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    Thu Jun 06 2013

    I don't know which is best,but I like dog very much.http://t.cn/zHp7Mza

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    Fri Mar 25 2011

    Cutting through the "scientific" garbage that Abady uses to promote his food, this stuff uses pork fat as a primary fat source, packed full of dangerous saturated fats. He then adds "beef meat and bone meal" which literally translates to slaughterhouse waste unfit for human consumption. And then "chicken by-product meal," which is similar scrap meat from chickens. My pets deserve better than wasteproduct, don't yours?

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    The only Abady dog product I have fed my 3 dogs over a period of time is the frozen fresh raw diet for stress and maintenance. With that product I have seen good results. Because of the results I have seen and the simple fact that I have no experience with the other Abady products, I give the raw frozen diet 4 stars.

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    Sun Jul 11 2010

    It is interesting that all the good reviews are from people who use Abady and nearly all of the negative reviews are from people that just read the label. I think I will listen to the people that use it.

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    Sat Dec 26 2009

    I have been feeding Abady Granular feeds to my Field Setter (which is btw a working gun dog) for about 7 years now. I go back and forth mostly between Classic or Basic Granular, but have also fed the Formula for Maintenance and Stress. I have never had any problems to speak of in regards to her health and nothing but positives to say about this company. It really is a great product and for those that feel it is terrible because they are squeamish about those ingredients, that is very unfortunate because it really makes dogs thrive to their fullest potential.

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    I would not feel comfortable feeding this food to many by-products and mixed quality ingredients.

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    Wed Aug 05 2009

    Having just said good bye to a nearly 19 year old JR that ate Abady M&S for 15 years, I can honestly say this food has no equal. During that time, she never had a hot spot, ear infection, rash, lameness, nothing. She ate 1/3rd of a cup every day for 15 years. I have a large breed dog now that I started on an Abady/Raw diet and now is totally on Abady M&S, 2.5 cups for a 95lb dog. People drawn into high end kibbles dont realize that even the better ones are mostly grain. Abady is 80% animal protein by weight. The proof is in the poop, because even with no fillers to form a hard stool. Abady clean-up is a breeze. You have tio give it a week though. I wish more pet foods would use pork fat because it has no equal. Most dont due to cost and consumer reaction. Sled dogs get bacon fat when they train. I have read some of the reviews below mentioning sub-par ingredients but those posts are from people that just read labels and The Whole Dog Journal. Abady is protein-packed and exactly w... Read more

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    Sun Mar 15 2009

    Thank you Dr. Abady. Your products are the BEST. I feed my Neopolitian Mastiff only your food. She went from a stinky, balding, itchy girl to a beautiful, beautiful Mastiff. Her coat is so shiny it is unbelievable. She was having quite a severe skin problem. Itching, pimples, and balding. After testing her skin and finding nothing the Vet said she had allergies. He suggested special testing, special vets etc. I called your company and not only was your staff helpful but after speaking with you I knew I had found the answer. She was cleared of all her peoblems in about a month. She is so beautiful people ask me how I do it, I tell them I don't her food does. I have recommened your foods to everyone I know. Thank you for being one of the good guys.

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    Sun Mar 15 2009

    Abady has been around for YEARS - widely used by the top dog show people (think Westminster.) Bob Abady basically introduced Bouvier des Flanders to the US after the war (as in WWII) His dogs were always in wonderful condition - on the muscle, great coats and full of energy. That was why so many show people went to using his food whwen he came out with it. Proof is in what the dogs on Abady have done. If you watched the Eukanuba Invitational Agility Championships from '08, then you saw a nearly 10 year giant-near giant breed dog running the course who was the first in her breed to qualify (after she had retired from the show ring having made it in to the top 10 of her group nationally with lots of BIS wins including the specialty and placing in the group at Westminster - 3rd dog of her breed to do so in 70 years and her mom, another Abady feed dog, was the 2nd to do and lived 2-3 years longer than normal for her breed.) I use Abady (Classic granular & New Frontier kibble) and C... Read more

