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    Wed Apr 18 2012

    Advantage rental car is without a doubt the worst rental car company around, and borders on being criminals. They routinely don't think twice about ripping people off, and dont care when you catch them doing it. We rented a car in Denver on priceline and had them include two car seats for what we thought was 10.00 each but when we got to the site they charged us 26.00. No big deal right, except at that point we had no choice but to get them for our children. But that was the easy part. When we returned the car the right front tire was going flat so I pointed it out to the attendant as he told us that they were going to charge us for the tire. That would be like them not putting enough oil in the engine and then charging the consumer for the engine when it blows up. THis is a scam, and theoretically could be used on every consumer by renting a car with a slow leak in the tire, and then charging them for the tire upon return. I declined the insurance because my credit card clai... Read more

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    Thu Nov 10 2011

    Advantage has a LOT of hidden extra rates and their Customer Service is terrible. After waiting on hold for over 32minutes to talk to a representative about a fee that was not disclosed when I rented the vehicle, the person told me there was nothing they could do. HONESTLY, its worth paying more money on the front end because Advantage will charge you on the back end after the fact and tell you its too bad "we apologize, but unfortunately..... its in the fine print, which we forgot to disclose".

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    Thu Nov 10 2011

    When we signed up online we refused all insurance. When we got to the office in Tampa FLA on Avion Dr the rep tried to sign us up for insurance and we refused, however, we did agree to a vehicle upgrade. The rep told us that we would see an extra $200 charge because of a security that they add to the price that gets refunded. My husband was then asked to sign in two places. He thought it was an agreement to the lease upgrade. To our horror, we were charged some type of insurance charge at 19.99 per day. When we got our initial receipt we thought that the extra money we were charged had to do with the $200 deposit. We were scammed they enrolled us in this insurance. When we discovered the error as we were departing our plane, they told us that we had to come back to their office to resolve the issue. I sent out two emails regarding this and got no response. I finally called their billing question number and got an extremely rude nasty rep who insisted that she could not help me and onc... Read more

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    Sun Oct 16 2011

    we get to los angeles, we were quoted 130.oo. we get to the rental site and it goes from 130 to over 450.oo. First the travel agent does not tell us about all these fees. this is ridiculous. dont bother going with this company. terrible terrible terrible.

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    Fri Jul 29 2011

    I rented a car from advantage in Orlando. Because of my work schedule, I had to change the reservation twice. The first time I added a day and confirmed that the price was still 25.95 per day. The second time I was taking the extra day off. The service person on the phone did not tell me that the price went up almost 50% because of that change!! It was still the weekend for the weekend rate!! I trusted them to honor the quoted price so I did not review all the charges with a fine tooth comb and signed the estimate - I WILL NEVER BE TRUSTING AGAIN!! I did notice when we dropped off the car and mentioned it to the man checking it in but I didn't have my original quote readily available and he was in a hurry and we had to make a flight so I thought I could deal with it later with customer service. WRONG - they were no help at all even though they did not give me the quoted price. DO NOT TRUST ADVANTAGE!!

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    Sun Jul 17 2011

    I reserve a small car for my husband for $446 for a week. He gets to the airport and the guy says we dont have any small cars and this is what there is...$669.00 thats bullcrap!!! If you don't have what we reserved...the company shoud do a free upgrade....We will never use this company ever again....wish i wold have read a few reviews 1st....I would have paid more from someone else who would be honest...

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    Mon Jun 20 2011

    This car rental place is AWFUL!!!! We reserved vehicles in Memphis, TN. They are doing false advertisement. The general manager Johnathan Lewis a swift talking unprofessional. We had reservations for today (June 20, 2011) and they didn't have not one vehicle. Why advertise these vehicles and you never had them from the start? Johnathan (manager) did not try at all to accomodate for the vehicles we had reserved. He basically told us to go somewhere else because I can't help you. The staff that also works there is so unprofessional and nonchalant. Is it family owned? If so the apple don't fall from the tree. I recommend no one go there to rent a vehicle. It is false advertisement for car rental but more like car storage.

