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    Thu Nov 19 2009

    Wow what a stylist! I came to this oaklawn salon expecting a gay hairdresser with the purple walls in his private salon and found something quite different. what a man AND stylist, he is 100percent not gay, talented, organic, and rock n roll sexy! look at his new web site it has amazing images of this hot hair stylist/ god and his outlook on the future of Alexander salons. the cut, style, hair color and atmosphere was everything I am looking for. I am hooked on this not gay hairstylist in oaklawn.

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    Wed Nov 18 2009

    I went to a few different salons trying to save some money on my maintence of my hair color etc... gues what? I am right back where I started with Alexander antonio , the best colorist in the metroplex. His organic hair colors are deep and rich like a mink coat. I spent so much money trying to save money that it was just stupid. Go to alexander and quit wasting your money at other salons.

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    Sun Aug 30 2009

    I was thrilled to get back to Dallas ,and book with Alexander Antonio last Saturday. A few months ago.I had dinner with a girlfriend in uptown and noticed a pink ,black and brightly colored salon across the street from where she and I was having dinner.I said to her look over there,I wonder if that place is any good? It looks cute!She said she had a nice conversation with a girl she works with about her hairstyle and color.The person she went to was Alexander Antonio,she recalled . So my girlfreind said lets google the name from my blackberry,and see whats up? Well I noticed his philosophy was organic couture! Dry hair sculpting and wet hair color.I have had alot of issues with haircuts and color not working out for me.And lately have been going to the same place my girlfriend goes . A very nice salon but very concervative.Nothing wrong with conservative hair but ,My hair was kinda plain and average.. And I have good hair! Every stylist comments on my good hair? So the thing that stoo... Read more

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    Thu Mar 26 2009

    Alexander Antonio is THE Amazing Women’s Brunch featured Hair Stylist & Color Artist for the second Year at our Dallas semi-annual Women’s event. Chosen for his Dry Cut Wet Color technique. Alexanders choice of Colors come out like spun gold and deep brown minks. With a private studio on Oaklawn in Dallas, his sessions are personal and focused. If you are looking for a new look or an amazing rich color try this Hot Dallas stylist today. An amazing artist and all around great guy.

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    HI, I just had my Hair done at new years.and I was looking for a new look/image.something Stylish,Upbeat,Edgy,but yet Femenine,Sexy,and not to over the top for Business.I dont have a clue when it comes to My hair.and i look at hairstyle/fashion books,and it still doesnt help me.So i searched online for a Top Stylist in Dallas,and i found Alexander Antonio Haircraft.He sat down with me and asked for my story,and i told him.he explained to me everyone can have a look inspired by classic or couture fasion.its about how i feel,and my confidence with my options.he explained the benifits and why he offers Dryhair sculpting,and Wethair coloring.I told him everyone should do it this way!it make perfect sense to me! he smiled,and sad thank you.The look i have for the NewYear is perfect for my new job!and i just turned 40 and have had some this Hairstyle makes me excited! the cut is edgy and the color is natural in tone,but yet very modern! Alexander Antonio is Great!i love the at... Read more

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    I have been a client of Alexander Antonio for over seven years. I can count on excellent quality and perfect hair color every single time I go for a visit. I highly recommend Alexander Antonio for anyone looking for a color artist who is both creative and very well educated.

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    Tue Oct 07 2008

    Antonio is an amazing stylist. He exudes passion for his vision while maintaining respect for your desire. I strongly recommend Antonio as my search for a life long hairstylist is over. The reviews are not fraud. This man knows whats he is doing and isn't afraid to say so. All the while, he LISTENs to his customer's expectations. Perhaps my haircut was easy, he called it a 1-2. Nevertheless, I love his enthusiasm to deliver exactly what is asked of him and more. Be prepared to give him time and you will be impressed. His only flaw is that there isn't enough time in a day....

