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    Tue Aug 23 2011

    I have purchased Abercrombie clothing frequently in the past, however made my first online purchase 3 weeks ago. After paying $20 for shipping (more than most clothing companies), and then free shipping offers starting the next day for which they would not honor a price adjustment, my order never arrived! I emailed the company over the period of a week and their final (unhelpful) response was: "Thanks for emailing in about the status of your order. Your package was delivered on August 16, 2011. Unfortunately, we'll be unable to assist you further. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes." Seriously? I would not recommend ordering from this company.

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Is this the same store that fired a disabled employee because he/she didn't represent the companies "image"? Is this the same one that fired the Muslim girl because she wouldn't (couldn't) remove her religious headdress? Yeah, screw this store.

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    Sun Jul 24 2011

    When I went to an Abercrombie and Fitch store, I could tell I wouldn't be satisfied. The store had a strong amount of cologne wafting in the air, making the clothes smell like cologne, which doesn't match on women's clothing. I couldn't tell the difference between customer and employee in the store, since the employees all dressed in their own clothing. Plus the staff seemed to be very impatient and prejudice. There were pictures of kissing and half naked (well and a few that were naked but covered their privates) around the store which is NOT suitable for a child's eyes. The clothes do have a nice variety in sizes, but they were kinda slutty. I mean seriously, some of the lengths on the shorts are way to short. The clothes are way too over priced. I bought a plain tank top for $35 when there was one exactly the same at American Eagle priced at $15 store price. Unless you don't mind the picky details and are just all for the clothes, don't pick Abercrombie and Fitch as your number one ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 12 2011

    I've shopped at a Abercrombie & Fitch for a couple years now...I will probably stop once I graduate college just because it's not a brand marketed to people that are pass their twenties. I have a couple older family members who wear AnF and it just looks wierd...like they're trying to match with their daughter or something. But it's a free country so :) As stated before, the clearance or sale sections really are more suited to the quality then the full price clothes. Some of the clothes do have excellent quality, like the jeans or hoodies, but the t-shirts, skirts, tanks etc (those with thinner material) should be washed in the delicate cycle and hung dry (also the cardigans, I've had a couple rip in my drier even on the delicate cycle). I know a lot of people complain about the lighting and perfume, but I really like the atmosphere and how the clothes smell like the perfume. What I don't appreciate is how the employees are meant to be stuck up. I worked at Abercrombie for three... Read more

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    Fri Jun 03 2011

    a lot of people complain about this store for many reasons: too dark, too smelly, cocky staff, racy pictures on the wall. well really, I always see 12 year old girls in that store with their mothers, who complain about their "grotesque" pictures on the wall. really? this is a ADULT store. the targeted age range is 18-26. that's why they have a "kids" store. I have noticed that their staff seem over-confident and seem to have that "I'm better than you because I work at abercrombie betcchhh" attitude. again, really? Just because you work at A&F doesnt mean your the hottest thing on the planet. May I remind you that you fold clothes that people try on all day and stand around trying to look hot (its not working). You're not a star your working to pay for your work clothes. and I don't see anyone complaining about coach or express, or american apparell being "too expensive." so why is a 34$ shirt at abercrombie expensive, as opposed to a 50$ shirt at armani exchange? the music isn't... Read more

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    Sun May 22 2011

    The shirts are fine here- Hollister also. But what I dont get are the jeans. They are all low-rise. Like me and thousands of other teenage girls is that we are not fat, (really im not) its just my hips are curvy. The low rise jeans always fall down and even the belt doesnt help it. I wear their sweatpants during the winter and their skirts in the spring in summer. Last, In Abercrombie and Fitch- where the age range is usually 9 and up (while im 13, i dont mind) but there is naked teenage girls and boys all over the place! I hope this reveiw helps you! Emma

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    Sun Apr 10 2011

    "Hi! Welcome to Abercrombie and Fitch. Would you like a flashlight, earplugs and a gas mask? And how about paying $30 for this shirt that looks like every other shirt in our store?"