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    Wed Apr 20 2011

    A relative booked a car in San Antonio for the South by Southwest Music and Film festival in March, 2011. Her plane was delayed but Advantage assured her they were open 24 hours and not to worry. When she got to their desk they were closed. She had to lock herself in the women's restroom on her luggage to feel safe and wait for them to open at 6 AM. They did upgrade her at no charge to a better vehicle (or so she thought), but the car broke down twice during the week, both times late at night leaving her stranded at 2:00 am. After the 2nd breakdown, they sent a tow truck which was too big for the parking structure. They promised a taxi to take her to airport for another vehicle. Taxi never came. She had to hail one down on her own after they promised to refund her for the taxi ride which was $40. She has a hand written note from them promising to refund her along with the receipt from taxi cab, and to date they have never refunded her the $40. She did not know they had an F rating with... Read more

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    The car was fine, the price was great but I was intentionally misled into purchasing the fuel option. I always decline the fuel option and fill-up the tank before I return the car. I was assured by the Advantage person at the counter that my round-trip would use the entire tank so it would be to my advantage to purchase the option "Trust me, I have lived here for years and I know you will use the entire tank driving round-trip from Milwaukee to Madison and back.”. My trip was 200 miles round-trip and only used half a tank so any savings on the rental was more than off-set by the fuel option. When I notified Customer Service, they blamed it on me for failing to understand what I approved. They are correct, shame on me for trusting their person to tell me the truth. I cannot recommend Advantage on any level.

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    Sun Apr 03 2011

    NEVER USE ADVANTAGE! I got my quote from Priceline. I was given the price guarantee of 34.00 for a small SUV for one day. When I got to Denver I took the bus to Advantage to pick up my car. Here is where it all started. They first tried to upsell me into a tahoe, so I could "see the road" and have "the v8 power i need for Denver mountains" then they tried to sell me pre-paid gas. told me the tank was only a quarter tank full so ill need to pre pay for gas because i will be using the the whole tank. i told them i only needed to drive 40 miles total (this was a business trip) and finally agreed to pre-pay for 7 dollars of gas. when i returned the car later that afternoon, i was given the bill for 81.00!!! when i went in to find out where that huge increase came from, they told me I had purchased insurance. I told them I had specifically declined insurance. thats when they pulled out the receipt and said, "well our agent highlighted it, that means you said you wanted it" I told them I had... Read more

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    Sat Mar 26 2011

    We rented a car from Advantage out of Phoneix Az. Web site specified a Dodge Avenger as a Midsize car, which we rented. When we picked it up we were told we had to pay more for the Avenger as it wasn't considered a mid size, we even spoke to a manager, who told us he would need to see web page. Well be found the web page on our return home. Have called them three times, no manager available, will have them call back. No call back. No refund..... Then we get a letter stating there was a traffic violation and we owe them $30.00. Yah Right!!!! RUDE, with no customer service and false advertising. Do not use Advantage Rent a car. They are crooks!!!!!!!! You will pay more than the confirmation and get a car that is banged up and not tooo clean.

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    Mon Mar 21 2011

    ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Wow, I really wish I had looked at all the other reviews before I subjected myself to such terrible customer service. I rented an "economy" sized car out of TF Green in Providence, RI. These idiots gave me a smart car. How are those even street legal?! First off, I called prior to renting to find out about the underage rental fee. The woman at the desk told me it was $9/day, awesome. I get to the counter, and the snotty, rude agent tells me it was $15/day. Then proceeds to basically call me a liar saying that none of her agents would ever have told me and that and I must have called the wrong place. I have the dam number in my cell phone to the branch I called (which was the right one). Then I had a discount code for 15% off, but she again told me that they would never give anyone that much off. Not only did they screw me out of money, but they were so rude and unhelpful about everything. After my experience, I decided to call customer service to complain. After ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    We (4 people) rented a car from Advantage in Quito airport, Ecuador, for three weeks. After we drove out of the city on a mountain road, we noticed that the brakes do not work well. We stopped to check them, and it turned out that the brakes are completely worn out, and that it is really dangerous to continue driving. We had to change them immediately at the nearest car shop. When we got back to the rental office in Quito and showed the bill for the brakes (from mechanic), a manager in the office was rude and said that it was our own problem, and that he was not going to refund it. He did not apologize for the car condition. I believe, in this case Advantage violated their contract terms, since they may give only the cars which are in a safe condition at least. I also think that we can sew them, since it was a life-threatening situation for us.

