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Marketing Letter 5

A marketing letter should be no more than two pages long and ideally should be just one page, therefore, it is important to get your message across quickly and succinctly. Potential customers don't want to read waffle about all sorts of things, get to the point quickly so as to grab and hold their attention, leaving them in doubt as to what your letter is about.

There are a number of things you can do to make your marketing letter stand out;
• Include your company logo. This helps the customer remember you and identify with your brand.
• Make your opening sentence a winner! This is where you gain the reader's attention and encourage them to read on.
• Keep the message simple but clear.
• Write your letter in a way that can be understood by all but is professional and exudes quality.
• Avoid using jargon.
• Outline briefly in your marketing letter what the benefits are to the customer. This demonstrates to them that you are customer focussed and thinking about them, not what is in it for you. What can you offer them, not what can they offer you.
• Personalise your letter. Obviously you can't write to each person by name, but can write your marketing letter in a style that makes the reader feel like you are talking to them on a one to one basis.
• Include testimonials in your letter. Customers like to hear from other satisfied customers. Just a note of caution - be sure to get agreement from individuals or companies before you include them.

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