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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    Alexander is the BEST Hair ARTIST in the world!! I was fortunate to live in the most popular cities worldwide and been to the best of the best hair stylists in Prague, Italy, Switzerland, NYC, Miami or Beverly Hills? But my hair never looked as amazingly naturally beautiful and HEALTHY as it looks after his session! Girls, how many time did you hear men complaining about you being a Barbie?? Way too many!! Do you like to pamper yourself without looking like a porcelain doll? But having the look of being born as Jessica Alba, Kelly Carlson or Keira Knightley?? Alexander is the SOLUTION! He gives your hair what it needs, so that YOU will feel more beautiful, attractive and CONFIDENT in the MOST NATURAL WAY ever!!! WHY? Organic products, new revolutionary wet color and dry cut technique, his understanding of bringing your personality out into your beauty and last but not least because of HIS AMAZING POSITIVE ENERGY you never can have enough!!! I?m proud to be one of your beautiful clients... Read more

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    Tue Aug 26 2008

    I just came back from the salon, and I really need to say that Alexander Antonio is the best in dallas. I am new, and I have been trying diferent salons, until I found this salon. And besides the haircut if you just need style your hair I highly recommend his apprentice, that I am so sorry but I forgot the name but he is awesome styling your hair....totally worth it!!!!!

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    Let me count the ways?. This hair stylist/ color artist has the most amazing talent to work your hair into a work of art. I actually left my hairdresser after 5 years to go to antonio after I upset mine by asking for a style he wasn?t happy doing. The first thing Alexander did was listen to me. What a concept! Then he made some suggestions based on what he head, it was interesting to sit with him for my consul first, because he heard what I really wanted, which was a ct and color that was original, easy to manage and that did not make me look like I was trying to be 16 ( I am over 40). I now have a work of art and proudly display my ?get ready in 5 min;? and look fabulous hair cut color and style. If tour stylist is still telling YOU how you like your hair, come on over to Alexander antonio?s salon, he will actually listen to you :)

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    Best haircut and color of my LIFE! I just recently moved to the Dallas area from Maryland, and after going to the same stylist since I was 16, I was dreading the task of finding someone new who could do my hair like I loved. Turns out I lucked out on the first try. ;P Alexander finally gave me the rich, vibrant red that every other stylist has always been afraid to give me, and left my hair feeling so soft, shiny, and healthy i can hardly believe it! I got two compliments on my new color literally within 10 minutes of leaving the salon! The cut is AMAZING and lays perfectly both with my natural waves, and when straightened. He truly has a gift when it comes to understanding the way hair lays and working with the hairs natural texture to give a great cut that doesnt require tons of fussing with to look good. My hair finally has the mega-volume I was dying for without the use of a million different products and a ton of teasing - some root pumping mousse, a quick blowdry and I'm do... Read more

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    Words dont describe how much more confident and happy I am to have had my hair done by Alexander. I've been to many upscaled salons in the Dallas area and have never truly liked the color or condition of my hair afterwards. Alexander took the time(4hours) and did a fantastic job with my highlightedlowlighted hair. I was very nervous at first because like I said I've had my hair bleached off by other places. My hair looks and feels awesome. I cant wait to go back... he is truly and artist! Thanks Alexander- Hugs and kisses :)

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    Mon Jun 23 2008

    Alexander Antonio Hair Craft Studio, in Dallas, specializes dry hair cut and wet color.

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    Tue Jun 10 2008

    After relocating to Dallas, several horrible cuts/colors and hundreds of dollars later I stumbled across Alexander. He is a wonderful artist!

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    Sat Apr 19 2008


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    Tue Mar 25 2008

    "Stunning!!!" That was the word my friends and family used to describe the custom, multidimensional color and haircut designed for me by Alexander Antonio. From start to finish my experience with Alexander was a joy. On my first visit with Alexander he sat down with me to discuss my needs and the ultimate direction I wanted my hair to go. I told him what I wanted, he told me what would work best and the rest is history. Alexander went to work and created a gorgeous custom red haircolor that stops people in their tracks. Then the fun really began as he wielded his scissors and set about cutting layers into my long hair. The result was a versatile haircut that lays perfectly in its naturally curly state and looks truely exquisite when straight. As if that was not enough, he then educated me on caring for my hair and what products would work best but never pressured me into buying. Alexander is a true master craftsman in his trade!!! Definitely worth every penny! Thanks again... Read more

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    I have been in the beauty business for over 17 years and had the best experience with alexander antonio. My consultation helped me to decide what was the best color and cut for me and what realy would work best with my features...He totally updated my look with dimentional rich color and a great trendy long cut. He also took his time and gave my hair a deep conditioning which my hair needed usually hairdressers cut corners on things like that.. Being a makeup artist I have worked with many hairdressers and I usually end up with average at best results. He took me from a brassy blonde and turned me into a rich brunette. Everyone at work has nothing but compliments for me HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Mar 18 2008

    I did not spend a long time waiting for him, however, he did not schedule enough time for the cut. It was rushed and I felt it was far below par, and do not know if I will go back to him. I had to keep pointing out things that needed to be trimmed and when I got home, it was still uneven and pieces weren't cut! On top of this, I had somewhere to attend afterwards, and I had color everywhere--forehead, ears, etc. Also, he spent a lot of time talking to his assistant referring to me in the third person like I was not there or a human being, and talking about money. This is not something I appreciate. I will most likely try somewhere else. I have also thought about what a previous reviewer said and considered it: that maybe he has someone write these reviews. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Overall, the color was great, the cut was below average and I will think twice before returning.