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    Tue Jan 11 2011

    I recently rented from Advantage in Las Vegas. I was offered an upgrade for $5 additional per day over the rate I had agreed of $20 per day. What I got was an additional rate of $25 per day added to the $20 per day I agreed. The counter help deliberately did a bait and switch. When I initially discovered the deception I called the listed 800 number and was told that I could resolve the problem when I turned the car in however, the counter manager, Alex, told me that there was nothing they could do even though I showed him the original deal for just $20 a day. I asked him if it was company policy to allow employees to engage in deceptive practices to which he responded it was my fault and then he turned around and left. WHAT A HORRIBLE COMPANY. Since I have had nothing but positive experiences from Priceline (the broking service I used), I trust they are not aware of this seemingly corporate practice to fleece the traveling public that just wants to enjoy their visit and not w... Read more

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    Sun Jan 02 2011

    You would think falling under the Hertz umbrella Advantage Rent a Car would be a reputable establishment. This can not be farther from the truth. Arriving in Cabo on Christmas day, we were directed to the Advantage shuttle bus. After (30) minutes of waiting for the shuttle, we finally arrived at the location where we would be picking up the car. With two small children in tow, it took another 2 HOURS to secure the rental car. To make matters worse, the agency is owned by a timeshare salesman so the entire time you are trying to get the car he is trying to get you to spend 90 minutes in some other resort. Simply unacceptable. I refused the liabilty insurance because I am covered with USAA and to retaliate to my not signing up for this they put a $2500 HOLD ON MY CREDIT CARD which I discovered when I tried to use my card in cabo. Upon returning the car, they did not release the hold so I am now in dispute with the billing department. So my rental challenge continues and ultimate... Read more

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    Sun Jan 02 2011

    WARNING! Whatever you do, do not rent with this company! I rented in Chicago. The shuttle that is supposed to come every 15 min was almost an hour late. The prices were over $200 over the quote price. The staff was not at all helpful and they were trying to upsell me on everything. Watch out for hidden costs. This company has absolutely no transperancy in its business practices. The manager was extremely unethical: after I finally received a price and signed for it, he gave me a new ticket and added $40 dollars more to my credit card. This is flat out theft and could in fact count as a criminal activity. Fortunately I caught his add-on and forced him to give me the price I signed for. I felt lied to the entire time I was in the office. This branch is completely unprofessional. Pay $50 more and take a different company like Budget or Dollar. I will never again use this service. I recommend that all customers take their business elsewhere (but not to Hertz because it is ... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    This is by far the worst company ever to rent a car from. billing is ridiculous! they charge extra for payments. also i returned a car on Early Saturday morning and they show that I returned it on Monday and charged me for 2 extra days OVERALL, I will never ever use this again

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    I had a nauseating, horrendous, and awful experience with Advantage Rent-a-Car. I will be posting this review with Twitter, Facebook,,,, Google, Yahoo, and corporate user groups. I will attempt to accurately and most honestly detail the reasons why I feel I was scammed, taken advantage of, overcharged, and having to go to full lengths with my corporate AMEX account to dispute their charges and make sure consumers are aware. I used to reserve a week rental of an economy vehicle for a corporate training in Denver. I opted for the additional insurance coverage when ordering. * Upon check in, I was graciously greeted by a very eager counter rep. At the onset he asked why I was visiting Denver, I told him on business, he then asked what company, I said Avaya. "Oh, Avaya! I used to own their stock, now they're private.... their facility is amazing, you'll love it" He kept going on and on and on, I ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 28 2010