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    I have sworn by this dog food for the past two years that I have been feeding it to my extremely healthy, extremely finicky maltese-poodle mix. Unfortunately, on three seperate occasions in the last year I have found foreign debris in the canned food, the last instance consisted of two 1/2 inch chunks of plastic. What's worse is that there is no recourse. I can't continue to feed this to my dog, because it's what is potentially in the food that I CAN'T see that really worries me. I may very well start making my own dog food, which is ultimately cheaper and healthier, just time-consuming. Sorry, Abady...but I think it's time to start paying greater attention to quality control - the price we pay for your food certainly justifies it.

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    Please tell me what Abady products you feed your dog. I would like to buy some, but I am confused. I don't understand the concept of granular. Do you mix it with canned? Do you all prefer granular to kibble? If you use granular, do you not use kibble?

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    Sun Mar 23 2008

    my dogs did so awesome on abady classic dogfood,soooo worth it!no other food-none until i tried abady sounds funny,but my bullmastiff at 6yrs.old-finally had normal,firm stools,amy mouser in n.andover,ma.

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    Mon Feb 18 2008

    i give abady the best rating it can get it has saved my bull mastiff's life at two years old he could no longer walk and the vet and i were considering putting him down just because he was suffering so badly. but before i did i searched the net and decided to try the abady. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Jake is now 4 years old and moves around like a puppy!!! Abady saved my dogs life

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    I went into a pet store recently to buy Innova. That is what I decided on. The salesman tried to talk me out of it and into buying Abady. I walked out with nothing. I will not go back in there. I am convinced he makes more on each bag he sells of Abady and really doesnt care about his customer needs. I did my research and read these reviews. If a dog was in the wild, ours are not, I dont thing they would eat the heads, beaks and feet first. I think they would eat that last out of just being hungry or just to eat. How do we know that they actually need these by products. I wont feed them to my dog, just like I dont eat red meat or go to fast food chains for me.

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    Wed Aug 29 2007

    I have been feeding my Golden Retriever Abady Grandular for 3 1/2 years since he was 2 months old beginning with Maintence and Stress and the for the past couple of years the Competition and Stress Formula. After reading a number of articles Dr. Abady wrote about Canine health and feeding, I couldn't in my right mind imagine feeding my pup anything but Abady. I even went so far as to call the company speaking to a wonderful gal who told me her parents had goldens and were so pleased with their coats and general health.I too have (or had) a vet that had never heard about this food, and she still doesn't after hearing about from me for three years and never doing any research on it. She's done!My Golden certainly does not have the "usual" Golden temperment or laid back demeanor. He is Highly energetic and crazy for the sports he competes in.  In Flyball, he's our start dog running a consistent 4.4 seconds, and he hold's the current Top Nationally ranked Golden Retirever in  Dockdogs. I t... Read more

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    Sun Aug 26 2007

    I've been feeding my Bouvier Abady since he was one year old. I switched him off of Nutro, which was a disaster for my guy -- lots of indigestible matter and frequent stomach/bowel issues. I switched him to the Abady fresh frozen product, then the Abady NPF. There is simply nothing better. My dog has tons of energy, a beautiful coat, large size with zero hip problems and I'm convinced I've added many good years to his life (and consequently our family's life!). I can't imagine feeding him anything else and am shocked by some of the negative comments on this board. I simply do not believe they are legitimate; they must be ill-informed or purposely biased. I would never feed my dog anything other than Abady.

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    Thu Aug 16 2007

    I have been feeding Abady since the dog food scare back in April. I have to say honestly my dogs look great!My 5 year old black and tan coonhounds health has improved. Proir to Abady I was feeding Natural Life which contains beet pulp and Ruby had an off and on problem with colitus which required expensive vet trips and x-rays. Since she has been on New York natural and canned beef muscle she is fine, no more vet trips, her coat is great and she has lost that pouchy stomach and fatty tumors and the occasional cyst. Abady is excellent!

