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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    Whether you like her or not, lately she appears very thin, almost anorexic! I am concerned about her health. Is she ill??

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    awww!...i saw her legs tonight by accident. holy cow! tales from the crypt. i guess they don't have botox for your calves. she looks a hundred years old from the waist down. OMG. i'm scarred for life. yuck yuck yuck!!!!!

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    Fri Jan 30 2009

    i personally like alexandra whoever said she's "the weather channel whore" was being very cruel why would anyone say that? just because she had a baby out of wedlock. so every person whose had a baby like that is a whore i don't think so

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    Sat Dec 13 2008

    I have enjoyed her absence tremendously...Wish she would stay on leave permanently !!

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    Sat Dec 13 2008

    All of you need to stop talking about Alexandra like this!!! I bet she has more money than all of you combined!!! She has a new baby girl, a man who's soon going to be her husband, and a nice job. If you people want to know, she lives in a nice private golf community with celebrities and things of that nature.

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    she is the weather channel whore

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    Sat Nov 29 2008

    Hope everything goes well for you. Miss seeing You on TWC, hope you get back soon. You are really hot and I love it when you get a little chilled at work, you look great!

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    Alexandra Steele (not her real last name BTW) is a former weather woman from the ABC affiliate in D.C. She's a native New Yorker and, I agree, is very plastic and phony. If you had the money for what she thinks she is worth, compared to what she is really worth, you could live like Warren Buffet. However, the majority (but not all) of television folks are's the nature of their business. Most of them couldn't get a job changing sheets at the Holiday Inn if you took away their lucrative contracts.

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    Mon Nov 17 2008


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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    No doubt---she has natural beauty. And as far as broadcast journalism, she's excellent. You can tell she knows what she's doing.

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    Congratulations, Ms. Steele! May you and your baby be blessed with love and healthy lives. Your true fans appreciate the professionalism and positive outlook on life that you bring to The Weather Channel. Your parents are very proud of you... Warm regards from Texas

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    definitley knocked up

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    Pregnant out of wedlock. What a terrible example to set especially when you support an organization called Girls Inc. which is supposed to help young females get a good start in life and avoid pregnancy!!! Shame on you!!

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    I've been thinking Alex was pregnant for a few months now and while watching tonight's weather program, wow, she definitely is pregnant! Is the father of the baby Jim? I think they're a couple.

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    Wed Jul 30 2008

    I agree with weatherbug(0) I think Alexandra Steele is pregnant, that little pouch is showing. She is about 40--I guess she wanted to wait to have kids? Does anyone know if you can send e-mail comments to any of the weather channel anchors?

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    Mon Jul 28 2008

    I've noticed that Alexandra Steele is very thin and now she looks like she might be pregnant.

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    Sat Jun 21 2008

    i just found this site after doing a quick google on Ms. Steele- just saw her on TWC (happened to flip by the channel and got my jaw dropped by her...) and i had to find out a little more about her. if she EVER reads this, she HAS to know how hot she is! OMG. i couldnt turn the f****** channel! and i LOVE the way she dresses- wow. my ONLY complaint is that i wish we could see her legs. But i guess if it's left to my imagination, i'll just keep thinking that they're incredible and she's wearing 4-inch stilettos...

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    No hips and no butt but I thoroughly enjoy watching her on evenong edition.  She is a consumate professional.

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    Wed Feb 20 2008

    A very sexy lady. I love it when she wears white!

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    Tue Dec 11 2007

    Come on now!  Alexandra Steele?  Did she make that up?  What a joke!

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    Uggg!!!  What's with that accent??? Georgia Peach, Southern Belle, Jewish New Yorker trying to be southern?  Either way, I find her so annoying.  What ever happened with the show she and Jim Cantore did?  She must have been too sexy for his wife to handle.  Note to Weather Channel....Stop spray tanning everyone!!!

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    Pretty, Professional and Very Smart. She is a great representative for TWC

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    Sat May 12 2007

    Her clothes (and those l-o-n-g necklaces) are always the same style. I can almost tell you what she's going to have on before I see her. A dress would be a nice feminine change. NOT a hot chick! Aging rather quickly.

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    Thu Apr 19 2007

    very hot ,the hottiest chick on tv any where!