    Not going back. I can't afford it! Oh yeah, about that apparently lower rate. Well the rate is true, but then they up-sell the heck out of you at the counter, and just won't take no for an answer. Have rented twice in Salt Lake City during the past couple of years. Both times, they didn't have the car I reserved. The reasons were either that the last one was rented earlier in the day (oopsy-doopsy, you arrived too late), or they had "low inventory". Either way, I ended up with something not quite as good. The experience at the rental counter was bad both times. Extreme hard-sell, up-sell of the insurance packages. There are several packages, and you will learn about every last one of them as you say no to each. It takes a long time to say no repeatedly and finally get away from them so you can go get the car and get started on your trip. Quite a marathon. If your time is worth anything, you might just want to pay a little more at one of the name brand companies.

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    Wed Oct 13 2010

    Folks, you've been warned. We rented a car in Ft Lauderdale and experienced much of the same scam strategies of Advantage. First, you are offsite way out near some smoke stack factory or refinery. Lines take FOREVER (only one guy working the counter). Don't be fooled like I was with the super low pricing. They will pressure you to upgrade the vehicle, push the unneeded insurance, push the pre-paid gas, etc. If you decline all, they suddenly become not so friendly. Make sure you look over the vehicle closely for dings as the car comes to you (20 minutes later) all wet from a hose down, making it difficult to see all of the dents. Scrutinize the heck out of your receipt when returning. So how did they get me? Just got a charge on my cc for tolls. Seems they have this auto toll payer (they upcharge for the convenience). We went thru three tolls total and paid the $1 in cash each time in the cash only lane. Fortunately for me, my cc co will put a hold on this charge until they can prove it... Read more

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    Sun Oct 10 2010

    Rented compact car from Advantage in Boston by airport last week via Orbitz. Apparently they had just opened, and they definitely were not ready! Delayed shuttle... slow to process rental once I finally got there, even though there was a small line. They were vacuuming cars with shop vacs in the small parking area. The office is tiny, one wonders what they do if they really do get customers! The car itself was ok mechanically, but clearly had been used by smokers. The price was however way lower than anything else I saw at the time I booked it. That said, I will think twice before renting again from them.

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    Sat Oct 02 2010

    My husband rented a car from Advantage Rent-a car in Chicago, last week-end. First of all it was impossible to find their location at the airport to go and pick-up the car. Second, it doesn't say where the driver stops at the airport. We called the 1-800 number and they called the division in Chicago. We had to wait for almost TWO HOURS to be picked up and taken to the car location. No apologies of course for the wait!!! We needed a GPS. DO you think we got it for free for a day after all the hassle? NO!!! DO NOT RENT FROM ADVANTAGE RENT-A CAR IN CHICAGO!!!!! VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! STAY AWAY!!

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    Arrived in Austin, Texas on Labor Day 2010. Had a wonderful experience with Advantage Rent-a-Car. I booked my reservation through Priceline for a great deal of $108 per week. I was a little leary of what kind of car it might be and in what condition it might be. The total price with taxes and fees was $238.00 and every other "great deal" was about $450.00 minimum. I couldn't believe it, and decided to read the reviews. I was really scared after I read these reviews and saw the disappointing number of stars. 1.5!!!!! I called Priceline and they reassured me it would be a good car and in working order. Once we arrived I went directly to the counter. As I was waiting in line, another customer was returning his rental, so I asked what his experience was. He said it was great. The car was great, a Nissan Altima in great condition, clean and ran beautifully. Zach was my rental assistant who had a great personality, was very professional and put me at ease. I jokingly asked... Read more

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    Sun Sep 26 2010

    So we rented a car through Advantage rent a car, on Travelocity. My flight info was entered. It said that this company meets delayed flights. As our plane left the gate they saw a low oil light on and had to pull back into the gate. We never got off the plane. We arrived at 12 18 am, instead of 11 45 pm. I went to the car rental counters. There was no one there. A girl at the Hertz counter was closing up after renting out a car. I asked her if they were on break or someting. She said No, they left at midnight. I started to have a panic attack. What was I going to do? The airport was abandoned. I needed to drive to Iowa City. My sister reserved the car for me because she was at home with her 11 month old and three year old. Her husband has been deployed. She probably wouldn't even hear the phone. I opened up my printed reservation and called Travelocity. The man at customer service called the local Advantage, he ofcourse got no answer. He called their customer service line. He talked t... Read more

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    Sat Sep 25 2010

    I used Advantage (through last weekend in San Jose. I let them know I would be 9 hours late and they assured me my car would still be there. I received excellent, timely service, a cute car in the class I requested, and no hassles returning it. The price was by far the best of any other rental at SJC, and the service couldn't have been better.