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    Sun Apr 10 2011

    I personally don't really like A&F. The clothes there are really nice! But....it's WAY too expensive. I mean, I can afford Hollister and Abercrombie kids, but when it comes to a&f, i just can't. I don't understand how a sweater at hollister is like 50 bucks, and a very similar sweater at A&F is like 20 dollars more expensive. Also the perfume there, it's wayyyyyyy too strong. I shop at Hollister all the time, and I love it there! Even though they spray perfume too, it's not ALL over the place on EVERY SINGLE SHIRT. But oh well, abercrombie and fitch is alright when it has sales

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    Sat Mar 05 2011

    Abercrombie and Fitch is a popular brand to the teenage guys and girls. Almost every mall in the states have this brand. A & F (short for abercrombie and fitch) is the “trend-setter” for teenagers. They sell almost everything, such as Flip Flops, Totes, Tops, Bottoms, Perfume, swimwear, scarves… I absolutely love their lay-back, and simple style. And I think girls (or guys) around 13-17 will like them. I think their clothes are very adorable, and sexy. Their signature styles plaid, and floral. And, personally, I love their totes! They are big, cute, and I love the fabric. A&F’s products are expensive comparing to its competiter, american eagle. Its price range is from about $20-$150. If you want to get a good bargain, you can go to their outlets or their big sale (christmas/4th of July). A&F’s outlets are awesome. They have amazing things with CHEAP price ($10). And their sales are usually super HUGE, like 20-50% off. (sometimes even more). However, you better go to their sales in the... Read more

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    Abercrombie, Hollister, and now Gilly Hicks, are almost the only stores my daughter will shop at. No, I'm not a rich person. My daughter knows going in that if it isnt on sale, she probably isn't getting it. So I don't spend anymore on a tshirt then if I bought it at Walmart. As for the lighting. It's not that bad. It's not like they make you shop in the dark. As for the smell, it's Abercrombie. They're kinda known for that particular smell. As for the emplyees, seriously people. Most of these kids are high school/college students working a part time job. How many younger people do you know that don't get offensive when they are being "told off" by anyone? Most of the time, the problem that you're complaining about is probably something that bothers them too. But they're like 20 yrs old. What do you expect them to do against the powers that be? And I guess if you're just not happy, then dont shop there. Good thing about a mall is there are plenty of other stores. Your child just wont l... Read more

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    I have worked for Abercrombie and Fitch for 2 years and as an employee and a shopper, I completely understand people's discontent with the store. First of all, the music is extremely loud which after working for an hour, gives me a headache on top of the pungent, strong cologne Fierce which sprays out every 30 minutes from an automatic dispenser. 2nd, the lighting isn't very good and it becomes a little difficult to see the size stickers. 3rd, it appears as if there's always a line-- whether it's for the fitting room, the cash register, or what. HOWEVER, these are corporate issues-- THEY are in charge of the settings for the perfume and cologne which are pre-set. Therefore, I am always annoyed when people are complaining about these things-- WE do not do it on purpose so you yelling at us isn't going to help, it just makes us hostile to helping you which would offend anyone. We are obviously bothered by the loud music and cologne, we just deal with it because it's our job. Also, the ... Read more

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    Wed Jan 12 2011

    I've read a lot of the reviews here and all are based on there point of view. Also, you have to take in consideration the fact that each store is located in different areas, so depending on who works there, thats how you'll be treated. Anyway, I live in NC and the Abrcrombie and Fitch I go to is amazing. Yeah, it's dim-lighted and has somewhat loud music and has a strong smell, but that doesn't make it a crappy store. Look at it this way, now you don't have to spend money on perfume.=) If you don't like it then don't go in. It's as simple as that. I've never had a bad experience. As for uniform and etc. of employees, how is it there fault they have to where all Abercrombie? They work in Abercrombie and Fitch for God's sake. What should they were, Aeropostale? Seriously. They have to advertise what they're selling. Employees here are very friendly. Not only anorexic or paper-thin people shop there. I'm a teen. 5'5 and trust me, Im not paper thin. I have a "body". Not just skin and bone... Read more

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    It’s time to stop shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch when… The kids you baby-sit for are wearing it Guys ask to see a driver’s license before they’ll ask you out Now you have boobs and their tank tops don’t fit you anymore You realize that they never really come out with new styles and that you’ve been buying the same v-neck sweater for 4 years You discover designer jeans and how much better they make your ass look You notice that even the models in their adds don’t wear these clothes You hate not being able to talk on your phone in the store because of the crazy loud, euro-trance music You realize that instead of looking cool you look insecure, because everyone knows how much you overpaid for a t-shirt made in a 3rd world country You notice that the people working there aren’t hot anymore

