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    Thu Dec 31 2009

    better than most scifi. should have more background on the aliens or that original ship. also, what kept the aliens from accidently breaking though an airlock or something? it made it look like the creatures know the ship better than its crew

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    Fri Feb 27 2009

    This film is the best alein horror i have ever seen. The originality, pure suspense combined with a beliveable plot and AMAZING looking alien come together to produce a gripping horror that stays in the mind for some time. In my opinion this film exceeds the first in that it contains much more action and a greater weath of charaters and aliens. If you have not seen this film before i suggest you give it a try! if you are a fan of this genre you will love it! A game is bein released this year (2009) called Aliens: Colonial marines this will be a 1st person squad based shooter that carries on between Aliens and Alien 3 , you are placed in the team searching for ripley and her team of marines ater the incident on LV426. you travel through a variety of authentic alien backdrops and OFCOURSE kill a hell of a lot of aliens in HD so keep on the look out, its being relaeased on ps3 and xbox 360 as far as i know.

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    Sat Jul 26 2008

    Less cerebral than the first movie in the series but non-stop heart-pounding action makes up for the weaker story. Sigourney Weaver is awesome!

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    Wed Jul 23 2008

    One the greatest films ever! HR Giger out did his creative side on these lovable creatures and scared the s**t oh of us in the process. Think, it is one of the best film by James Cameron at it was one of his first.  P.S. I am disapointed in this community not to have rated this film Higher

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    it was an amazing movie, but I love the Predator movies more. Sorry to all the people who like these movies.

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    Tue Jul 22 2008

    I like Predator much more.

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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    This was first rate when I first saw it, but it has been copied so many times that it hasn't worn that well.

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    Great special effects and pretty strange. Good movie

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    This is a great one. The whole idea of it creeps me out. I could watch it over and over.

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    I think the best sequel ever made is either "Terminator 2" or "Aliens". "Aliens" is so good, I feel better about life after I watch it. Not that it's exactly an inspirational film, of course, but because it's just so friggin good. The action is intense, the creatures are scary, the acting is top notch, the story is fascinating. Definitely the best killer alien movie ever made.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    An all out white knuckle ride. As sequels, go this is one of the greatest. Not to take anything away from Alien, which was really a different genre (sci-fi horror as opposed to sci-fi action), this movie easily stands on its own although you should see Alien to have an appreciation for Ripley's character.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    The first movie was boring in comparison to this one. The scene where the motion scope is picking up the aliens inside the room is intense.

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    Thu Nov 10 2005

    Great movie. They truly did their home work on this one.

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    Fri Oct 07 2005

    Not as scary as the first but still a cool movie. Those were the coolest sounding guns ever.

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    Wed Jul 27 2005

    Hi my name is laurie I never seen this movie could some one private message me and tell me if I should see this movie my favirote movie is Halloween thank you

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    Thu Jul 21 2005

    One of the best sci-fi movies ever. I could watch this millions of times.

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    Wed Apr 13 2005

    Underrated flick. One of the best pure sci-fi flicks ever. Dramatic, suspenseful, great special effects, passably dialogue.

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    Wed Mar 30 2005

    Best in the series. Even though originality had worn off it had a great story, good acting and good effects. You just don't get good acting these days. And as someones already said this was years ahead of the other films around. One of my favourite films.

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    Sat Feb 05 2005

    Aliens was ahead of it's time.Caseless cartridges,suspended animation,etc are all real things now.

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    Sun Dec 12 2004

    I have to note the resemblances between the Alien and Terminator movies. In both of the first movies, one of the themes was the distrust of computers and robots. In Alien, Ellen Ripley is nearly strangled by an android, and the Nostromo's main computer, aptly named mother for the crew's dependence on it, withholds information from the crew. In Terminator, Sarah is being chased by a super- killing machine, the Terminator. The sequels to these two movies were both directed by James Cameron (Cameron also directed the first Terminator film as well). The sequels were all about the redemption of robots and androids, and proving that they can be forces of good. In Aliens, Ripley is horrified when she finds out that an android will be on her crew as she goes out in seach of the Aliens. But as it turns out, the android saves her life, and they grow to become friends. Same with Terminator 2. Sarah is extremely afraid of the Terminator when he comes back, and views him as a threat to her life. ... Read more

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    Fri Aug 27 2004

    My fave of the series. I saw the 1st alone in a nearly empty theater, the last showing of the night...boy did I have trouble falling asleep after that. To me it was therapeutic to see Ripley climb back on the horse, suck it up, and show who was boss. Get away from her, you bee-otch was classic.