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    I waited forever to get my haircut. Once he was ready he had several people lined up and doing them all at the same time. He did not cut my hair the way I wanted, didnt get one on one time because he was doing too much at once. I would not recommend this place to anyone, he's highly over rated.

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    Fri Feb 22 2008

    After reading all of the reviews, I decided to try out Alexander. I am naturally a blonde but had gone red on a whim when I was at a subpar salon. I hated the color and cut and desperately wanted to go back blonde. Alexander discussed the process very thoroughly with me and assured me that he could do it and that I would be amazed at the outcome. He wasn't lying! I have never had such beautiful hair in my life. He did an amazing job with the color. I was worried about my hair being unhealthy due to all the processing however he was able to make my hair soft, shiny, and rich. The cut that he gave me fits me perfectly. It accents my cheekbones and face. He took his time with his "dry cut" technique to make sure that the cut was perfect! I will never go to another stylist again. I have finally found a stylist for life!!!!

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    Thu Feb 14 2008

    I had a bad feeling once I was left at the shampoo bowl for around 20 minutes while he was busy cutting someone else's hair. I should have left then. I went for color and highlights and showed him a picture of what I wanted and got something completely different. My hair was fried and when I asked him to fix it, he seemed annoyed by it. I was in the salon for over 5 hours and on top of that, he had to have seen 3 or 4 other people while I was there. Maybe if he was paying more attention to clients, things like this wouldn't happen. I will not be going back and shouldn't have even paid.

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    Tue Feb 12 2008

    He gave me the first satisfactory haircut of my life. I actually took him a picture of what I wanted and he cut it EXACTLY the way it was shown. He was very attentive to what I wanted. I had given up hope on my straight thick asian hair looking glamorous and flowy but he knew exactly what to do with it...better than the dozens of asian hairstylists I've been to. I am getting my next haircut with him, definitely.

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    Mon Feb 11 2008

    I am a hairstylist and have been to just about every salon in Dallas it seems. Nobody could ever get my color or cut right. I came out with the same ol' boring 'do every time. Thank goodness I found Alexander! First off-- he gave me an amazing color; a mixture of browns, violets, and golds and followed it with an excellent cut. This is by far the best haircut I've ever had--super stylish and easy to manage. I'm hooked and can't imagine going to anyone else. If your hair needs help---don't waste time and money at other places--go see Alexander.

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    Sat Feb 09 2008

    I have been looking for a while for a stylist that gives me that 100% satisfaction when I walk out of the salon. I have been to many other salons here in Dallas and to me, some were better than others, but none of them compare to the haircut and color that I received from Alexander. My first experience with him was great from the beginning. He sat with me, and we basically discussed what I wanted to do with my hair and what was best for my hair. I told him I wanted to keep the length and keep my hair as healthy looking as possible. He used a different technique when coloring my hair in which he colored it while it was wet which I think was much healthier for my hair since highlights tend to be more damaging to my hair because of its natural color (black). My color turned out very beautiful, soft, and very well blended. After my color, came the cut. Alexander uses "dry cut" technique which allowed him to sculpt my hair with precision. I LOVE the way he cuts hair! I think it's so much ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 27 2007

    Alexander is the best stylist I've ever been to and I've been to many. I could tell the minute he began speaking to me about what we were going to do that his goal was to make me happy and to do great work. He takes his job very seriously and has pride in what he does. I told him what I wanted and boy, did he deliver! He exceeded my expectations!!! I have never had any stylist consult me about hair wellness, tips, etc. It's as if he cared about my hair as much as I did. The color was magnificent. He colors hair while it is wet which I've never had anyone do before. But it makes perfect sense. He does this after he deep conditions your hair so its in its healthiest state. The color is perfect - the prettiest I've ever had. The cut is perfect too. I wanted to keep my hair long with no bangs. He did a graceful blend of tapered layers that I just love. My husband loves it. I got it done less than 24 hours ago and everytime he has looked at me he says "I love your hair. That... Read more