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    Today, I went shopping at 7 Burlington Gardens, London - the Abercrombie & Fitch-store. The store opens at 10AM, so I stood in line at 9.50AM, since I thought there might be some waiting in line. Yes there was a line, but everybody got inside, so don't waste your time by standing outside waiting before the store opens. BUT, when we passed the store today at 7PM, there was a line as long as there was one this morning, but now the store was full of people! So I suggest you go shopping at A&F in the morning! When we got there, two guys stood by the entrance and greeted us kindly. In front of the giant poster, there stood a man with an open shirt and a photographer. They kindly asked us if we wanted a picture. The store is full of models. It's a pity that they don't know their store. When you ask them: "Where can I find a hoodie with a zipper and the word 'Abercrombie' on the sleeve?", they tell you to go to another part of the store, where they tell you that it's sold out. The moose bar ... Read more

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    Fri Dec 24 2010

    Abercrombie is a good store. Anyone who says it is just for anorexic people you are totally wrong. Just because you cannot fit into their clothes doesn't. Mean others without an eating disorder can't. And $30 for a shirt is not bad. If u think that's expensive then just go to Walmart. By the way I definetly do not have an eating disorder and am 14 5 foot 6 and can wear an XS and 0. And they are not racist either. I have frineds who are African American or Asian or whtever and they are treated just the same as me and I. Am caucaisin with blonde hair. And if you don't like the store then why go?

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    So I walk into A&F one day just to browse. The assistant manager approaches me and asks if I am interested in working for A&F. He asked for my name and number so they could contact me for an interview. He then asked if I was interested in applying for the Manager in Training position, because he was impressed that I have a bachelor's degree and said that there was an open assistant manager position. I agreed to give him my contact info, and I get a call the next day to set up an interview. A week later, the interview. The interview was a complete joke. The manager came up to us, did not introduce himself, but instead said "read and sign this" and threw papers at us. Then we ventured out through the mall for the group interview, and he did not say ONE word to us the whole way. He asked worthless questions and was very, sharp, uninterested, and cocky during the interview. Needless to say I did not get a call from them and they did not hire me after making such a huge deal about my educa... Read more

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    Thu Dec 16 2010

    Abercrombie is horrible. First, their stores are so dark you can't even see the clothes your looking at. Also, the scent is so strong and it gives me a headache...and my friend even told me that she saw the emplyees spraying the clothes with perfume. Next, the music is wayyy tooo louddd!!!!! When I look at the clothes I'm like "Who the heck can fit into this!!!" and I dont try anything on because of that. Every single thing they sell has either "A+F" "Abercrombie" "Abercrombie + Fitch" The Moose Logo or something like one of those. Next, there are barely any workers there. I never see them walking around or helping people.

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    Tue Dec 14 2010

    December 11, 2010 As a concerned resident of (Yonkers, NY), I am writing about a problem of racial profiling. That occurred on December 11, 2010 at 6pm, while I was leaving your store Abercrombie fitch, at the Westchester mall store # 10527 one of your security officers stopped my husband & myself based solely on according to your store manager was suspicious activity First of he said it was store policy before anyone leaves the store, funny thing, as he attempted to GRAB the bag from my husband’s hand he asked did we have a receipt for the items we had. I asked him what the hell did he think was in my hand? All awhile a customer was walking right out the store; he did not ASK THAT CUSTOMER TO STOP!! BUT IT’S STORE POLICY??!!??? We had other bags as its is Christmas and that was not our first store, he then asked to see what was inside our other bag … as reluctant as my husband was he opened that bag as well, meanwhile a scene was being formed outside the store you not UNDERSTAN... Read more

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    Mon Dec 13 2010

    I've been shopping at A&F for years. while the prices are kinda rediculous the quality is actually pretty good. yes the store is loud and strongly scented but you could order online instead. their clothes are very cute and fit well (and i am not anorexic or paper thin.) btw.. to all the people who say A&F > Hollister or vice versa, they are made and owned by the same people. the clothes are exactly the same with a different theme and logo. i personally like both store but there is no differnce, they are owned by the exact same company.

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    Sat Nov 06 2010

    Vacationing in Alaska from Europe, we visited this store, having been loyal online customers for years... What happened is mindboggling. The storemanager did not take a liking to us when we commented upon his lack of servicemindedness and proceeded in verbally abusing us, using a colourful array of the f-word... even outside the store in the mall! Writing to A&F headoffice to complain generated no reponse... and when we emailed half a year later to their online customer service department, all we got was a worthless reaction using worn out clichés. In short: this is definately a store to avoid at all cost!

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    Abercrombie's clothes are really cute and fit well. However, they are bad quality... i have had several t-shirts that pilled and shrank when i washed them. The clothes are also overpriced for the quality of them. I also hate the store employees. They look angry and act like they are better than you. Also the store is so dark and the perfume scent is WAY too strong.