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    Thu Jul 26 2007

    Um..these are the ingredients in the Toy dog/puppy formula straight from the website: Poultry By-Product Meal (**protein content is inconsistent**), Menhaden Fish Meal, Pre-gelantinized Corn Meal (**A fancy way of just saying corn meal...they are all pre-gelatinized or they wouldn't be edible**), Beef Fat, Ground Kibbled Corn (**hmm..splitting? Guess this food has more corn than necessary**), Meat Meal (**What type of meat?? Beef, chicken, Fluffy??**), Cold Pressed Safflower Oil, Lamb and Mutton Fat, Flaxseed Oil, Undefatted Beef Liver, Salt, Egg Albumen, Dehydrated Carrots, Wheat Germ Oil, Torula Yeast, Menhaden Fish Fat, plus essential vitamins and mimerals.  I have NO idea how or why they can charge such outrageous prices for ingredients that are found in grocery-store brand dog foods.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    I am a professional dog trainer and handler and have been involved with working dogs for nearly 30 years. I currently own a gun dog importing/breeding and training business. I handled Police Dogs for over a decade. All of my dogs have been fed Abady granular foods for the past 20 years. All of my dogs, including the 86 lb. Police Dog, worked well into their teens. I can also say that I can't remember the last time I had to take one of my dogs to the vet for anything more than a check up or treatment of an injury. My bitches bounce back from pregnancies very quickly. My litters are always very plump and healthy and develop appropriately. I have never had a puppy develop hip or joint problems. I have personally witnessed the turn around a dog takes when I import it and then put it on Abady food. In my experience dogs usually show great improvement in coat and muscle tone within a few as 8 weeks on Abady food. I am lucky enough to live in the area where Mr. Abady makes his food. I can te... Read more

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    Wed May 30 2007

    I started feeding my healthy 6 yr old Springer, Abady Basic, in early April '07. I had just copped a serious attitude toward Nurto & Petco, after they "rewarded" a "free gift" of 3 cans of tainted wet canned food, to anyone who purchased a 35lb bag of Nutro Ultra dry dog food. Prior to that day, I had never fed wet/canned food of any kind. I had been buying Nutro Ultra for 3-4 yrs, and thought I was really doing right by dog. He loved eating Nutro Ultra, and always had a decent looking coat and loads of energy. The small, firm stool was a bonus since it was easier to pick-up the yard. The only oddity I found when he was on this food was that he would occasionally lick his right hind leg until a hotspot resulted. This started approx 1.5 yrs ago, and intermittently appeared thereafter. Following several vet visits (4 different opinions over a 9 mo period), it was thought that it must be a stinger/sliver or some other foreign object in there that occasionally caused irritation. Since ther... Read more

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    Sat May 26 2007

    This dog food is awesome!  My 2 German shepherds have been on Abady now for 2 1/2 mos.  My 9 year old female has never looked or felt better.  She literally looks like a plush dog and plays with our 11 month old pup as if she were a pup again!  My 11 month old male had all sorts of skin/coat/intestinal/anal itching and autoimmune problems.  He has been a nightmare!  He was on Diamond dog food when I got him from the breeder at 9 weeks.  I changed him to Eukanuba large breed puppy and then to Blue Buffalo lamb & rice puppy thinking I was doing better by him each "upgrade".  These dog foods are full of fiber and only made him worse!  After 2 regular vets, one specialist and vet bills galore; a dog trainer and holistic vet finally led me to Abady!  Since feeding Abady, my pup is slowly getting better all the time.  This is the first time I've rated a product and it's because I feel so strongly about it!

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    Thu May 24 2007

    I recently started my 14 year-old Plott Hound mix on Abady kibble (a mix of the All-star and New Frontier) and like another reviewer said, it "gave me my friend back." His long-time problem with loose stools - gone. Also, after just a couple weeks he has regained strength in his formerly-wobbly back legs. He is playing and climbing on the couch again, where he used to just stand and whine. It may not be the right food for every dog, but it is for mine, and I highly recommend it for any medium or larger naturally muscular breeds. Just mix it in GRADUALLY!

