Adriana Lima

Brazilian model, who was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018 Website

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    Wed Apr 08 2009

    my dream girl

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    Sat Jul 12 2008

    Ok to all you people going on about no chin no bone structure blah blah blah seemingly all women what ye don't realise is the it's the imperfections in a woman that truly makes them beautiful and this woman is extraordinarily beautiful. Good example is Megan Fox it seems as if she has had a nose job getting rid of the bump it had for a "perfect" nose and she just isn't as pretty as she was before.

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    Sun Jul 06 2008

    I'd hit it...

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    Sat Jul 05 2008

    Quite frankly when I see photos of Adriana Lima smiling, in lingere, nice clothes or whatever she's wearing words just seem to escape me. I really think this woman could look incredible wearing the garb of a homeless person! One word to describe the Lovely Ms. Lima...WHOA!!!

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    Sun Jan 20 2008

    banessi you are right on the money...people dont understand the whole point of the "push-up Bra" 1 pic she's wearing one and another she isn't and automatically people think BOOB JOB! rofl... i have 3 pictures here that proofs to you guys that she does not have fake boobs... Dec. VS fashion show 07 riana%20lima/ g now here i guess she went and got a quick boob job before she's on next riana%20lima/ g this is a pic of her from 2004 riana%20lima/miami_store_signing_39.jpg so if what you guys think is true then she got a boob job in 04 then she got a reduction in 07 then got a quick one at the 07 VS FS lol you guys are what makes you guys such boob experts?

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    Can anyone of you people claiming that Adriana had a plastic surgery, tell exactly when this has happened? I hope you realize this surgery would take quite some time of hers modeling career. She cannot choose like, ok for 6 months till my scars dont fade Ill do only winter collections. There is one other thing, best pictures of her breasts are in Victorias lingerie, and she owes that unnatural position of her breasts to that same lingerie. That is a point of push-up bra commercials, and VS lingerie that is not for women with large breasts, but for ones with small too. Surely none of us can tell she have or have not taken the surgery, but the point is that if she took the surgery it hasnt been a massive change in her appearance. You try and find some pics of her nude from 2000 and pics of her nude in 2007 youll see the same chest. Not to mention that pics are edited dozens of times and she is in different positions. There are many explanations for these changes we see.

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    Mon Dec 31 2007

    omg u people are just jelous why are saying black is white this girl is way pretter than all you english girls (blonde with pale skin and blue fucking eyes ) now i have blue eyes but my point is brazilian europans are way pretter than british sorry but true happy new year: )

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    Sat Oct 20 2007

    Nice skin. She looks fantastic even without make-up.

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    Sat Aug 25 2007

    Yeah she's sexy, but Alessandra Ambrosio has her beat hands down.

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    Wed Jun 20 2007

    Tracy's photo blows this one away... [;^)

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    Wed Jun 20 2007

    shes ok definitely overrated as a model. she is a pretty girl but as far as a model goes she is very boring and always looks the same not a great model at all. her face is a buttchip she has little chin and big puffy cheeks no bone structure for a model. her eyes are about the only thing that make her. woowwww.sorry just having pretty eyes does not cut it for me. her teether are absolutely disgusting though! her breath looks like it would stink so bad...yellow crooked teeth..when did that define beauty?

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    Tue May 08 2007

    Beautiful eyes, & she's just gorgeous all around.

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    Sat May 05 2007

    I think adriana is gorgeous. I think she is the most gogeous girl in the world. Ine more thing is that for some strange sreason soem people say I LOOK a bit like her some where. But anyone all over I would give her 10 out of 10. She's just too gorgeous. I always tell my friends I don't like it when they say I look like this girl..or that girl.. but when they say adrianan I don't get pissed. I want to become a victoria's secret model and hope to meet her then.

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    Sun Apr 22 2007

    I can't understand why this model is so popular.  She has almost no chin and just one look:  squinty come-hither eyes with puffed out lips.

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    Tue Feb 27 2007

    ola Adrianna tenho visto voce na internet videos vejo algma diferenca nos seus peitos estao demais voce fez alguma operacao ? sara

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    Tue Jan 23 2007

    Adriana my name is Koba.i like you.:)) know you like everyone but like me no one. can we talk with phone or with internet?please send me something.