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    Thu Oct 25 2007

    Hair sculptor vs stylist. Amazing. Antonio [his middle name and preferred title] is the most amazing artist of style and color. Be prepared for the cut of your life. If you have never had a dry cut, you are in for a real treat. Dry cuts permit less cut and more diversity of style. I was able to go for 5 weeks vs the usual 4 weeks and the cut lasted well; likley due to Antonio's technique of cutting to the scalp shape vs hair parameter. Subtle, yet significant. This translates into some real $ savings annually. And his Sahag product is superb. The only dry cut in Dallas; the only distributor in Dallas of New York Sahag product...this man is pentultimate in hair care. You will never have a better cut or cut experience. Call for an appointment on his cell now at 469.744.1654. He is presently in Uptown on McKinney Ave. Gwen Shipe, MD

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    Mon Oct 22 2007

    I went to Alexander Antonio in desperation after sooooo many bad haircuts. My hair is heavy and curly, and everyone's approach until now has been to thin it to death, chop it off, and give me a style that requires straight hair to work. Alexander worked with my curly hair, allowing me to keep the length and giving me a style that lets my hair curl without a lot of fussing from me - heavenly! I was concerned that I would have to spend a lot of time fixing it every morning, but it really does just fall into place. I don't even have to dry it now (gasp!). It really flatters the shape of my face. After my session, I went straight to pick up my daughter and all the staff and teachers raved about my new do! He also did the color, going a lot darker than I ever dared, and it turned out beautifully. Everyone tells me how my eyes really "pop". I think he's awesome. Just listen to him and trust his vision; you won't be sorry!

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    Fri Oct 19 2007

    I have to tell you, Alexander Antonio is AMAZING! I've been to many hair stylists, but none take there art so seriously, or have more passion, than Alexander. He started by carefully examining my hair, then he sat down and asked me what I thought about it. I stated that I liked having long hair, but I knew it didn't look its best. He said he understood, and he explained his wet color/dry cut approach, which is GENIUS! Before coloring, he treated my hair with a conditioning cocktail that made my hair feel and smell so luxurious. Then he mixed an all organic color (all organic is a little more expensive, but SO worth it - no ammonia, my eyes/scalp weren't burning - you have to try it!). I love having auburn hair, and he mixed several different shades of red to make the base color, then while my hair was processing with that color, he mixed another color and foiled part of my hair with it. My color is so rich and has so much depth - I cannot express how much I LOVE it!!! Now ... Read more

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    Thu Sep 06 2007

    I decided to book an appointment with Alexander after reading many raving reviews about him. I didn't care if it was too far or more than what I usually pay- I had to see this master of hair. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Before he started cutting he sat down w/ me and gave a consultation and I am not talking 3-4 minutes you get at other places. He is very detailed and a hands-on type of guy. I told him I wanted to keep my hair long and he honored that and even agreed w/ me. He then used the dry-cutting technique and was so precise and really took the extra time to make sure my hair was perfect. The hair washing came after the cut which I like b/c I didn't leave w/ little hairs all over my shirt. He then showed me exactly how to style my hair including how to tame my cowlicks. Alexander will spend alot of time w/ you to make sure you get something that is right for you and also to make sure you know how to keep up the look. He is not a stylist that will have you in and out ... Read more

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    Sun Sep 02 2007

    It doesn't happen on a daily basis that I take the time out of my busy schedule to write a review. That makes it this much more important to me to absolutely rave about my recent experience with Alexander Antonio. In a world where quantity takes precedence over quality, cuts that belief with his shears. Hailing from NYC, I had found what I had thought to be an unforgettable stylist who gave me exactly the cut I wanted and I was convinced after countless horrible hair experiences, it would never be recaptured. I was more than wrong. From Alexander taking the time to consult with me about what I wanted and taking mental notes about everything that I said, he brought me over and started the hair coctail. These products made me feel like I had the hair of a supermodel...not just a model...a supermodel! My hair was like silk, so weightless and alive. After sitting down with me as my coctail melted into my hair, he rinsed and brought me back to the chair to dry and begin cutting. Hi... Read more

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    Mon Aug 27 2007

    After having my hair cut and colored by Alexander Antonio, I have received more compliments than ever. He is a true artist! I was hesitant to try out a new stylist as I had been going to my previous stylist for the past 3 years. I'm glad I did!!! I took a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like and he was able to duplicate the style exactly. As a result of his cutting edge techniques, I'm able to style my hair effortlessly everyday and that's quite a feat if you know my hair! He was also able to work with my existing color and highlights to create a more flattering look for me. Needless to say, I will go back!!!