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    Sat May 22 2004

    Not as good as the original (sorry guys). The suspense level on the original Alien was greater and the characters were more developed on the first, but, this is a helluva movie. Lots of actions, lots of aliens being blown away and even Bert gets killed. A close second to the original and a great movie.

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    Sat Apr 03 2004

    Fun and exciting. Aliens was far better than the first film and definitely the best film of the entire series. The film is of very high quality with above average acting performances and solid action scenes. The film is fast-paced and an overall joy from beginning to end.

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    Wed Mar 17 2004

    Best Alien movie. Bill Paxton was great as Hudson.

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    Thu Dec 18 2003

    I've always been fond of this movie, particularly because of the performances by some of the secondary cast.

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    Mon Nov 17 2003

    I have always been a fan of the Alien saga and the second movie is simply wonderful. I was captivated by the first one and simply stunned by the second. I usually despise sequels, but this movie drew me in and held me tight to the very end. Its my favorite, anyway. The traditional look of the aliens is held tightly throughout the movie and the new cast was wonderfully selected. I was also glad to know they kept the character Ripley, who single handedly gave the move a kick butt feel. Especially at the end, which I wont spoil for all who havent seen the movie. Anyway, this is most definitely a head turner that should appeal to any fan of the first movie, or to anyone who can truly appreciate a good thrill ride of a motion picture.

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    Sat Oct 11 2003

    The best of the Alien series of movies.

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    Sun Aug 10 2003

    Better than the 1st one.

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    Tue Jan 28 2003

    Excellent action-packed sequel to Aliens. Great action scenes and special effects!

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    Tue Jan 21 2003

    Better than the first one I think. It doesnt have as good a story as the first one though. watch it.

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    Tue Dec 10 2002

    This was the only film I've ever seen where people left the theater to "go to the bathroom" only to watch the remainder of the movie from a safe distance behind the safety of the porthole-like circular window just outside of the theater. I went to the bathroom (very fast. . .I didn't want to miss anything) I passed these few people watching ALIENS through the porthole. "Are you going back in?" I asked. They shook their heads and said it was too scary. This was the greatest sci-fi experience I will ever have at the movie theater. ALIENS is still awesome on DVD, but you had to be there. . .anyone else have a story like this? Also represents James Cameron at his artistic apex- His TITANIC days have made him highly annoying.

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    Thu Nov 21 2002

    THIS is THE ultimate movie in sci-fi action, the best of the the whole alien series. this one was so good it there was really no need to make anymore.(regrettable they did) i can't help but feel alien3 and ressurection are separate stories from the first two. despite fellow canadian james cameron's success with titanic this is my favorite of his films(just barley beating out T2) in my opinion cameron should have done alien3 even though it wasn't necessary to be made.

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    Wed Nov 06 2002

    This is one intense movie. Sigourney Weaver takes on the creatures again and again, and you are on the edge of your seat the whole time. There are some flat out scary moments in here too.

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    Mon Sep 16 2002

    Sorry, folks. I, as an Alien purist, feel I have to drag this sucker down to its rightfuls rank -- SOMEWHERE Below ALIEN. Yes, it's great fun, and has lots of good action, suspense, and some drama, too. But these gung-ho military types are sometimes annoying. And James Horner's score here is one of the very worst mish-mash, bombastic rip-off scores Ever. I like this movie a lot, too, but admit it, this is a less brainy bulletfest compared to its predecessor.

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    Sat Apr 20 2002

    the best of the trilogy! bad special effects but really good! a little cheezy, I like it though

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    Mon Oct 22 2001

    Top notch entertainment from start to finish. Cameron superbly mounts the tension, allowing the action to build up to the excellent finale. Sigourney Weaver once again excels in the role as Ripley.

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    Tue Oct 09 2001

    I watched it 22 times in a row one weekend.

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    Tue Aug 21 2001

    wow, i forgot cameron did this one, too. as a sequel, i'd have to say this movie couldn't be better. unfortunately, some blasphemous hacks couldn't leave well enough alone and had to do a 3 and 4. the third one wasn't quite as painful as the fourth one, though i don't know what possessed sigourney weaver to agree to either of them.