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    Wed Sep 22 2010

    1 stars We had booked our car through Cheap tickets for our vacation in Orlando Florida. On arrival we got a shock on the invoice presented, way above what was quoted, with all hidden cost not informed. Worse to come. We got our car and just before leaving we noticed the wiper does not work.. Had to offlaod all the bags and managing two kids after a long flight was back breaking. On reaching our hotel we realized that our video camera bag remained in the first car and we tried calling them but no one was answering it was past midnight. Next day early morning we went to the airport and meet the Advantage representative to our luck we manged to get the same people who had given us the car. The said the car is gone and they did not see any bag when it went to the garage. So in short Advantage garage staff kept the bag with them. We went practically every day to the airport but they did not co-operate and kept saying we are checking and will get back which the never did. Leaving the vide... Read more

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    Its always fun to read some daily experiances from people who travel a lot. It was good article as a whole but some little mistakes while writting should be avoided. I like those minute detailing of the problems:)). Those were really very funny.

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    I travel almost weekly for business and have rented form a number of companies at airports around globe. My one experience in Chicago with Advantage was the worst rental expirence I have ever had. Issues to be aware of include: - Airport pickup location was with the hotel shuttles because Advantage was not licensed as a rental company. Neither the reservation nor the 800 number could tell me where to pick up the shuttle, an experience the others who were picking up cars also had. - The company has only 1 shuttle and they indicated you should expect to wait at least 30 minutes at the airport or at the office when returning. - They misspelled my name on the contract even though I had put in the reservation on line. - They put a hold on my credit card for 45% more that the cost of the rental - Retune was a circus, with 2 agents lots of customers, and no line. The checkout and return agents are the same. One took return contracts and keys promising that receipts would be online later th... Read more

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    My experience at Advantage rent-a-car was very poor. I rented a car for pickup at DFW airport. When I made the reservation I had a code which entitled me to a discount and an upgrade. The reservation agent gave me a weekly quote as I was going to have the car for 5 days and told me that the reservation is for a mid-size car and when I pick up the car, they would upgrade to a full size, if they had a full size car available. When I arrived to pick up the car, they told me that they had a full size, but the rate would change significantly if I didn't take the mid-size.... so I took the mid-size, but was quite upset. They gave me the keys to the car and told me it would be in parking spot #114. When I got to the lot..which was quite a long walk in 100+ degree heat, there was a different car in parking spot #114... so I had to traipse around the lot looking for my car... which I did find after about 1/2 an hour. When I returned the car, the agent told me that his hand help printer was ... Read more

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    Thu Aug 19 2010

    I quess people are really stupid. If you leave anything in the car, its your fault case closed. Renting cars is a hassle theses days, get over it . I have rented from the ft.lauderdale location and had no problems. The agent we had, Rommel, was so good that, I went back and rented from him again, this week and again no problems. A lot of theses reviews are just from ignorant stupid people, who messed up. Advantage tells you to return your car 2-3 hours before your flight, so you should be prepared. It takes a half hour for the shuttle to make a round trip, thats just the way it is. Some times life doest go as planned, and from reading most of theses reviews, it just seems like the reviewers all wanted free hand-outs. The car I got was an altima and had alot of zip. The car was in great condition and the ac worked great. Most of the cars are key-less, so don't lose them or it will cost you 200 usd to replace them. There is suggestive selling in almost every line of work, so t... Read more

