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    Fri Apr 18 2008

    The likelihood of contracting aids is much higher in the gay community that the rest of the world.  When the "epidemic" started, the main victims were gays. That is undeniable. It was transmitted to the heterosexual population because of the same reasons gays have it: willful and irresponsible perversion of the natural sexual act. Even straight couples engage in abhorrent sexual activities that are not natural. The end result is the same.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    I love AIDS. I  remember when I was a little biy and my ginger tabby cat was ill. I asked my mother "what's wrong with stinky?" she said it was smelly's fault, our male tabby cat. I didn't understand it at the time, and 3 years later, I discovered that my cat actually had AIDS. DAMN YOU SMELLY!

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    Sun Feb 05 2006

    Perhaps at one time. . .but beyond America's tunnel vision, one only has to look at what this disease has done to the Afican continent to understand that 'it's a gay topic' has faded in the rear-view mirror. . .the numbers are shocking.

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    Sat Feb 04 2006

    Well, it's not a "gay topic." Millions more heterosexuals have died of this disease than homosexuals, and actually the gay community has done an excellent job of educating its own about prevention.

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    Tue Mar 15 2005

    I wrote a paper on AIDS in Africa and how it was an epidemic that was ruining the continent. Never once did i use the word gay in this twenty page paper.

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    AIDS in Africa and Asia (indeed everywhere) is now spread many more times in heterosexuals than homosexuals, so it's not a gay disease as it affects all of us and that is why we should be paying attention to it.

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    Sun Sep 26 2004

    This is not just a 'gay issue'. Its a human issue. If its just a gay illness, then why are women getting infected as well and not just through receiving blood from a donor who has the virus. For some basic information read this: e.html

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    Sun Apr 18 2004

    The most important thing to remember about AIDS is that it is a behavior-specific disease. This makes it one of the most preventable diseases in the world. Avoid dirty needles...avoid illicit sexual behavior. If I can do it, so can you.

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    Sat Dec 27 2003

    This is NOT just a gay issue, it is an everyone ISSUE ! Everyone needs to learn to be more safe when it comes to sex, plain and simple !

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    Mon Aug 18 2003

    An extremely important issue, not just in the gay community, but around the world. With regards to AIDS here at home, the important thing is that we focus just as much on prevention as we do on research and development.

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    Sat Aug 09 2003

    Millions of innocent children die every year from this disease, what kind of person could think dying children is good?

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    Fri Aug 08 2003

    It is important to find a cure for AIDS, but it's equally important to be honest when portraying the causes of it. AIDS is NOT an STD; it is a blood disorder. what disturbs me about AIDS reporting is that it is used as a political tool to promote the equality of gays vs. straights. how do they do this? By saying that anyone can get AIDS. Not exactly. straight sex is much less likely to spead AIDS than homo sex is. Why? there is a far less likelihood of blood mixing with semen than there is in male male intercourse. A vagina is much less likely to tear than the rectal region during intercourse. This is why AIDS has continued to be a gay disease; it is caused by coming into contact with the blood of an infected person. Not saliva, not semen, and not female excretions. Blood. If AIDS were a true STD, then there would NOT be a dispropotionate amount of gay males contracting the disease like we have today. AIDS would have spread equally throughout the last twenty years. It did not. It is a ... Read more

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    Sun Aug 03 2003

    This topic being put here makes it sound like only gay people have it. Or you think that it started with gays. As far as I remember, it is only a theory...the other theory is that the disease came from Africa, as monkeys get it too. To catagorize AIDS here is sad, it affects everyone, not just the gay community. But I do agree with BIGBABY on the statistics, there are too many sources to be sure anymore.

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    Sat Aug 02 2003

    An extreme gay issue. Many people are terrified of AIDS, even straight people. But they need to settle down. According to me sources, deaths from AIDS is diminishing. In 1993, there were 27,000 gay deaths from AIDS. In 2001, there were only 6588. However, the number of living gay's with AIDS is rising. AIDS isn't going away. However, its really difficult to find deaths from AIDS between straights/gays. In a article from Worldvision, they report that less than 5% of AIDS deaths are gay men. However, in the book Bias, Mr. Goldberg reports that 80% of AIDS deaths are gays. Who knows?