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    Sat Sep 26 2009

    They were making 7Up thirty-two years before the Coca-Cola company started making Sprite. 7Up is just as good as sprite. I like 7Up some but lemon-lime sodas aren't my favorite. I prefer Coke. I give 7Up a 3 star rating.

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    I like it when I'm sick.

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    7up is what sprite was before sprite was sprite. Got that? The tastes are somewhat similar, but I do think that sprite is a bit sweeter. I too, prefer sprite, but this is an acceptable alternative.

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    Fri Jun 05 2009

    IF you're looking for a great drink with no caffeine, this will take its place.

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    Tue Jun 02 2009

    7 Up is an excellent alternative to cola. It is a lemon lime, sweet, clear beverage. It compliments most foods. It truly is amazing.

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    Tue Dec 09 2008

    Great stuff!  Better than Sprite!!

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    I like this a lot more than sprite. Real lemony taste. No bad aftertaste.

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    Sun Jul 20 2008

    This is worser than Sirrea Mist. I love Sprite for awhile.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Good for an upset stomach, also makes a great mixer for booze and good for making fruit punch too.

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    Mon May 21 2007

    Aspartame is toxic. Look up the studies not funded by the FDA.(members of the FDA soon after left to work for the company that manufacturs it, conflict of interest anyone?). I was thrilled to discover Diet 7-up was using Splenda instead.Finaley a choice, Hurray! Not for long, the so called "new formula" is back to using aspartame. Wow am I disapointed. Not to mention it tastes like crap!

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    Mon May 07 2007

    Nothing special, but it's always drinkable. But I do think it was better before they changed the formula. But apparently some people like the new formula better, because I was at my parents house a few months ago and my Mom was talking about how great the new 7-Up was.

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    Wed Mar 21 2007

    The new formula (post-20060 is awful.  I've started an online petition to ask that the company change it back. Won't you please sign it?  Let's not let them pull a "New Coke" on us!http://www.gopetition.com/online/11564.html

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    Sun Jan 21 2007

    Let sprite be sprite and serria mist be serria mist I liked 7-up because it didn't taste like them now the new stuff with the extra lime (Which is gross) SUCKS!!!!!@!

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    Mon Jun 19 2006

    I don't drink soda much, but 7Up seems to be a refreshing change.

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    Fri May 19 2006

    Maybe it is just me, but whenever I drink a tall glass of 7UP with ice in it, I imagine I am drinking from a beautiful, pure, rock spring (which, instead of naturally producing water, produces a carbonated beverage, I suppose). 7UP will always stand above Sprite in my imagination, the latter being a little to blatant in its corn-syrupy-ness and absent of the pure flavor of 7UP. I would have a hard time rating 7UP beside Sierra Mist, however, because I find them to be very similar in all respects.

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    Wed May 17 2006

    I only get 7UP when Sprite isn't on sale. It's pretty good, but not as good as Sprite.

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    Tue Apr 25 2006

    7up is one of my 2 favorite sodas. The other is Sprite.

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    Fri Mar 31 2006

    I agree with the poster that said 7-Up now tastes like Sprite. Not a good thing-Sprite is too sweet for me. 7-Up was crisp: Crisp, clean and no caffeine (haaa haaaa haaa haaa)

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    Sat Mar 04 2006

    The taste of 7-UP is still crisp, clean and refreshing. Why doesn't the slogan appear on the bottle?

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    It is clear and refreshing but I don't think it holds up well in plastic, great in glass as is all soda.

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    Total crap. Do you know that they changed their original formula to taste more like Sprite? Yep, they did. That's all Pepsi co. is good at...Copying Coca Cola.

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    Thu Jul 28 2005

    These comments will not contain any humor.Question: What in the world happened to the original diet 7 up? For year I've been a loyal customer, but after purchasing 2 - l2 pack cartons of the NEW 7up with Splenda I could not wait to inform you how bad it really is. So much so, I became nauseous.My diet requires me to have diet soft drinks. This latest receipe will not do it for me.It was purchased at Jewel (Harlem & Foster in Chgo). I returned it with my comments and with the hope the original taste will once more return. If not - you've lost me.