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    Just rented a car from Advantage at the San Jose airport, and I found out when I got home that I was charged for the gas even though I had returned the car with full tank. I called the company and was told that the gas charge cannot be disputed once returned the car. I had sent a email to complained about the situation to the company, but having read all the review from here, I do not have high hope in getting the gas charge to refund. At first, I thought that might be a human mistake that the attendant misread the gas level, but after seeing the review and experienced with the customer service of the company, it leads me to think that this might be a recurring trick Advantage use to overcharge the customers. I would think that the attendent is trained to handle car return, it would be unlikely they would not reading the gas level correctly. So it must be a company policy to run that trick on customer who is in a hurry to return the car. Is there enough case of this overcharge out t... Read more

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    Mon Aug 16 2010

    Horrible experience. After assuring me multiple times that they would have be at the airport in time for my 6 am flight, they got me there late and I had to reschedule my flight for 10 hours later. When I called to complain the manager blamed me and never once apologized for his agents providing false information. Save yourself the trouble and just book through one of the slightly more expensive agencies. Might cost a little more but you'll appreciate it in the long run.

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    Mon Aug 09 2010

    Horrible! We Rented a 2009 Mazda 5 Sport with 33000 Miles on the Clock, returned it with 34500 Miles, 1500 of the worst miles I've Driven, The car was low on washer Fluid to begin with. The car felt like it was made out of paper going faster than 70MPH (I would blame Mazda for that though). Whenever we went uphill, It would downshift with a sound a feeling that a person with a sledgehammer was whacking the transmission at full force, It turned out that the car had almost NO Transmission Fluid, Which Caused Permanent damage to the transmission, we had a guy at the gas station/garage fill it up, which the Company Agreed to Reimburse us (we forgot the receipt in the glove box though). We also found out that the Car needed a oil change, not to mention that the tires needed air badly. Due to the Transmission Damage, it was too late to bring it back to full working order, so the 160HP engine felt like it was only making about 100HP at the wheels due to the transmission damage. The car might ... Read more

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    Customer Service skills were AWFUL. The lady that checked me in had NO idea what she was doing. She had to ask for help during each stage of the process. Each time she stated the amount of the car it was a different price. Horrible. Aren't they required to have some sort of training?? She insisted on calling me "Honey" Yes, I am a few years younger than her, however I am a paying customer. The least you can/should do is call me Ma'am. I did that for you. (This if from the San Antonio area) On a side note... calling their 1-888 number isn't any better. I waited 35 minutes to speak to someone for him to tell me to take it up with my bank. When I asked to speak to someone else, he claimed he was the only one that could help me. After much debate (and asking if he was the only one at work today) he put someone else on the line. Did it seriously have to come to that? This company is terrible. Nothing good about them. I will NEVER rent from them again, nor will I EVER recommend a friend. ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 29 2010

    I rented a car for less than 24 hours and drove it 66 miles. I filled the gas tank up before returning the car but was still charged an extra $24.00 for fuel along with a $10 service charge. The shuttle-bus driver was late in picking us up for our early morning flight, leaving us with an hour to get through security to catch our plane. I signed the bill in a rush and did not consider the possibility the shuttle-bus driver would LIE about the amount of fuel in the car. My decision to select the cheapest quote for a daily rental of $28 ended up costing me an additional $34, more than twice the original quote.

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    Sat Jul 24 2010

    Advantage will give you a low price.. and then charge you a huge extra amount when you return the car.. claiming you didn't fill it. I did return the car full.. I have my receipt... so far I have made 7 phone calls to Advantage to try and get it refunded. to no avail.. look at the reviews.. THIS COMPANY is horrible !!!!!!! WARNING: THIS COMPANY WILL OFFER CHEAP RATES AND THEN CHEAT YOU OUT OF EVERY NICKEL !!!!!!!!!