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    Sun May 20 2007

    May as well feed ol'roy based on ingredients, it's cheaper.

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    Fri May 18 2007

    When looking over the many formulas I was appauled at how bad the toy dog formulas were. Poultry By-Products, Lard, and Meat Meal. Yuck! First off, they are not specifying the type of poultry that they put in the food. Yes, they say it is turkey and chicken, but why don't they put that on the bag? Second, By-products are NOT organ meat, no matter how much you want to believe that it is, its not. If by-products were organ meat they would be allowed to state it on the label. Read a Nature's Variety Raw Pet Food or Dry food Label. They state Turkey Live, Turkey Heart, etc. That is great for dogs, by-products (the beaks, feet, and brains) are not! Lard is extremely high in saturated fat and extremely low in linolic acid. There is such a thing as too much fat and especially in little dogs, the high amounts of fat can lead to many problems including obesity, bloating, and even pacreatitus.One of the worst ingredients in the food is the Meal Meal. What meat?!? Whenever a company does not stat... Read more

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    Fri May 18 2007

    I own a holistic Pet shop (www.njpetshop.com) and have been selling Abady products for years. I'll be very honest with everyone. If someone showed me an ingredient list from Abady, and I didn't know it was Abady, I would be hesitant to use it. In fact, I would not use it. But, the fact that it is Abady is all I need to know. It is the only food I sell that no dogs or cats have had any reactions or issues eating it. It is the best performing food I sell. Most people don't realize how essential by-products and Fat (lard) is for carnivores. I see Lard on a label and my first thought is "Thank God", someone knows what they are doing. I sell some of the best dry, canned and Raw foods in the country. And, if I am ever in doubt about what food to suggest, I always direct people to Abady. Mr. Abady is the only source I feel completely comfortable taking advide from. All these other jokers want to talk about all the vegetables and fiber that dogs and cats need. Those are the foods ... Read more

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    Fri Apr 27 2007

    Man I have to say WOW! My old dog or should I say best friend is 10 years old now and father time has been picking on him. He has hip dysplegia, cataracts, 3 teeth, frequent seizures, and a prolapsed rectum. A friend of mine heard about Abady feed and It has been fantastic. after just 3 months feeding it Ol Buster is bouncing around like a 9 month old puppy. Thanks Abady for giving my friend back.

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    Wed Apr 04 2007

    Our dogs have done really well on Abady granular formulas. It costs us the same as a premium dog food per month. We know this because we have one dog who we did a food trial on and had him on a venison formula for a couple months. Turns out not to be a food allergy. We feed our dogs only dog food and a couple small home made salmon based bog bones for a treat. As far as chicken feet and heads (beaks are mostly still connected to the heads in by-products) they are a good source of nutrients for animals. We live in a world where most of us have not grown and cleaned our own food animals and only know them as neatly packaged chunks of flesh. There is a whole lot of animal left after the "good" stuff is removed. Why waste parts of an animal that was killed because we humans in our Western culture find it yucky? There are tons of people who enjoy eating chicken feet, pork feet, intestines, kidneys, brains, mammary secretions of many different species, eyes and other parts of an animal. So i... Read more

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    Sun Apr 01 2007

    This food is GREAT. I've used Classic, Basic, and High Stress (all granular products). Cleared up my GSD's allergies, firmed up his stool, made his stool stop stinking-to-high-heaven, stopped his itching, made his coat soft and glossy and stop falling out, etc. And my Ridgebacks are healthy as can be on Abady - nearly 6 years of NO Vet visits for health reasons. The problems people have described in comments here (people who have actually USED the product) sound like they OVER FED the product and/or switched to Abady directly w/o a transition from their previous food. With the granular product, you only need to feed 1/2 - 2/3 as much as commercial kibbles, but humans have a hard time doing that, so they feed the same amount as what they had been feeding of commercial kibble. As a result, it is too much high quality food and naturally the dogs' systems are going to have a hard time with that (resulting in loose stools, upset stomachs, and as the one person noted, gaining weight)... Read more