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    Mon Oct 25 2010

    Worst store on Earth, they charge too much, rude employees, horrible cliched clothing, horrible smell, music to give you a headache. These clothes are fine if you are under 18 but for those who are older shop at Macy's, JCPenney, Nordstrom or even Target. The clothes are better quality and a little cheaper.

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    Abercrombie and Fitch is a consumer's worst nightmare, but at the same time offers decent quality clothing. The reason why it is rated only a 3 is because of price. Don't automatically assume I am cheap and hate all "high end" brands, because I am a big designer brand shopper. The prices are not too expensive, but when comparing them to similar priced clothes, the result is laughable. An A&F polo will cost you 60 dollars. While the quality is decent, I could purchase a Jcrew, Lacoste, or Burberry Polo for just 20 dollars more - which is where my complaint comes in. JCrew, Lacoste, and Burberry are in an entirely different class than A&F when it comes to quality and prestige. It's just ludicrous to price a polo from a high school, misconceived brand, similar to a true high end brand. Don't get me wrong - the quality you get from A&F is acceptable, and is much better than American Eagle and Hollister. But it is not any where near as good as the true high end brands, which makes th... Read more

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    Mon Aug 02 2010

    Am I shopping right now or lost in a dark jungle? I often find myself asking this question every time I enter into any Abercrombie. It always surprised me to find that a retail store would literally shut themselves away from their customers with the heavy venetian blinds on many of their store fronts, forcing you to either enter the cave or not see any of their items.. And like many of the previous posters who commented on the customer service (or rather, lack of) I am in total agreeance. Approaching a sales person at Abercrombie reminds me of going to the dentist, except the dentist resembles an exasperated teenager with an attitude that consists of eye rolling and "you're such an inconvenience." For what its worth I think the clothing albeit overpriced is good quality. Although I still haven't decided if I like the fact that everything I purchase from there is drenched in their perfume and continues to smell of it even after days of sitting in the bag.. But, occasionally I will fin... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Abercrombie & Fitch is a great place to shop....if you don't mind tripping blindly through the store and inhaling perfume that could be categorized as a toxic fume later. Also, unless you've got your daddy's credit card, you basically find yourself heading straight for the clearance. I hate the fact that you go into one of these stores and there are probably only two workers, tops. It's always impossible to find them because they don't have a set uniform and are always gossiping with each other. Me: How do I know who works here? Friend: Look for a person dressed in all Abercrombie Me: *looks around* that's everybody in the freaking store Also, the NY Abercrombie is ridicules. Four stories? A jeans bar? Dressing Rooms with lines miles long? I don't think so.

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    Thu May 27 2010

    Have been in many many stores in USA and CAN. Really like much of the clothing, especially the womens T-shirts and sweat pants. However my experience at every store I have ever been in is that they have the very worst sales people working, or shall I say NOT working there. They do not offer help and even if you seek them out and ask for assistance you really don't get it. Last week shopping experience in the Toronto Eaton Centre store while in the change room the attendant suddenly, abruptly and loudly knocked on the door but never said anything. When I opened the door to inquire she had moved on to continue knocking on other doors and said she was just checking!!??? Her knock sounded angry and annoyed to say the least. And she certainly never indicated she was there to offer assistance if needed. I believe that Abercrombie must not have any type of sales person training or if they do they are lacking in that area. Enjoy the clothing there but dread the shopping experience and always c... Read more

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    Wed May 26 2010

    i come from a wealthy family in southern california and i hate the store..i hate how people think that its ok to spend that much money on a shirt that will fall apart in a day or two..okayy well maybe not a day but u get my point...if your going to spend that much on clothes make sure the value is worth it. dont just buy the clothes because ur friends wear it or u think thats how u fit in..thats not the way to go..also half the people below me say the same damn thing..."i love it....awesome..." blahh blahh blah...young girls see pictures of naked people and they think thats what modeling is about...modeling is about showing off clothes...that are nice and the way u present yourself allows people to see themselves wearing those clothes..i should no i am one!

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    Fri May 07 2010

    The Abercrombie and Fitch at my local mall has excellent service, and regularly turns over their merchandise. I have never had any problem with returns, even though the last item I returned had a hole in it. I explained to them I had worn it once to class, and it had ripped. They took it back with no questions for a full refund. The staff was polite, and honestly, the only problem I've had is that the perfume/music makes me dizzy. I also dislike the six items to a dressing room rule, but can see why it's implemented. That being said, I've always found the Abercrombie kids to be of a lower caliber.