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    ZERO Stars My family rented a car from Advantage Rental while on a trip to Orlando, FL. The car was delivered back to the airport and turned in 6 minutes late and we were charged an extra $10. We were pre-occupied with getting the pricing straight and were never given adequate time to check our car for our personal items. My 12 year old son left his wallet in the vehicle and we did not realize it until the car had been taken down, by two Advantage employees, to the car wash area. When the manager located who had the vehicle the wallet showed up emptied of all $237.00. We were told there was nothing they could do. The vehicle was in the care of Advantage Rent-A-Car EMPLOYEES and robbed. We were able to determine all persons who had been in possession of the vehicle from the time we left it and nothing was done. I can not believe that we paid over $400/wk for a vehicle to a morally corrupt company and then dished out a $237.00 tip with NOTHING in return but a "Have a nice day". We w... Read more

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    Mon Jul 12 2010

    We booked what was described as an "Economy" car - 4 passenger and holds 2 pieces of luggage - from the San Diego airport location. When we got there they pointed to their Smart Cars - 2 seaters and no luggage space - and said that was our rental. The agent said she drove it around the parking lot, but wouldn't trust it on the freeways. Jet lagged and needing to get to La Jolla in a hurry, we took her offer of a larger car which we were to be charged $15 to use. That turned into an additional $75 to our bill and when we returned it, the office was closed so we couldn't complain to the desk clerk. Calls and emails of complaint to that office and the main company were never acknowledged. They are absolutely the worst company we have ever dealt with.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    Fort Lauderdale Airport My worst car rental experience ever, and spoiled my entire vacation. You need two shuttles to reach their isolated location; once you’re there you are helpless especially at late evening hours. I thought I had a good deal, Ended up paying more than Hertz or budget to this bunch of thugs even without the insurance they presses so hard to get.

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    Fri Jun 18 2010

    We rented a car this weekened from Advantage Rent A Car in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Like so many others, it was a HORRIBLE experience. I reserved the car online through American Express and received a really good deal...but the deal was definitely NOT worth the hassle. We had to take the shuttle from the airport to the "regular' car rental, then wait 30 minutes for the Advantage shuttle to pick us up and take us to another location. The agent was pushy and tried to sell us everything possible. We continued to decline for more than 30 minutes, then my husband walked out. I stayed to deal with the guy who kept saying, "My friend". There were numerous scratches on the car so we makred all over the sheet they give you to identify any dings, marks, etc. We returned the car a day early and took a cab the next day to the airport just to avoid the hassle. This rental car company is a joke.

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    Mon May 31 2010

    THE PEOPLE OF "TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU" WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN, INCLUDING OUTRIGHT LYING, TO RIP YOU OFF. Read what everyone says. It's true. I just returned a car yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale. These morons can't even get their lies straight when adding on expenses.

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    Mon May 17 2010

    I went with Advantage because of the low rate. My father and I were only using the car to drive an hour away to visit an older lady. We only had it a little more than 8 hours. I turned the car in about 6pm and realized at 6:30pm that I left my iPhone in the door of the car. When I went to the Advantage desk at the airport and she called, even though I told them exactly where it was, they said they didn't see it. Since it's right across from the airport ,I said I was coming over the look for myself suddenly, he said it already went to wash. Someone stole my iPhone and I've been trying to report it as theft because I called within a half an hour but the lost and found dept is always busy or you have to call by a certain time. I would go with another company since they can't trust the people that work for them, neither do they hold them accountable.

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    Thu May 13 2010

    I had reserved a compact car. I arrived after :45 minutes after my scheduled arrival time. The clerk said that my rate and car was no longer guaranteed because they only hold the reservation for 15 minutes. She even told me that's there policy and it is clearly stated on their website. Turns out that's not there policy (they hold until 11:59pm or when the location closes, whichever is closer. I was so irrate I walked out and went to my computer and changed my reservation to a pick up 5:00pm then walked back in to get my car. Again the clerk said I don't have a car, I won't honor the reservation and if you want a car its going to cost more than your quoted rate. Again, irate I left. I called their corporate office, because I assumed this can't be how they do business. Apparently it is. When you reserve a car, and they do not have it they will not under any circumstances (how unbelievable), honor the rate and give you a different type of car. If you want the midsize because th... Read more