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    The window malfunctions and left this off:Glad to know that puppylover8 has far more expertise than vets who have been practicing over 40 years and laugh at anyone thinking a dog will have a heart attack from cholesterol..Also glad to know that she knows more about nutrition for high performance than a vet who actively competes in dog sledding  and is one of the few vets qualified to and who does work the Iditarod race. (Go look it up – it is only about 1000 miles with a dog sled in the dead of winter.)    The dog sled race vet calls Abady superb and an excellent choice for a performance dog.Too much information and too little knowledge from someone who is a wanna-be who is NOT a qualified vet.By the way, you did NOT describe cholesterol problems in dogs with a heart attack from cholesterol buildup - you described muscle failure and valve failure which are stryctural defects.When a dog eats fresh kill and they eat an animal, they eat the FAT on the animal as well as the muscle.  Lard i... Read more

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    Tue Feb 13 2007

    I think there are some huge misconceptions about this food. First of all, the granular product is awesome! I have two GSD's who are thriving on this food. I have never seen results like this before in other "super ultra premium" brands, but I will not bad mouth other companies, that is not the purpose. I had no problem with the customer service at Abady-quick, get to the point and honest with all of my questions. First off the granular product is not processed like kibble at high heat to produce a pellet. Instead Abady chooses to process each ingredient separately, those ingredients like rice that need to be cooked at high heat to be digestible for the animal are done so, and those ingredients that are not required to be processed with such high temperatures like meat are processed at temperatures that perserve its integrity without destroying many of the nutrients. All of the ingredients are then mixed into a granular form together including vitamins without being compromised. As far ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 12 2007

    I have 2 Malamutes who have been on abadys for 3 years now...and I think its the best food. My dogs love it! As a pup, my male mal was eating other foods(and i went through plenty)which he would eat and eat and eat and he had diarrhea terribly ....until someone suggested the abadys granular.It was great. He not only cut down on his eating...he finally seemed full after he ate and his stool was back to normal. Now he is 3 and still on abadys. I now feed him allstar and both my mals are doing great!!!! I want to add: my male mal is 130 pounds. he LOVES food. people think it costs a fortune to feed him, but really iput out about 3 cups of kibble and 2 cans of abadysfor both my mals. the female isn't a big eater(shes 75 lbs). i keep his dog food bowl full (they usually have to work up an appetite). it really isn't that expensive when you figure 2 dogs eating it. A 20 pound bag usually lasts me atleast a month(for 2 dogs). my neighbor feeds her dog some brand from supermarket and spends a ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    My dog has been eating Abady for the past seven years and has been extremely healthy. As a 10-year old she is more vibrant than most dogs half her age that are her size. I am not sure of why people are so down on this food since there are numerous versions of the food, some without any of the corn and other garbage. I tried many of the other foods, such as Solid Gold, and either my dog didn't like them or in the case of Solid Gold the supply chain was suspect and I could not depend on distributors. What I can say for certain is that my dog acts like she is just out of puppyhood and is ten, and I have had no vet bills outside the normal vaccinations required in her entire life. If someone gave me a good reason to switch at this point I would entertain the prospect, but the label on the bag I buy of the Abady doesn't show the same horror story as has been reported here by others.

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    Mon Jul 17 2006

    Abady is not a quality food for many of the reasons jlphilli states. My recommendation to those of you who feed this brand is to learn more by reading an excellent book on the industry titled: Food Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin. Another resource for information on the top brands of foods is Whole Dog Journal. Annually (January and February) they review an extensive brand list of kibble, canned and raw foods. WDJ is also an outstanding monthly quide to natural dog care and training. Foods I recommend are Nature's Variety, Solid Gold, Natura (California Natural and Evo) and Timber Wolf Organics. Although I read this evening but have yet to confirm that Timber Wolf was recently purchased by Diamond Pet Foods which is another questionable manufacturer like Abady. For those of you who are interested in exploring pet nutrtion further, read the book: K9 Kitchen Your Dog's Diet: The Truth Behind The Hype by Monical Segal. Monica is a well respected and very knowledgeable nutritionist in Ca... Read more

