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Albert Finney

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    Tue Jun 19 2007

    Frankly, this weblist is noxious. The idea was to identify "Under-Rated" acting talents (i.e., performers who have received less positive attention than their performances have warranted). Instead, this list is LOADED with A-List Superstars...many of whome are Okay, so be it...another broken list, but I'll vote my two-cents...In this case Albert Finney is HANDS DOWN the MOST talented, yet LEAST recognized performer. whether the genre be horror, drama, action, or (yes) even romance, Albert Finney has delivered the goods!

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    Tue Aug 30 2005

    Shockingly underrated and under-used by the idiots that run Hollywood. A hidden Albert Finney gem is The Dresser where he portrays a sick Shakesperean actor. . .it's a film that's a little different, but Finney is terrific as an 'actor' playing an 'actor'. . .

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    Tue Aug 30 2005

    Albert Finney cannot fail to meet whatever challenge the role of the moment provides. The best actor of his generation, said Lord Olivier, himself. Oscar night should have been his several times over if not for the imponderables of the process, but, paraphrasing what they say, life - and the Academy - is more fair to others than to some. There is no more brilliant performance than Finney's when the vehicle is just right, as a lead ('Saturday Night and Sunday Morning'; 'Tom Jones'; 'Gumshoe'; 'The Dresser'; 'Shoot the Moon'; 'Orphans'; 'Under the Volcano'; etc.) or in a supporting role ('The Playboys'; 'Miller's Crossing'; 'Erin Brockovich'). As is the case with Gene Hackman, even when miscast - which has happened for Finney on movies both good ('Two for the Road'; 'Scrooge', 1970; 'Murder on the Orient Express'; 'Washington Square', 1997) and not so good ('Annie'; 'Looker'; 'Loophole') - either actor will raise to a higher level our awareness of the virtues and character flaws of... Read more

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