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    Sun Aug 19 2007

    I am new to the area and missed my old stylist deeply. I had grown exhausted with my highlighted brown hair and was dying to get it back to its dark natural brown color. I also was interested in getting a sleek new bob haircut. I read reviews and decided to try Alexander out at Trio instead of Toni and Guy. When I first met Alexander I absolutely charmed. He made me feel absolutely comfortable and that I had made the right decision. From the moment I sat in his chair he explained to me in detail each step he was making and down to the science of how the color would work in my hair and how the cut would work best for me. The environment was busy, busy and there was a lot of noise in the place but Alexander had a nature completely different. He spoke calmly and often to my face so I had no troubles hearing him among the chaos. He also explain the Sahag products so well for me that I ended up buying all of the products he used in my hair (Sidenote: this was a great decision. I love the pr... Read more

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    Fri Aug 17 2007

    Let me first start off by saying.... THANKS ALEXANDER FOR MY MASTERPIECE!! Ok i am the receptionist at Trio and a current cosmetology student, and I was getting my hair done at the school. When I got the job at Trio my hair wasn't exactly up to "par" or uptown material in my mind. I met Alexander and right from the start I started noticing his work. It's like art!! When his clients walk out of our salon they are just beaming with joy and well let me say hottness. Now don't get me wrong all of our stylists are great and take their time, but Alexander goes into depth with your hair. He really gets to know it and the feel before he starts doing anything. I would definately recommend him if you are from out of town, in the area, looking for a new stylist, or just need a quick fix. TRUST ME YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!! Thanks Alexander much love

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    Thu Aug 02 2007

    I am new to the city and have been seeing a hairdresser in the Turtle Creek area who can not even begin to come close to what I received wit...

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    This was the best hair cut and color I have EVER had. Alexander was fabulous! I have just moved to Dallas from Houston and was dreading finding someone to do my hair. I drive by Trio a lot and thought I would try it, but before I did, a co-worker told me about the reviews on Alexander. I read them and knew I had to try his services. I have found the perfect stylist. My hair looks and feels great. I went to NY the next week-end and got raves the whole time. Even the ladies with airport security were commenting on my color. The price is also very reasonable. Thanks Alexander. I look forward to a long relationship.

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    Wed Jul 25 2007

    I have moved three times in three years so it makes it hard to find a great hair stylist. I came to Alexander Antonio because 1) he has some great reviews on citysearch and 2) it was very close to home. I went to him hoping that he could fix my outgrown, damaged hair. Before the shampoo, he sat me down and familiarized himself with my hair, how it felt, the texture, weight, etc. He also asked me specifically what I am looking for in my haircut. He seemed extremely knowledgeable of the physics of hair and how different people wear different looks. I explained that I have long stick straight hair, and wanted to keep the length but not have it weigh so much that it takes away the volume. My hair is almost always flat. The haircut itself was entertaining. I described him as the "Emeril" of haircuts. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. Very detail-oriented, which I like! He gave me a razor cut... and somehow he took a lot of weight off of my hair, but my hair was ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 12 2007

    I have lived in the Dallas area for awhile and was sick of hairstylist that was always late to our appointments and never really listened to me. I even brought pictures to her and that made no difference. So I talked to people and looked online and found Alexander. He is everything the reviews say and more. He talks you through the thought process and is very professional. The dry cut was perfect - it gives you the chance to see the whole thing come together - there's no uncertainty about what it will look like after styling. I have found my stylist! What a relief!

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    Alexander is absolutely amazing. I have been switching hairstylists for the past few years, trying to find one that could make my hair look good, but I was never happy with it. My hair was a mess, but he turned it into something fabulous. He spent a lot of time fixing the color and highlights. Now my hair compliments my skin tone and brings out my eye color instead of leaving me looking washed out. The cut is stylish and easy to maintain, and he spent time explaining how he styled it. He is very friendly and professional, and spends a lot of time making your hair look just right. You can tell he really loves what he does, and he is excellent at it. I have received many compliments on my hair after going to Alexander, and will definitely go back.