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    Wed Jun 06 2001

    Aliens is the best action film around. The actors are great. Michael Biehn is great as Hicks, Sigourney Weaver is great as Ripply and Bill Paxton is fantastic as Hudson. The storyline is great and the sequels were great (although this is probably the best of the four).

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    Sun Apr 22 2001

    Good sci-fi shoot em up. Not up to par with the originals edge but definatly a killer ride. Directed by James Cameron master of the over the top eye candy disater flick. He takes you into the dank and smelly future of our marine corp. Not only this but he takes these same marines along with Alien survivor Ripley to the Alien home planet from the first film which has been colonized by humans (Can you say government set up?) and has ceased sending transmitions from home. So the marines go down to investigate armed to the teeth. Care to guess what happens next? First to start the formula but is done very well. A good blow up the minster and f*ck em sort of flick. Recommended along with the rest of the series.

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    Sat Apr 14 2001

    Aliens is an imrpovement over the original, mainly because it doesn't have as much gore and guts. In this one, Sigourney must fight the queen alien who has just came aboard a ship that she and a young girl are aboard.

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    Thu Mar 22 2001

    I have to second Wiggum on this: Aliens is awesomely done, and better than the original. However, I can't stand on its own. This partially owes to the fact that most of the sequel was put together for the FIRST movie. I think I still have my copy of "Weird Tales", talking about Aliens being released, and it showed the "fork lift" machine, and several other characters and components from the second movie. I thought they did an excellent job casting and writing for the Marines. Reminded me of the Gung-Ho people in Sargent school. A great thrill ride.

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    Wed Mar 21 2001

    “Aliens” is a really well-done sequel – something you definitely don’t see very often. And if you’ve seen the third movie in this series, you know how easy it was to make a bad “Alien” movie. So you have to give James Cameron credit for directing one of the few sequels that might actually be better than the original (along with Godfather 2 maybe?). Inherently “Aliens” lacks the originality of “Alien,” but the action is better, it manages to add in some humor, and it does a good job of building on many of the same issues introduced by the first movie.

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    Sun Jan 21 2001

    What I like a lot about the 'Alien' genre is the way that it looks at the ruthless humans who will do each other in for a mere profit. Science Fiction movies have such a wonderful way of reflecting our own society and how every human on this planet seeks out other humans as prey of somekind. The story is basically the same outline as the first Alien, except this time there are more than one of these xenomorphs on LV426. The characterization has been repeated, but this time there are more than one complainer besides Parker(played by Yaphet Koto in 'Alien) there are several with Hudson (Bill Paxton) leading the gripes with his "What are we gonna do now man! What are we gonna do?" Vasquez(Jeanette Goldstein) is perfect, she's the kind of woman that comes off with that cool tough-chick sensuality. Also, if the movie is watched carefully the viewer can see that Vasquez and Drake had a thing, much in comparison to the way that Hicks and Ripley wanted to, yet never get the chance. (If you hav... Read more

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    Wed Jan 10 2001

    The best out of the series. Great sci-fi action thriller.

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    Wed Dec 20 2000

    WEEEEE-HEEE HE HEEE!! Cameron at his best and havin' a ball! Well acted, brilliantly directed, and very, very tense. Great fun watching all the marines getting creamed by what has to be the MEANEST creatures to feature in any sci-fi film. What I like about Cameron's sci-fi is that all the characters & settings are believable & hang together well, so that you feel this really is taking place somewhere - you really get immersed in it all. Loud, fast, eye-popping, terrifying, exhilarating - one of the best.

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    Fri Dec 08 2000

    Every rating I've read on here doesn't truly capture the greatness of Aliens, Cameron's space time masterpiece. In some ways, a person might say that this (the special edition) is the Citizen Kane of sci-fi/monster movies. I say it stands on it's own as one remarkably made film, with impressive acting, amazing mechanical effects, descent visual effects (even though this film wasn't about visual splender). It's got ruthless energy, comedy up the ying-yang, and plenty of thrills to make the deadest of any human being leap. I was too young to see the theatrical version on the big screen, but since then--the special edition of Aliens has become a household name. Every few months, we can't help but sit down and watch this GREAT FILM!

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    Thu Nov 23 2000

    This movie was horrible, just insanely horrible, I will never like this movie. It was horrible. The only reason I might watch this movie, is if I am 65 and had to save my life. Effects were horrible. Acting was stiff. Everyone did a bad job on this movie.