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    Tue Apr 20 2010

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!! Save yourself time and frustration and go to Budget! I rented from Orlando Airport. They are "off site" and even though I had a reservation and was given a guaranteed quote at that time, I paid $100 more because of undisclosed "airport fees and extra fees" that are supposedly on all Orlando rentals. Not so. Budget was actually a few pennies cheaper than my reservation told me, and MUCH cheaper than Advantage. Advantage is suppose to be the "cheaper" side of Hertz. One thing I asked specifically, prior to making a reservation is whether they partnered with Southwest Airlines on my Rapid Rewards. I was ASSURED I would be given full credit. NOT!!!! When I phoned the company after not receiving credit, I was told that "Advantage does not participate, Hertz did" This was extremely important to me, and I told them that in the beginning. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    Sun Apr 18 2010

    Do not rent from Advantage these people are very skilled in up selling to the customer they do not need. Very good at sweet talking a person that only maybe does this once a year. Why have a car on the lot that does not go to higher elevations like the Grand Canyon. We got taken at the car rental in Phoenix, Az. In the future we will not even consider Advantage. Hope other companies are not like that. The car we got was ok..

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    Sat Apr 03 2010

    I went for vacation and decided to rent a car with Advantage in Phoenix AZ. When I came to the rental place, the guy at the counter, Anthony, was really pushy and rude, trying to upsell me the V6 car, motivating it with something like "the 4 cylinders car will not be able to pull you to the Grand Canyon because of altitude" (who are you trying to fool, dude...didn't buy this). It turned out to be like they did not have the economy car that I initially ordered, and had to give me VW Jetta for the same price. This is definitely not the way to provide a decent customer service; I wish the company management would read this review.

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    Sat Mar 27 2010

    DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY! I picked up a car from them at the Orlando airport on 3/19/10. First of all it took the shuttle bus almost an hour to pick us up from ground transportation. They did try to force the extra insurance on me but I held my ground and declined. The car I rented was not bad but I made sure I gave it a thorough inspection and filled out the damage report slip and handed it to the guard before pulling out. The kicker is this. I used my debit card to reserve the rental. When I returned the car I went to the counter to ask them to put the charge on a different credit card. They did but they also charged my original debit card. They double billed me for the same rental. Of course I discover this on Saturday when their customer service is closed. When I call the location directly, the call is routed back the 800 number. This is a joke of a company. I'm surprised that Hertz would put their name behind such a mom and pop operation.

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    Tue Mar 16 2010

    I had similar experience and I want to get this guys straightened. I would like to start a class action against these guys. They park their car in the dark and if you do not buy their full coverage insurance they give you a car with marks on windshields. If you did not notice it in the dark you are doomed. When you return it, they will ask for paying for these marks saying you created them. The clerk is very rude and I think manager wants them to cheat people like this and that is how they money. This is the reason their rates are low. When you ask them for a proper receipt, they would just say "Other additional charges" instead of "Windshield repair". They are cheats. I would like a few people who have similar experience with them to collectively sue them. I am already disputing the charges on my credit card and asking my insurance company to recover these charges from them. This way all would become clear and they may even me caught. These guys are located at 78TH Avenue near DE... Read more

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    Wed Mar 10 2010

    Truly a RIP-OFF Company. Booked online and was asked twice and explicitly replied twice that I did NOT want an upgrade. Also replied that I did NOT want the Insurance and did not want the fuel option. Signed all the contracts, then was shown an "Estimate" for the car rental. I questioned the price and was told "Oh, you probably didn't calculate what the price would be if you returned the car without filling it up. The estimate includes filling the car. Don't worry about it, it's ONLY an extimate." Was rushed along as the place was very crowded and there was a long line. Discovered later (after leaving) that they had charged me for an upgrade AND the fuel option. At least they didn't hit me with Insurance as well. Knowing that I had no recourse but to pay as I had signed the contract. However, I sought out the local manager to complain anyway. I even told the manager that I realized that I had to pay, but he should better watch his employees behavior. He said it was MY fault for not cat... Read more

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    Customer care - Very Very Poor they will hold your money from your card with out informing u or sign any paper. No body over knows how to deal with a customer... Also Hertz is palying this cheap play under a different brand name... Due to this i hate Hertz also.. I will try to avoid these two in my life..