee. To which I responded do you think our customers care? Our customers care about service not your college experience. I assure better days are coming within our customer service department. We value our customers at Allegiant. Sincererly MG jr.

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    Fri Dec 03 2010

    I was in Colorado Springs with my three year old daughter trying to get home, the plane was already two hours late. When I asked the attendant where the plane was she actually told me they lost it! She said they didn't know where the plane was! I promptly informed her they didn't lose a forty million dollar airplane... They called security. An hour later I asked again where our plane was, as it still hadn't arrived. I was informed they think it is in Las Vegas, (where I was going with my daughter). She started to say some thing about my ATTITUDE, when I said "Shit, I just want to know where our plane is.) They called the Police who escorted me out of the airport with my three year old daughter. The next day I had to buy tickets on another airline to get home. (It made me rate it, I couldn't get away with a ZERO)

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    Mon Nov 29 2010

    The booking process - as others have noted - is frustrating; with actual cost going up during the process itself. 'Then' - the confusion which started two weeks ago with their new seating/boarding process just made it more fun. Why use the word "priority" on a purchased seat ticket if it's not priority. That's the second group on .. and so on. Confusion tripled at Plattsburgh by the fact there is no screen or board anywhere that actually tells you what plane is about to board, so you have two plane loads of passengers trying to listen to some rude kid (Allegiant staff member) yelling at the top of his voice. No confidence instilled by an hour's delay as the door won't close. "No worries, we found an electrical cable in the way." (What the hell.) Yes - it gave a new meaning to 'Cattle Class.' And I totally agree with other passengers that after all the additional fees and inconvenience (car rental, out of the way airports etc) that you may reconsider flying the Allegiant flag.

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    The first flight into Savannah, GA on Nov 18th 2010 from Ft. Lauderdale, FL was very good. The return leg to Ft Lauderdale was also on point. Both legs were on time, no problems with the check in process, even though I did online and all the passengers who flew on both legs seemed very excited. Allegiant only fly two days per week (Thurs and Sunday) perfect for a weekend getaway either to the coastal empire Savannah, GA or sunny Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Flight was on time, crew members very professional. Remember double check before you enter your card information because there are a lot of options that allows you to opt out of. Also this is a low cost budgeted airline so if you have to pay for a bottle of water pay for it its only $2; stop with the notion of expecting champaign on board.

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    The flight is good but that is it. They nickel and dime you to death. I recently flew back for hunting. I had a bag and a gun cased 100. The original ticket was 65&85. By the time the fees and crap were all put togather and keep in mind I didn't get priority boarding or the trip insurance and the total came to 300. What a bunch of crap. Now the new thing is priority boarding that you can reserve your seat. They just started to simulate Southwest. So after the priority boarding is done they go by zones. What they don't tell you is that say you reserve a seat in the front. If you get hung up in the rest room or what ever and miss the priority boarding and the seat you had happen to be in one of the first zones called then you lose that seat you paid for. It's another way for them to get you for more money! They don't even have frequent flyer miles so you don't even get a free flighy or even a discount ever. If this wasn't the only direct flight to Sioux Falls from Vegas I would for sure ... Read more

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    Sat Nov 06 2010

    This is a nice inexpensive airline that we used to get from where we live to see family in the midwest and while it doesn't have certain amenities pricier airlines have, you are serviced to your destination with ease, enjoyment, but one must keep in mind that this is not a luxury first class plane service. We had a great time traveling and seeing family!!! The trip up and the return trip would nice!!!

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    If saving money is your only concern, then fly allegint. Pack very light in a very small carry on. You may need to remove the wheels and handle from your carry on in order to meet their smaller than normal requirements. Bring your own food and water, wear warm layers (for they will try to freeze you out in order to sell overpriced blankets). Do not expect to be treated any better than a member of the talliban. When making your online purchase be sure to study every web page and options on those pages. Most charges are snuck onto the bill and can be declined. Do not check expensive luggage, as it will be damaged, and the contents rifled through. This is not a service orientated business. The employees are treated like crap, and are happy to pass the treatment on to you. Did you know that the pilots are earning little more money than a Mc Donald's employee? If you are not expecting anything more than cheap fairs and crappy service, then you will not be disappointed

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    If it was possible I would rate this airline with ZERO stars. My base ticket price for two tickets was $599. With everything that they don't tell you that you have to actually OPT OUT of the additonal fees were $240. I would rather fly American and watch a movie and earn miles towards a vacation then fly on this airline.

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    Sun Oct 31 2010

    Shopped for two tickets. Unfortunately, I could not fly out on the same day as my wife to visit our daughter. As i booked the second ticket, the price of the seat increased $75. Called to customer service, holding 17 minutes advised "nothing we can do!" Oh, and to speak with a supervisor....they will EMAIL ME BACK WITHIN THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!! Our CHEAP seats are now more expensive that any other carrier!!!!! Do not fly this airline, please.

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    Bait and Switch Pricing, Come ONE Come ALL!!!!! This company has the worst customer service I have EVER dealt with! I am even going to go out on a limb and post my direct phone # on here if you want to call me to confirm how $hitty this company is. I can be reached 9a.m.-6p.m cst (402) 957-1574. To give you insight as to why they are such a horrible company please read on. When I went to purchase tickets online they show you a price per way charge,(fair enough) and when you go to purchase them online they charge you a 14.99 convenience fee, well if you want to avoid the convenience fee you can drive to the terminal to pickup you tickets through a booking agent at the counter. So thats what I did, upon arrival they only had 1 agent working and a line of about 10-12 people. After a wait of approx 1 hour I finally get to the counter and tell the agent where myself and the other travelers in my party are going and a date. She (Lisa) looks them up and tells me what the prices are for depar... Read more

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    Wed Oct 20 2010

    My family of four just returned (Oct. 2010) from a round trip from Plattsburgh, NY to Orlando, Florida. Our experience was excellent. The flights were on time and uneventful. The crews were just like with any other airline, pretty nice. We arrived 2 hours before departure for check in and had the correct size and weight bags. Actually, since we were at the Orlando counter a little earlier than that, the agent opened up early and passed us on through. We were offered free checking of our carry-on luggage to save space in the bulkhead on the plane, both ways. We loved using the small airports and found it very convenient. I can't find anything negative to say. If you arrive late or with overweight bags, I believe you are to blame for any consequences. Some of our fellow passengers use Alegiant all the time and I can see why, especially with these low fares. I have subscribed myself to their email list so I can take advantage of seat sales and get to Florida more often! I figure I ... Read more

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    Mon Oct 11 2010

    Actually I guess my trip itself would be rated okay. Plane VERY cold. Had transportation from airport to hotel added to my daughter's plane ticket; however, transportation DID NOT go to the hotel where we were staying. Can't get that off my credit card: $25.00 Allegiant pocketed. Booked my rental through Allegiant with Alamo. After specifically telling Alamo we did not want insurance and that no one under the age of 25 would be driving the rental, they had me sign the forms. Evidently Alamo makes more money by telling us we're signing that we DON'T want the insurance when actually they're having us sign for the insurance. They make lots more money from us suckers, I mean, renters that way. And guess what? Allegiant can't help it. Well I'll be sure all our friends double and triple check what they're paying. PS there's no way to get the transportation cost off your ticket when purchasing them online.

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