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    Fri May 26 2006

    MVJ- my dogs fell ill to this food because of the poultry by-product. (Poultry - not knowing whether chicken or turkey) They all got salmonella. It was the only food that they were eating. No treats, bones etc. they didn't get into anything inside or outside, it was middle of winter. All 3 were diagnosed and I paid for 3 separate tests. I did not want to believe it could've been Abady, because I fell into the trap of believing everything he says, and thinking all these other nutritionists, vets, dog food companies were wrong and he was right. No, there was no chance of side effects switch to the food, I had already used 1 small box, opened my second box of it, and then this began, I even called and told them repeatedly that the food smelled funny and something seemed wrong, they told me it was the fish in the food, and I questioned why I never smelled this before. I had ordered 2 small boxes, so for the sake of it I opened the next box to see if that one smelled funny and it did.I... Read more

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    Tue May 23 2006

    I havent tried them and I wont. There is no such thing as an artificial stool hardener this is a marketing gimmick and the rest of the world refers to this as fiber. This company likes to advertise many scare tactics and twist information to sell their products IMO and therefore I will *not* support this behavior by purchasing any Abady products. I would caution anyone looking to purchase anything to be leery of any company that writes such inflammatory, extreme adds and articles that the rest of the scientific community do not support. Oh...and dogs have also bloated on Abady foods just an FYI. ****add on**** What is it with many people who feed this food being so very rude to others? The food may not swell but IMO many of the people who feed it to their pets have their heads swell. Feeding Abady does not make someone a better pet owner or more intelligent..... FYI NOTHING digests fiber, fiber is not meant to be digested, it IS undigestable that is it's purpose ~~ roughage.

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    Sun May 21 2006

    I have just started feeding my dog Abady canned food after a strong recommendation. He has elevated liver enzymes and i want to improve his diet. However, now I am really concerned at the extremes I am reading about here. This is either the BEST or the WORST food out there. My question is, why the controversy? My dog seems fine after a week of mixing Abady with his old kibble.

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    Wed May 17 2006

    For those whose dogs fell ill after Abady, did your Vet tell you which particular ingredient caused it? Was the "bacterial infection" really caused by Abady or is it the side effects of recovering due to the switch? No point yelling at how rude the customer service is etc...Would you refuse a doctor to operate on you even though he is the only doctor who can save your life, just because his hospital has poor customer service & the doctor is a rude man (but who will save you)? I was 1st introduced to Abady by a passionate owner of a pet shop & who has a few dogs. In fact I asked her about it when I heard her talking to another lady about Abady in her shop. There was abosolutely no hard selling or signs of ignorance. She would even be cutting into her profits if all her customers buys Abady Products after hearing her explanation about the advantages. But her stand had been it is the only dog food that is really good for the dog & its up to me to decide. She would'nt mind if her profits w... Read more

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    Fri May 12 2006

    This stuff is really bad, my dog became sick after 2 weeks with Abady!

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    Fri Mar 03 2006

    Abady is a great food. The granular is one and only food we can find. I'm one person who doesn't believe in giving dogs vegetables, oatmeal, etc. They are just fibre and junk to dogs. Herbs are good but not as a daily feed. My dogs are active and energetic. Both have excellent muscle mass, strong and sturdy. Only by giving Abady, I can see such results. I'm sure there are other good food out there but never the same. Once you start on Abady, you stop looking elsewhere.

