Ajax Detergent Dish Liquid Antibacterial

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    Ajax orange anti bacterial is the best dishwashing liquid ever!! Sadly, a few weeks ago, I jumped the shark and tried Dawn. What a waste. Couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Ajax will clean my pots and pans from my latest cooking effort quicker than I can type this sentence. I love this stuff!!

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    Fri Mar 05 2010

    Consumer Report rates this soap very highly and my grandmother used it for many years so I thought I would give it a try. Its works great! i dont know why people complain that it doesnt work because it doesnt suds enough... suds aren't what cleans the dishes, its the soap in the water that does the cleaning. I use 2 tablespoons for a full load and everything gets squeaky clean! Make sure to wear gloves when using this soap, its very tough on grease and in turn very tough on your hands!

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    Hello, I have used ajax for many years and was very happy with it, then I started using the dishwasher quite frequently and have been away from the product for a while. After my family downsized we have a lot less dishes to wash, so instead of using a lot of power and electric and water with the dishwasher, I decided to just hand wash the dishes again. With my sink full of dishes after a couple days of accumulating them, I added a few good squirts of the ajax dish soap. The soap seemed to disappear. I kept adding more squirts. After using 1/8 of a bottle of ajax dish soap to wash my sink full of dishes, I realized the product had changed drastically. Before when I used the product it would only take a couple squirts and you would have plenty of soap that lasted all the way to the pots and pans. I switched to Dawn and did not do much better. Evidently they are using a lot of filler in their products and a lot less soap.... I would be glad to pay more money for a good product............ Read more

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    Mon Jul 27 2009

    I would have normally agreed with the post below however....... I have recently fallen on hard-times myself. I never would buy anything but Dawn Dish Liquid. Specifically the blue original or ultra formula. But now that have lost my job things have changed. Initially I tried Ajax because I had to go to a food pantry and they gave me a bottle and I was out of dish liquid and I thought "beggar's can't be choosers" and I used it. I hadn't used Ajax in years and noticed it was thicker and more sudsy and effective than ever. It worked as well as the Dawn for the most part. I can't see a whole lot of difference. Now all things being equal if they were the same price I would probably still choose the Dawn but that's more out of vanity than anything I guess but........ I recently had coupons for 25 cents off a bottle of Ajax and Kroger was tripling coupons and I got 3 bottles of Ajax for 30 cents. I am satisfied with it for sure! I have found I like the pink grapefruit scent the best but al... Read more

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    i think dawn is the best because it always seems to clean better then the others.i am doing a science fair project on it.my hypothesis is going to be me thinking dawn is the best.Well thats my opinion. ~~~-ariana c.~~~-

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    Tue May 27 2008

    lavender scent is nice. way better than joy or dawn and much cheaper

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    Wed Feb 27 2008

    I've used Ajax since the early 70's. I was working on my car one day, when i went in the house, i had grease all over my hands and arms. We used Ajax for dishes already, so i took the bottle of it and used it full streigh on my hands and arms. After rinsing off the grease was completely gone. I've used nothing but ever since.

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    Wed Dec 06 2006

    Ireally don't know which is better but I know that my mom like to use dawn dish detergent because she said it is better.

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    Wed Dec 06 2006

    Ajax is the only dish detergent that I use. I think it is the best!

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    Wed Dec 06 2006

    I have used Ajax for years and I love it. When you get stains on clothes you can't get it out sometimes even if you try everything on the shelf they have for clothes so I put Ajax on my shirts and rubbed it in. After I washed the shirts the stains were gone. You should try it because it works on almost every kind of stain.

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    Sat Jul 15 2006

    I've used Ajax off and on for many years. However, as mentioned before, it's best used while on a tight budget because the price is so reasonable and the performance is decent. However, when money is more abundant, I bypass the Ajax and get a dish soap that's thicker and better performing, like Dawn or Ivory.

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    Fri Dec 23 2005

    I have used Dawn for a long time but my husband brought home Ajax so I of course decided to give it a try. I don't find it a bargain at all because I have to use so much more of it to get the job done well. Never again!

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    Mon Aug 22 2005

    I only use Ajax when my budget is tight, The dish soap is Great, only a little more watery than dawn, doesnt really work like dawn (which Dawn is my #1 favorite!!!!!!!!!), but it does a pretty good job in cleaning, only thing is i got to use a little more than required!! otherwise the price for ajax dish soap is GREAT, REASONABLE!! I use them all, except the new one the BLUE AJAX.... i think that one is fruity?? i may try that one soon!! aloha, marty

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    Tue Apr 06 2004

    My wife ruined my pastic lunch bowls and bottles with the Spring Flowers liquid. I can not get rid of the sicking Smell & TASTE from them. We tried Baking Soda,Vinegar, Bleach. No Choice but throw them away buy new & use Unscented DOVE.About $20 of dishes RUINED by THIS STINKING STUFF! ! ! !

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    Mon Apr 05 2004

    Ajax is definately no Dawn, but it is ok for the price. Back in the severe budget days, I always bought Ajax versus the high dollar Dawn. Alot of people don't think there is a big difference when it comes to washing dishes, but there is...just try Ajax versus Dawn when it comes to a greasy pan...you will see that Dawn does work better. You just have to use a little bit more hot water if you use the Ajax, not a big deal really.

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    Mon Apr 05 2004

    These people work for P&G; or what. This dish soap is a replica of dawn, joy, and palm olive. Which by the way is all chemically the same, just color and fragrance is different. Some people think there is lemon juice in joy, what a joke. There is finally competition in the over priced dish soap market. We need to support Ajax. I'm a window cleaner, it works great!

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    Fri Dec 05 2003

    its ok, it got stuff clean, kinda. its cheap. it ruined all my paper plates though

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    Tue May 13 2003

    I know it sounds really stupid to have such a strong opinion on a dish soap, but really, it is the worst dish soap I have ever used, and I've used many different brands from commercial to industrial-strength. I was my dishes without using gloves, which was a big mistake for this soap. It works well to get rid of grease, but it also dries out the skin terribly! I mean, to the point where my skin was peeling, it is awful! Then, the soap is not as easily washed off dishes as it is with other soaps--rinsing time is increased dramatically with this soap. I have never had any problems like this with any other soap! It is inexpensive, and it gets the dishes clean, but I highly suggest that you spend the extra fifty cents or so for another brand. Either that, or invest in some good latex gloves.