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    Thu Apr 29 2010

    The WORST WORST experience i have ever had with any company, i ordered a pair of shorts online in stead received a mens polo and one of the two shorts i sent the mens polo back, never got refunded, instead they took the liberty to charge my account for the polo when the polo was never ordered in the first place! this sent my account into overdraft but of course that was not their problem. Then they credited me for the polo and claim that they already credited me for the shorts that i never received. I also ordered a pair of jeans when i received them i sent them back on my own dollar, and they still charged me shipping for it. All they want to do is rip you off as if you weren't being over charged for their shitty clothes!! Abercrombie is the worst store ever!!! worst customer service worst quality of store worse thing ever they are a piece of shit!!!

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    Fri Apr 09 2010

    perfection!...i only have 8 abercrombie clothes and I've been wearing it for at least 5 years now...and let me tell you...it still looks good after thousands of washing and drying...bottom line... quality...superb! if you think its expensive...well your right... it is :P

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    Abercrombie and Fitch is awesome. If you went into their stores you would see that there not racist, there clothes look good and have really good quality. If people in the u.s think that their clothes are exspensive then they should come to the u.k. If a hoody costs 80$ in the u.s it would cost £80 in england, which is about 140$. The U.K has their version of abercrombie called jack wills and compared to abercrombie its crap. Loads of my friends wear A&F and even some of my parents friends, so its not just for teenagers. I dont buy all my clothes from Abercrombie because you have to pay a lot ontop for postage and shipping but i do get alot

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    WORST Store Experience in my Life. As I was trying on a pair of Jeans inside one of the Stores. An Employee happened to knock on the door of the room I was Occupying. She obviously did Not hear me as I told her 3 times that someone was in there. To my surprise there was a couple standing outside of the room waiting, and Obviously they saw me too. The guy was just staring at me, I am surprised he told her to close to door. I was UNDRESSED, and she did not say sorry. She did not even bother to say sorry after I approached her after purchasing the item. I was in SHOCK, EMBARASSMENT, and ANGER. How can I get ahold of the big bosses they can all go to hell and that dumb employee too. How hard was it for her to look down and see my feet or my damn shadow. AAhhhhh so PISSED OFF. Would you like that to happen to you??!

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    Fri Mar 12 2010

    Abercrombie may be expensive, and I will not argue against that statement. But let's look at the main reason WHY it's expensive: The quality. Just touch one of Abercrombie's t-shirts, then go touch an Aero's t-shirt. You will see a significant difference in the quality. A&F's clothings are all really soft and supple, and it maintains that fantastic quality for quite a long time. I find myself that, whenever I wear a t-shirt from Abercrombie that I don't want to wear anything from Aero cause of this difference. Now, the best things about A&F is their sales. NEVER buy anything when it's not on sale; Abercrombie has frequent clearances, so make sure you check them out on a daily basis (I just bought a $70 hoodie at $25 at their "all red marks 50% off" sale.) If you get A&F for a cheap price, it's well worth the money.

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    They have some cute clothes but for those who say they buy for the quality are you blind? I just bought a new jacket their and the zipper already broke. The shirts are so thin and get holes in them easily. Plus the clothes are made in the same place as aeropostale or target. They just put their name on it and sell it for double.

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    I don't get why everyone complaning if you don't think the prices are good then dont pay, if you think theyr good then pay and stop bitchin about it. I like the store love the smell everyones reely friendly (the guy workers are hot;)) and the dimmed lights give the store a good atmosphere I ware a small but do agree that the sizes should be more sutible for a larger variety of people . And what's with the racism thing I'm Reading the comments and I'm like WTF! The store isn't at all racist

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    If you complain it's for anorexic people spend you time elsewhere. It's not nice judging people. Complain about the price? Then play smart. When there is a sale there is a sale, it's just a matter of looking for it. All my items were bought under twenty, and they all vary from polos, shirts (long to short), dress shirts, jackets, cardigans, etc. All of them are still in excellent quality even after 3 years for some of the older items. Whatever happened to buying stuff, because you like it? No I do not buy it, because I want to copy everyone else and be a walking billboard. I buy it for quality, pricing when I find a good deal, and maybe I just like the style.

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    My daughter likes the style but as a parent I feel the quality sucks, the sizes are all wrong, you must be anorexic to fit into their clothes, the material is paper thin just like Hollister which she also likes but less. Plus with all the perfume in the stores you nearly pass out or vomit before you can leave to get a breath of fresh air. It is hard to find quality at a decent price anymore...