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    Mon Feb 21 2005

    taste is ok if you like clear colas

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    Fri Jan 07 2005

    Good, but I like Sprite a little more.

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    Wed Nov 17 2004

    Much better than Sprite. Crisper and not as sweet.

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    Thu Aug 12 2004

    7-Up is good, I'll drink it especially when I have the stomach flu. I do like Sprite better because it has a more fresh taste. The taste seems to be lacking a little in 7-Up, but it is still good.

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    Thu Jul 15 2004

    Not nearly as good as mountain dew.

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    Tue May 11 2004

    7-Up is ok. I like Sprite a lot better, though.

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    Wed Apr 28 2004

    Damn! Someone stole what I was gonna write! Well since I can't put their slogan, I 'll say this: This stuff rocks! I love it!

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    Mon Apr 26 2004

    Crisp and refreshing...taste is a little lacking, but overall a good soda.

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    Bland and substandard version of Sprite. Hit and miss.

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    Make 7- UP YOURS!!!!

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    Mon Mar 29 2004

    i love this stuff about as much as i love sprite. there both alot alike. very refreshing

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    Sun Mar 28 2004

    This stuff puts sprite to shame like none other. Very crisp, light taste and made with actual natural lemon and lime. It isn't heavy and syurpy like other lemon limes, cherry 7up is also excellent.

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    Tue Feb 10 2004

    Not as good as Sprite....

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    Mon Feb 09 2004

    7UP is by far the best pop. Caffeine free, and tastes great!

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    Tue Dec 30 2003

    Not bad, but Sprite's better.

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    Mon Dec 08 2003

    Not that great. It loses its fizz fast and tastes a little too much like lime; not enough lemon. dNL is good though

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    Wed Aug 20 2003

    With a taste of 7-UP You know that you've been kist, Not like the sickly-sweet They call Sierra Mist. >:)

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    Thu Aug 14 2003

    This will always be the best out of the lemon lime soft drinks. It tastes so great when it is ice cold and it is really hot outside. I love this stuff ! Cherry 7-Up is good, too. And not only that, but 7-Up has been known to get rid of a stomach ache occasionally. Just a wonderful all American tradition ! I recommend this soft drink to everyone !

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    Thu Aug 14 2003

    Make 7-up yours.

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    Tue Jul 22 2003

    Sprites better

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    Sun Jun 22 2003

    I think 7up and Sprite taste about the same. However, I prefer 7up, because they have funny commercials. Make 7up yours!

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    Thu Apr 24 2003

    Much better Ad campaign than a soft drink. . .but it isn't bad. Not my first choice.

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    Wed Apr 23 2003

    It's pretty good. However, it just doesn't have the crisp taste that Sprite has. it's better than Siera Mist know. I bet Pepsi will not see any big increase dumping 7-Up and replacing it with that. It's not even sold in any of the grocery stores I've been in.

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    Fri Jan 10 2003

    7-Up is too much like Alka Seltzer.

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    Sat Nov 30 2002

    Much better than Sprite. Cleaner tasting and not so syrupy sweet.

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    Wed Nov 21 2001

    7-UP, SPRITE, AND SIERRA MIST. What is the difference? They all have the same lemon- line tasre, and the same chemicals. But one is a pepsi product, and two are a coke product. Sprite I think, is the best of the three.

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    Thu Oct 11 2001

    I dont like ti that much but it is better than sprite.

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    Fri May 18 2001

    Pepsi is to Coke the same as 7-up is to Sprite--it's basically the same drink, but one's a little better than the other, and in this case, the better drink is Sprite. 7-up seems a bit more bland to me in flavor, but the real turnoff to 7-up is that I find, despite one reviewer said, that 7-up, not Sprite, has the weird aftertaste.