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    Tue Jan 09 2007

    Beau la tasha??? You mean her??? specific_attributes/gender/1102610_winter_elegance. php?id=1102610

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    Wed Dec 13 2006

    ADRIANA LIMA IS BEAUTIFUL. Also Her breats are real #1 Victoria's Secret does not allow models with fake breast. #2 With all the fancy push-up bra's these days you could make a womens breast look larger. #3 They sit completly natruelly. So shut the fuck up and leave her alone.

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    Tue Dec 05 2006


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    Sun Dec 03 2006

    Whoever wrote this is a total moron: "Adriana Lima doesn't have fake boobs ... Victoria's Secret DOES NOT ALLOW IT." HA! Adriana Lima has FAKE BOOBS, just like Heidi Klum and Giselle Bundchen. Bonus fact: Eva Longoria doesn't have fake boobs, she just pretends to have boobs by stuffing, so people are shocked when they see she is little ...

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    oky people are just jealous; andriana is gorgeous . yeah maybe she might have fake boobs or fake lipss or anything u ASSUME is fake; honestly shes the most beautifulest girl in the worldd no one can competee or be compared to her not even the othe rvictoria secret models not only is she beautiful in pictures but more beautiful in person; and yes i saw her=] lucky me. well adriana lima is GORGEOUS, end of story.

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    Sun Sep 10 2006

    i love adriana and if i had the chance would marry her ... i love u baby

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    Sat Sep 02 2006

    shes hotter than any of you will ever be.

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    Thu Aug 17 2006

    She doesn't do it for me. There's something weird about her eyes and her mouth has a slight overbite. Here is a picture of her before makeup and boob job. L055.jpg

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    Tue Aug 15 2006

    dont be assholes, look at more of her pics b4 jumpin to conclusions, shes beautiful, shes hotter than you shes a supermodel end of story thank you. if u dont have any positive things to say about adriana dont comment, shes hotter than your spouse

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    she is beautiful, i must say, but i'm just responding to nicoknows. you think that fourteen and fifteen year old girls have no boobs? I'm a fourteen year old girl, and i'll have you know i'm a size 32DD.

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    Sun Jun 18 2006

    A stunning woman, being a plastic surgeon myself, i would say that her breasts are natural, the first thing you would look for is the "mould", natural breasts flow into bras, bikinis (also have more bounce, watch some of her videos), where as fake breasts force the bra/bikini into position. 5/5 top woman.

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    Thu Apr 13 2006

    she is drop dead gorgeous, everybody who keeps going on about her breast is just jealous or blind. so what, she may have had a breast surgery that does not change the fact that she is perfect, even if she still had her little tiny boobs. okay everybody has their taste, but she is just something everybody loves, even her little vampire teeth... come on you guys, she is the prettiest woman on earth, after me ;)

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    Thu Mar 30 2006

    Wow, this girl is ugly, her eyes are gross, and she needs a rack like Pamela Anderson. I wouldnt sleep with her if she begged me. What a turn off on those Victorias Secrets commercials. Get her off the list.

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    Sun Jan 29 2006

    She's alright. You guys just have the jungle fever. I see better walking down the street. She has the face of a pitbull, and the picture is obviously photoshopped. My SISTER is hotter. You virgins need to stop making a big deal out of gorilla woman there. She ain't all that

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    Sat Jan 21 2006

    She have real breasts! believe me! thats the truth

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    Hallo????? That is Victoria´s Secret in this pictuere and so it´s normal that the boobs looks bigger! I saw Adriana on television (she gaves an interview) in a bikini and I cann guarantee you all, that her breasts are real! They saw not so big like in the VS-Wonderbras its just normal. And what is with photoshop???? you think ever abot this?!

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    Mon Dec 26 2005

    EVERYONE WHO THINKS ADRIANA LIMA HAS REAL BOOBS LOOK AT THIS...IM SURE U WILL CHANGE UR MIND port/adriana%20lima%2001.jpg and u mite now think how boobs like that could turn into boobs like these!! wimsuit065.jpg and a_nude_model/adriana_lima_pics_05.jpg BUT NO SHE HASNT HAD A BOOB JOB..HE BOOBS ARE JUST WAY BIGGER NOW, DIFFERENT SHAPE AND SOO UNREALISTICLY UPRIGHT AND PERFECT AND EVERYTHING they are fake now nico knows....what is your argument for that she wasnt 14 in those pictures nico..i think i win

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    Sun Dec 11 2005

    She was like 14 when she started modeling dude of course she's not gonna have boobs at 14 and 15.She was winning world competitions at 15. Adriana Lima doesn't have fake boobs Victoria's Secret DOES NOT ALLOW IT. But I guess you know everything matt. So everybody please put aside the facts and acknowledge that matt is an excellent judge of boobs, so what he says MUST be true. You dont know what your talking about dude.