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    Fri Feb 10 2006

    Abady is amazing! I read the material and was intrigued, but not Sold. I figure "the proof is in the pudding". I started my dog on it almost five years ago. She was five, her fur was coarse, and she had a horrid infestation of fleas. At the time, I fed her "premium" foods from the specialty pet store. Within a month after switching to Abady, her fur was as soft as a puppy's and glossy. Her muscles became really well defined. And, the fleas left! Parasites won't bother with healthy animals. In all the literature, Abady does not claim that their food rids dogs of fleas or parasites. I'm impressed that they don't just go spouting off "success stories" to prove that it works; rather, they cite research. Nonetheless, my Coalie is a Success Story, and I've proven to myself and my friend that it really works. She really does eat half as much Abady vs. any other food I've tried, so my dollar goes twice as far. I could have written off the literature as jargon or hearsay or "snak... Read more

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    Thu Feb 09 2006

    i have read the ingrediants and byproduct is the worst thing you can give a dog as is corn ...dogs cannot digest corn or corn meal...i suggest you try natures valley raw instinct..it is a much better quality food....

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    Wed Jan 25 2006

    To MyDogIsAwesome If you think I'm full of.... well you should've seen what came out of my dog's on this food. You sound a lot like someone from the company, their customer service is rude too. Mr. Abady told me he'd help me and to only ask for him, when I called withi the stool issue, he wouldn't even come to the phone! Reputation speaks for itself. BY THE WAY FOUL LANGUAGE IS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS - SHAME ON YOU! well,I tried to use this food. Canned , kibble and granular. Granular being the worst! I strongly caution anyone using this food. My dogs became extremely ill after eating it and now are on medication to try to get better, awaiting test results. Serious bacterial infection. I was told that this was "the best food" well it is awful, customer service and Abady himself are rude and won't come to the phone and answer any questions, now I have sick animals from this so called "best food". Now this so called " best" is the WORST and has made them ill. The food is over pri... Read more

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    Abady dog food is simply the best available commercial dog food (only freshly prepared beats it). I've been using Abady for 7 years. My Mastiff is lean, ripped and a BOOMING statement of exceptional health. I switched to Abady from the breeders' recommendation after speaking to another breeder whose Danes' life span increased an average of 3 years after using Abady. I couldn't help but notice the moronic posts from tootsie28 and um, jlphilli. YES, Abady contains by-products. That's the point, kids! Organ meat is an excellent source of a wide array of vitamins and minderals (Yo, jlphilli, ijit, humans pay a fortune for fish fat I.E. OMEGA 3, DUH!!! Yo, jlphilli, ijit, egg albumen IS pure protein. Yo, jlphilli, ijit,undefatted beef liver is a gold mine of iron and other minerals,,,, I could go on and on). Muscle meat alone is CANNOT provide the wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals. The grains used in Abady are specifically chosen NOT to absorb water and cause bloat and torsion, which i... Read more

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    Thu Dec 29 2005

    I think Abady Dog Food is the best there is. I have tried everything. I don't think they use extreme marketing ploys, they barely advertise at all! I think everything they say is true. After all my research, I think Abady has the best ingredients, mostly meat. My dogs do better on it than anything else by far I have used. I don't want my dogs eating beet pulp and oatmeal.

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    Fri Dec 09 2005

    They say they use Beef Parts? What parts are they using? Anus? Would feel better if they used just the meat.

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    Mon Nov 28 2005

    I have been rasing my German Shepherd on Abady and could not be happier with his growth! It exceedes all other commercial dog foods that I have tried. He has shown incredible SLOW development which is extremely important with breeds such as the GSD. He is now one year old and becoming very well defined muscularly. He has amazing energy and is the star puppy with his Schutzhund training. I wouldnt feed him anything else!

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    Mon Nov 14 2005

    i love abady and so does my great dane who had demodex mange and on all the "premium" food he never looked healthy until abady and wow what a difference in his health and appearance he is very healthy looking his coat shines like white satin its amazing the results in my dog all his hair has grown back and he is muscular now and he is still growing so i cant wait until he is done growing to see how he looks on this great food thanks robert abady in producing such a GREAT food !!!

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    Tue Nov 08 2005

    My dogs, cats, and ferrets love abady! They have never been so healthy! Thier coats are all glossy and sattiny and wonderful to pet. My vet bills are lower and my pets all have more energy! My german shepard had so many allergies and horrid skin and fur. After a month of feeding Abady there was a significant improvement in his allergies and skin. Now I can not believe what he used to have to go through! Thank you Abady