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Albert Einstein

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    I'm his biggest fan.

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood with his memories in a trunk passed this way an hour ago with his friend, a jealous monk. You would not think to look at him but he was famous long ago for playing the electric violin on Desolation Row.

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    Mon Oct 04 2010

    The theory of relativity has been called the greatest pure product of the human mind -- a radical and perceptive theory of cosmology which is useful and apparently true (though some concepts may be revised in time to accommodate quantum mechanics). Relativity is not a big part of everyday life (Newtonian physics is close enough for most practical applications) but Einstein greatly advanced our understanding of the universe.

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    Sat May 08 2010

    He is easily one of the most important people in history, his discoveries led to many of the most important technologies we have today, and his contributions to scientific knowledge are some of the most important contributions if we are to survive the depletion of fossil fuels. @ Tarask He was actually wrong about quantum mechanics, he didn't buy it. Though his challenging it allowed it to finally develop into a fully fledged and viable theory. @ DoorGunner Your dislike for pacifism reeks of fascism, and is an attitude that will prevent us from lasting more than the next couple of hundred years. Also, while I do not mean to undervalue your average joe or housewife, raising honorable and responsible kids is nothing exceptional, it should be expected. To say they are worth 10,000 Einsteins is foolish at best. There is only one ratio to describe people's value, 1-1. I don't mean to say he was better than anyone, but he was quite simply put, more important. Your average housewife, whil... Read more

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    the best scientist to date , he is the master of quantum physics the master of electrodynamics and a lot of things !

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    Wed Sep 30 2009

    For better or worse, his work brought us into the atomic age.

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    Tue Nov 25 2008

    Certainly influential, but his relationship to the bomb is a bit inflated by legend. He deserves recognition as one of the most brilliant scientific minds in history, second only to Sir Isaac Newton arguably, but his "influence" while great probably should not have him so high on the list.

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    Tue Nov 25 2008

    Einstein was pretty influential.  However, the science community will always remember Einstein for famously carrying that 'Babes of Science' calendar under his left arm. You couldn't go five minutes before Einstein would talk about Marie Curie aka Ms. November aka Ms. Proton in that one piece bathing suit....whoa baby!

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    He revolutionized the science. Even thou I cannot fully understand the depth of his discoveries, but the guy was definitely a genius, and his impact was significant on the history.

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    Sat Jun 09 2007

    To Fuckitall, Yes it was his mind that brought the Atomic bomb but It wasn't his decision to use it. He wrote a letter describing the devastation it can cause and requested that it not be created. Robert Oppenheimer was put in charge of making the bomb and Truman used it. Back then Japan was so horrendous that China still isn't with best terms with Japan over what they did. Truman decided that the US has lost enough and went ahead with the bombs. Now its your opinion to say it was right or wrong but the point of war is to win and Japan had done enough wrong doing and torture to the world at that time. Japan is now a great country.

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    Fri Apr 13 2007

    One of the few people from the 20th century that will be remembered 500 years from now, if he is right...

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    Tue Mar 27 2007

    To blame this man for what our military did with his work in physics is to do him a great disservice. This was a good man who brought about a tipping point in physics. He is no more guilty for the destruction brought about by the atomic bomb than I am. Truman called the shots and our people saw the horrifying results but saw the enemy as worthy of that holocaust. When we talk of 9/11, we should remember Yokahama and Nagasaki and feel more shame than pride. I am tired of people saying it is the only way we could stop the Japanese. I still hear it when people say Nuke Iran. Don't blame Einstein. His name is synonimous with genius the world over but those two cities are our shame, not his.

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    Fri Mar 02 2007

    How is the the most influencial man? He was the reason so many people die in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He is a mass muderer along with GW Bush. While its true that he did help in the scientific fields but he still can be compared as Hitler.

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    What an amazing peace loving individual!

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    Wed Sep 13 2006

    his 1905 papers revolutionised physic's. his work was so significant that it is likely that without him we still wouldn't know what he discovered

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    Wed May 10 2006

    Scientific achievements spoke for themselves.He was named man of the century by Time magazine in 1999.His theories are still used today and set the standard for genius.

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    Sat Mar 11 2006

    Good Christian man, disproved evolution to his sceince teacher!

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    Sun Jan 08 2006

    This guy is so overrated it's unbelievable. Those that worship at the altar of scientism view him as a god. Mathematics and physics are debtors for sure, but that doesn't span the most worthwhile pursuits a person can dedicate himself to. Moreover, I have no use for pacifists. If there's nothing worth fighting for, there's nothing worth living for. The average housewife, by raising honorable and responsible children, is worth 10,000 Einsteins. The average Joe that goes to work each day and supports that housewife and those kids is also worth 10,000 of the same.

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    Sat Jan 07 2006

    Fits the criteria as being one of the greates because his contributions to society live on today.

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    Sat Nov 05 2005

    Einstein is probably one of the most influential figures in science in the twentieth century, but more importantly, he was a man of great character.

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    Fri Jun 17 2005

    Albert Einstein was the most influential scientist of our time. Despite troubles in education and learning as a child, Einstein surpassed the odds and helped revolutionize science today. With his theories on relativity and gravity, Einstein would inspire other great scientists explain the unexplainable. Einstein also helped in the advancement of modern warfare, by helping in the creation of the atomic bomb.

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    Mon Apr 25 2005

    Centuries before his time.

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    Mon Apr 25 2005

    Time flies. Last week was the 50th anniversary of his passing. Not only a great scientist -- maybe the greatest -- but also greatly influenced world history. As vast and profound his contributions to physics are, it is amazing when I hear that his measured IQ was not particularly high or that upon autopsy, his brain was no larger or no smaller than a typical human brain. To correct one poster, Einstein did not have bad hygiene and E=mc^2 is not a formula for speed of light, but of the vast amounts of energy released when atoms are split.

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    Wed Apr 20 2005

    He helped lay the groundwork for today's theoretical physics.

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    Sun Feb 13 2005

    While Albert Einstein had not the social skills, nor the hygeine, to help him in his social and love life, he was among one of the World's most brilliant scientists and an astounding astrophysicist. He is credited with putting America into the Nuclear age, (for better and for worse), developing a formula for the speed of light (e=mc2), and for many other important accomplishments throughout his life.

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    Fri Feb 20 2004

    Most people don't understand Einstein's theories, so they believe they have not been influenced by him. But his theories set the foundation for the creation of atomic war, which has greatly influenced our recent history. His theories that contributed to recent discoveries in quantum physics will probably end up being the most influential of all. Just like most true geniuses, the true influence of his work will not be fully known for generations to come.

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    Sat Feb 14 2004

    Not impressed.

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    Wed Sep 10 2003

    remember mila iva maric!