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    Wed Dec 07 2005

    I think you all should read this brief article... New Victoria's Secret model ALESSANDRO AMBROSIO has a secret of her own - she underwent years of cosmetic surgery as a child to reduce the size of her "Dumbo ears." The Brazilian beauty admits she begged her parents to let her have her ears "fixed" after years of cruel taunts from schoolpals. She says, "When I was 11-years-old (there was) a plastic surgery guy in my town... and my parents agreed (for him) to do the surgery on me. "I had a big problem after that because my body rejected the stitch... For two years after school I had to go back to the doctor." Ambrosio admits the lengthy surgery put her off having work done on her chest when she became a Victoria's Secret model. She adds, "(I would like) to get maybe more boobs but, because of the bad experience that I had, (no way)."

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    Mon Nov 28 2005

    lets see what can i say bout adriana..she's hot you know great legs , nice face..ill go with fake breats i mean 'obviously' VS wouldnt want people to know that their models have fake breasts..cause we all know gisele's got them too..i mean who even gives a sh** but just saying you know.

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    Sat Nov 26 2005

    To put it simply Adriana has been "touched by the hand of God" not since Christy Turlington has there been such a heavenly creature embracing an eager audience

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    Wed Nov 16 2005

    adriana lima is the in the top 3 most beautiful women in the world (anlong with alessanra ambrosio and ana beatriz barros). Her eyes are crystal blue and she has a killer body. she is stunninly gorgeous!!! However, she DOES have fake boobs! i have seen pictures of her where she has small boobs...and sorry a girl that thin with tiny bones cannot have breats that big, and her boobs look totally fake as they are so up right with no push up bra. anyone who thinks her boobs are real needs an eye check..but anyone who cannot see her beauty doesnt deserve a say here. shes HOT

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    Thu Oct 27 2005

    The gratest brazilian girl!

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    SHE'S a model? You gotta be joking. She looks all freaky and uninspired in her photo.

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    Sat Oct 22 2005

    I like her Eyes. They are so clear. You fall in them. But i will never meet her... :(

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    Thu Oct 20 2005


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    Thu Oct 20 2005

    She looks frightening to me, but maybe the picture provided is not flattering.

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    Fri Oct 07 2005

    she is beautiful with nice structure and has a very sexy nature.

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    Tue Sep 06 2005

    Hi! Why Why Why you say that Adriana have Breast Implants?! If there are any arguments? No! Please look at the first pictures from her and you will see, that is no difference between her breasts. I mean, it is not bad to have breast implants but when anybody is perfect in nature why people must say Plastic surgery? were not all perfect but Adriana Lima is (he he) ;)

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    Mon Jun 27 2005

    she is the most exotic creature i've ever laid my eyes on. my god she is so gorgeous. but besides physical perfection, I've read that she opened up a orphanage in her native brazil. this is by far the sexiest and most respect worthy aspect of her. i love love love her...i know i sound psychotic but there's just some things in life i'm insanely passionate about and she happens to be one of them

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    Tue May 24 2005

    I love this girl!! She's drop dead gorgeous...if I were to turn lesbian it would be with her lol

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    Fri Apr 29 2005

    She's quite pretty. She'd almost be considered perfect if it were not for her vampiric teeth. Also the fact that she poses nude kind of turns me off from her.

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    Adriana and Beau-Latasha are a tie both of them are the most beautiful models both have killer eyes and bodies. Actually I have never seen woman as fine as these two, both are underrated if you ask me. Beau-Latasha's beauty is more over the top while Adriana's is common,, but they are both fine.

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    Mon Mar 21 2005

    Mamasita...What can I say... She's the most beautiful, flawless girl, with the personality and attitude I do not see in any other girl I've ever heard or known! I can only wish I could have a girlfriend like her.... Lima es por ti!!!!