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    Thu Apr 12 2007

    She's Hot!!! I remember her when she was an anchor at RNN News in New York. But one thing is a bit weird is her new souithern type accent, for a girl from Albany, NY and used to have a somewhat New York accent. Oh and by the way she has a moving ring on her left finger, is she or isn't she married?? Us guys would like to know

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    Mon Apr 09 2007

    Alexandra try too hard to look sexy. It ain't working real good, girl. Also, relax them "tight" facial expressions. Limber up them lips! And get some flesh on them bones, honey! Yo legs look like toofpicks. The girl on TWC to watch is Christina Abernathy. Now there's a great example for everbody to follow. She act so mature and nice.

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    Every other time I watch her, she pronounces words differently.  Where the hell is she from, and who's she trying to be like?  Be yourself, girl.

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    Thu Feb 01 2007

    Tries to be a bit too seductive for weather, she get's an A for effort but I think she'd be better at gameshow modeling.

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    Fri Jan 19 2007

    1/18/2007 I don't know what she changed for that airing, but she looked awesome again! Alexandra, if you read this, keep that look!!!

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    Sat Dec 30 2006

    She's not quite up there with Heather Tesch or Jen Carfagno, but just thinking about Alexandra makes my dick stand at attention! She has the sweetest smile and has a very bubbly and energetic personality. She is always happy and filled with excitment.

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    Tue Dec 19 2006

    Alexandra...Stephanie Abrams...Dao Vu...Kristin Dodd...Betty Davis. Five women with brains AND beauty. Is it any wonder why I watch TWC?

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    she is absolutley the most beautiful woman i have ever seen and it's all with her eyes.

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    Sat Dec 02 2006

    Fantastic woman. She can stop channel surfing in a flash. Beautiful, charming and smart all in one package. She's the best thing to happen to TV in it's history.

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    Wed Nov 22 2006

    I love the weather channel!

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    Wed Nov 22 2006

    Jim C., you're Good.....but This IS the reason I watch the Weather Channel!!!

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    Wed Nov 08 2006

    Ms. Steele you are lovely but I have to tell you that I really do watch for the weather and you do a great job at that. When you did travel news in the mornings I actually avoided an airport on your suggestion and it worked out well for me as I was the only from my company who arrived in Chicago on time. Thanks

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    Wed Nov 08 2006

    Puts the heat in any winter day. Looks her best when the weather room is at its coolest. It's nice to see she can be successful and a woman all in the same day. She has a very strong presence and an air of glamour, which suits her perfectly. Two thumbs up for the courage to go braless, keeps me watching. Could care less how the weather is sometimes, she makes watching a true joy. It's easy to have a great evening regardless of the forcast.

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    Tue Nov 07 2006

    You are beautiful!One of the best looking ladies Ive ever seen!

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    Fri Oct 27 2006

    Alexandra, I know you read this, you are beautiful, I love your neck

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    Thu Sep 28 2006

    yepper alexandra is most definetly smokin. she can take you from zero to FULL WOOD in 3 seconds flat !!!

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    Mon Sep 25 2006

    Attn: Alexandria c/o: "sum dum goy" Whoa!, a reeeaaal "kat's meow"; someone definitly worth seeing, or just gazing @ in general. A little slice of heaven here on earth.

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    Wed Jul 05 2006

    She is without a doubt one of the hottest women on The Weather Channel!! Brains and Beauty - what a combination!

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    Thu Jun 29 2006

    I want to bang this woman, she is so seductive looking. Just watch her for a few minutes upi'll see what I mean, and she doesn't wear those nipple covers that most TV reporters do, so when its cold in the studio her nipples are rock hard !

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    Sat May 13 2006

    She is totally hot and sexy, but I think she may be doing Paul Goodloe.

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    Tue Mar 21 2006

    She is definitely one of the best looking women on TV.Pretty, funny, Clean cut, but still very sexy. I watch TWC just to see her b/c the evening news is just too disturbing. best smile on TV, hands down.

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    Thu Feb 23 2006

    Does it matter if its cloudy out?!

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    Sat Feb 11 2006

    Alexandra Steele is simply enchanting. I can't continue flipping channels if she is on. The total package of beauty,brains, and personality!!!!

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    Wed Feb 08 2006


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    Sun Feb 05 2006

    I think Alexandra and Paul Goodloe are doing it.

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    Thu Jan 26 2006

    Looks, brains and personality. What's the problem here? TV could use more like her.

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