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    Sun Nov 29 2009

    The reason why people complain about this store being to expensive is that they don't know when to go to A&F. Go during sales, or if you go and there is a shirt that is too expensive, look in the clearence. The shirts in clearence usually range from $11, to 20$, which is not that bad for a store that has great quality and service. Its not the store's fault.

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    Fri Nov 27 2009

    Music is so loud it is stupefying.

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    Sun Oct 04 2009

    Please! Just because there is a one inch moose logo does not mean it can be priced $50! I saw the exact same shirt without the logo for $20 cheaper. This is a middle school aged brand. High schoolers should not be wearing it

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    Their non-logoed stuff is cute, but their skirts are too short for my school's dress code and it's overpriced. It's the cutest of the faux-preppy brands, but not the most affordable.

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    Tue Aug 18 2009

    Abercrombie & Fitch is a cheap version of Hollister. It's a total wannabee store. Hollister has great smelling clothes, in style, etc. And idk the girl below me, because Hollister is more expensive. Abercrombie & Fitch is stupid. I rate it a 1, TERRIBLE. If I could, it would be -1. HOLLISTER FTW! Abercrombie & Fitch, I mean what up with the stupid name? Meh...

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    Wed Jul 15 2009

    I absolutely love it, most of their clothes are gorgeous. Yes the prices are up there but if you have the money for it, then that solves your problem. Also if you want more cut down prices, looks for the sales room, or go next door to Hollister, lol.

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    I don't see why everyone is freaking out about the prices. If you worked your way to the top, made your products with extremely fine quality, and had the reputation of a demigod, would you want people to be trying to tell you how you should sell your product and how much you should sell it for? Not only that, but most people are too impatient to look on CLEARANCE racks or on the CLEARANCE section online. 10-15 bucks for a shirt. I get $100 jeans for $30. Go to the store or online store, come back in a month or two, it's on clearance for 1/2 - 1/3 of the price, sometimes even more if you have a desperate store. A&F is dark, musical, and scented quite nicely because of ATMOSPHERE. No longer do you have to be stuck behind a grandmother with screaming grandchildren running amok while she spends her time sorting coupons for the teller. No longer do you have to have some fat smelly guy harass you while you're looking for a bra. A&F is an amazing store, I can honestly say I've ... Read more

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    Fri Jul 10 2009

    I only shop at this store because it has yet to come to Canada and I find the clothes to be extremely cute. Their sizing charts include sizes for anorexic people and majority of the clothes are tight-fitting, which I guess explains why it's a teenybopper-craze influenced store. Clothes are very thin and most of the time, of cheap quality; however, the material used to make the clothing is definitely not cheap (i.e, thread, cotton grade). Clothes are ridiculously overpriced. Store is a bit strange to me; the jeans are ripped, the walls are painted grey, photos are black and white, store colours are white, grey, dark blue, clothes give off an east coast vibe...and yet there's club/dance trance-y tunes on the store's playlist.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    abercrombie is an amazing store im 13 years old and im in the seventh grade i will say that i like hollister better but you know.. i dont just wear those clothes to fit in i wear them beccause there comftorable i do come from a place where people have a lot of money i wear vicorias secret.pac sun.wet seal.american eagle. sometimes i even by things from aeropostale i love to wear things like coach and douney and burke.rauplh lauren but the thing is.... I DONT WEAR THEM BECAUSE THERE POPULAR? i wear them because tahts what my family wants me to wear so shut up biotchess down there that think there so cool because ur not thnks! and by the way abercrombie reallly isnt that expensive i love the atmospher and the people the smell to ahh yea(: ok buhbi now

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    Wed May 27 2009

    yeah, their models are kinda...gay-ish. haa, their clothes are cute,though. but WAY out of the budget of the average american citizen.

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    Mon May 25 2009

    They are extremely overpriced. Also, they do not cater to people who aren't a size 00 pant and size XS top. I wear a size L shirt and a size 11 jean. They have some cute stuff, but since I am an average sized girl it won't fit me. It is strictly for high school aged teens. If you wear A&F into your adult years, it looks quite tacky.

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    Sun Feb 22 2009

    Abercrombie rocks any1 who doesnt lik it is never gonna hav a good rep it style. i undrestand if you cant afford it but it still rox who cares aboyt the loud music my 58 year old dad took my in there no problem so far i spent over 4000 there and im still no done!!!! and guess wat loc dog ur the gay 1 cus u think werin another name on ur shirt is gay well suck it gayness