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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    I scheduled a move 4 days in advance and was required to put $100 deposit down to guarantee my day, time and move. Was told if I cancelled less than 24 hrs I forfeit my deposit -- no problem -- needed the move. The day before the move I was called from the SLC office to confirm the move and then they proceeded to tell me that they couldn't make it at my schedule 8:00 - 9:00 am time -- but that they would be there between noon and 4:00 pm! This move was estimated to be a 6 - 7 hour move! They proceeded to tell me that there was nothing they could do that corporate had made a mistake. I later called corporate and they were not concerned. I was refunded my $100 but only after I created a stink about it. FORTUNATELY - I was able to find a great company 7 Brothers Moving to do my move. They truly saved the day when All My Sons Moving left me high and dry. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND All My Sons Moving.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    The home that I was renting was foreclosed on because the owner defaulted on the loan, and didn't bother to tell me. I only had a week until the deadline to vacate the premises, from the company who bought it at the auction. The movers that moved me here were great, but had nothing open for the 31st. I called All my Sons, and was told there would be no problem geting me out in time. I called their office this morning and let them know that I was behind in packing, and asked if they coudl come later in the day. I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem and they could help me pack upon arrival. When they showed up at my door, the crew leader didn't greet me or introduce himself. He looked over my shoulder and said there was too much to move in one day. There were several calls back and forth between him and the owner, and then the owner and myself. They agreed to do it until I told them that I had plenty of packing supplies and wouldn't need to buy supplies from them. The last time th... Read more

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    Unfortunately my wife and I had to allow the bank to foreclose on our home recently due to being layed off at work 6 months ago. We attempted every means possible to keep our home to no avail. We recieved notice on Friday afternoon that we had to be out of our home before Monday morning or lose whatever possesions were left behind. We have a very large home and had nothing packed. Of course we began to panic. my wife called a few moving companies and decided to go with All My Sons. They showed up on Saturday morning with two trucks and 6 men. They worked at a fast pace and never slowed down. They helped us pack and carefully loaded our items. It started getting late and my wife and I were exhausted so the offered to comeback and finish on Sunday at no extra charge. Great jobs and thank you All My Sons, you guys saved the day. The price was more than fair and the service was outstanding.

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    Mon Nov 17 2008

    this is a very deceivious company with unfair practices to its customers and its on the field employees. they over charge the customer with hidden fees ,such ascharges for tape that is never used by the the cost of 20$ .with at lease 10 job a day thats 200.00 for nothing,then they charge at lease a half an hour travel time to the customer which is legit ,but then they charge 35.00 additional for fuel surcharge ,and i see thats as charging twice for the same thing (travel/fuel ) same thing right. then this is the good part if the job happens to take over 8hr they charge you overtime,but they dont pay the field worker overtime is that fair .time and a half is what they charge if your already paying 120.00 an hour,now your paying 180.00 an hour .the workers in the field are first class,so if you decied to used this company ,tell office that you refuse to pay double fees or pay for somthing that may not be used or pay for overtime,and use the money saved to share with the... Read more

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    Wed Nov 05 2008

    We recently hired this company with the reassurance that they knew how to handle our fragile items. The men who came to our home seemed very nice, but didn't speak must English. The process was a disaster. We ended up having china broken, our home damaged, trash on our property, and our cell phones and other small electronics stolen. We were overcharged for packing materials ($248 total) for tape not used and for mis-packed items. Our town-home was not even fully moved. We had to finish the job ourselves because the company didn't send enough boxes with the movers and the movers didn't pack the truck efficiently. Management, to date, has not reimbursed us and treats us as if we are making false allegations against the workers. We have had difficulty getting the manager to come by and see the damages. We are filing a police report for the stolen items.

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    All My Sons sent a crew to me within an hour after I called them because the other mover I had decided to use cancelled on me at the last minute and left me stranded. The crew from All My Sons worked smoke breaks, no goofing around. They got me done quick and no nonsense. They did scratch a desk taking it off the truck but I have to admit, their claims service was fast and paid to get a furniture repair guy out immediately to fix it. They also gave me a $25.00 discount for my troubles. I have no reason to ever use anyone else if I move again.