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    Mon Jun 04 2007

    I moved her from Florida 2 years ago and had been bouncing from hairdresser to hairdresser looking for "that one". I used to drive 2 hours in FL to the guy I liked, he was worth it. A girl I work with finally referred me to Alexander Anotnio and I am hooked. I can just sit in his chiar and say "go" and a few hours later he will create a new awesome look for me. He uses my personality and physique to create the perfect look for me and I always feel amazing when I walk out of his salon. He is a really nice, calming person and you can tell he has passion for what he does because he never rushes and alway keeps 100% focus on you. He takes his time to make the look perfect and always does amazing things with cut and color. They always compliment eachother fabulously. I recommend him to anyone . I have a girlfirend who is picky as hell and she finally caved in and went to him and she loved him too!!! Now she is hooked!

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    Mon May 28 2007

    I found Alexander Antonio on the Dallas City Search site and decided to take a chance and visit a new hair salon. I was more than happy with the results. Alexander spent over 3 hours with me, listened to my ideas and I walked out of there with the perfect hair cut and color. Definitely recommended!!!

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    Thu May 24 2007

    I can't even begin to put into words the amazing talent that Alexander has. There are people that cut hair to make money, or because they have to work, but he cuts hair because he loves it. The result of a passionate, artful hair dresser is a fabulous cut and colors that enhance your features. if you are looking for a hair dresser that you will want to keep coming back can end your search here.

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    Fri Apr 20 2007

    First let me say that I have been getting my hair done professionally for many years now at some of the best known salons in Dallas: Matthew Tully, Toni & Guy, Osgood O'neil, Jean-Philippe Salon, & Alan Stone to name a few - and my experience at those salons never came close to the one I had with Alexander. He began by talking to me about my hair concerns and goals, sharing some of his ideas while truly listening to mine. The entire time he was busy with my cut and color I was completely involved in the process and never felt as if I was in the dark about what he would be doing next. I have to say that the "wet color/dry cut" was something that I had never experienced, but it was brilliant! By following this process, especially the completely dry cut, you can really see the way that it will turn out in the end and avoid having too much cut off. I am so thrilled with my cut and color - it came out exactly the way that we talked about and I get compliments every day! Alexander is a... Read more

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    Tue Mar 27 2007

    I have been to many "high class" salons in Dallas, but I was never happy with: the time they spent on my hair, the end result, or the snobby attitude I received at those salons. A friend referred me to Alexander Antonio, and it was the best thing that has ever happened to my hair! I have very fine, limp hair and don't have much time to spend on it. At my first appointment, I explained what I wanted, and Alexander ACUTALLY listened and really made sure we were on the same level before moving on. He has a new, contemporary technique with hair, he colors it wet and cuts it dry. And it really works! Alexander spends a good amount of time with my hair (unlike the standard 30 minute "slot" you get at those other salons). Alexander is a master with all types of hair, and he works magic! When I left the salon, my hair was full of body and shiny and soft. The best part of my new hairstyle, was that it was maintainable with my busy schedule. I can literally style it in 10 minutes and be o... Read more

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    Fri Mar 23 2007

    I only know Alexander from the two hours he spent working diligently with my hair, but in this short period of time I was able to deduce a few things about him that I personally feel play a vital role in making Alexander Antonio ?el mejor que hay? --he is an amazingly confident & insightful artist with a mysterious spirit that momentarily makes one stop and think ?wow- que fantastico es?. He really is one of those unique people who make your experience in the salon all about YOU & what you want. But it doesn?t just stop there; your requests will be combined & refined with his expertise and the innate connection between his mind (beauty in its purest form) and his eyes & hands, as he applies this concept to you as a unique individual! Trust what I have to say; CARPE DIEM ?seize the day? and go the one of the best, Alexander Antonio, and experience art in its truest form. You will love the new/improved look & feeling you walk out with

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    Tue Feb 27 2007

    I moved to Dallas 2 ? years ago and been looking for a stylist ever since. Searched high and low and tried a lot of ?lows/mediums? till today. Let me start by saying, I have been to many top rated salons in and around Dallas including Pompeo, Jean Philippe, Artistik, Evolution etc? However I really never walked out of any salon feeling so confident about my hair. Alexander Antonio ?The GREAT? did a flawless 3D hair color (highlight/mediumlight/lowlight) and beautifully stunning haircut!!! He is great in many ways? He listens to what YOU want and does exactly what he says he will do. He took the time to explain and discuss my hair problems and his solutions. My hair is soft, trendy, flawless and most importantly looks natural. He is an artist with scissors, I wanted to keep my length and layers that but didn't want to look like someone took scissors/razor to my previous experiences. With Alexander in the end I got a beautiful maintainable hair cut. , He helped me tr... Read more

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