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Watermelon is a fruit and plant of a vine-like (climber and trailer) herb originally from southern Africa and one of the most common type of melon .


Watermelon 3

Watermelon or cantaloupe plant and fruit spherical or oval shape of the color varies from green to yellow to white, and belongs to the Cucurbitaceae species, a sugary taste and smell Zakia. There are several types of melons, including cantaloupe and cantaloupe.
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Plant Description [edit]
Herbaceous plant around the scientific name (in Latin: Cucumis melo). Its roots in a long distance, and be a yellow flowers appear between the months of May / May and September / September Fruit spherical to oval, and its skin vary from class to another (smooth or rough). The fruit pulp is yellow to orange, a sweet taste, and mediates white fruit seeds. Watermelon is a yellowish color and shape long called Mongoose watermelon.
Production [edit]

Watermelon in the wholesale market in Tunis
Global production of watermelon with 26.7 million tons estimated. The most important producing countries are: China, which produces its own 51.4% of the global production rate, and Turkey and the United States, Spain, Romania, Iran, India; as we find it among the Arab countries Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Morocco and Algeria.
A production rate per hectare: 211 quintals, but it varies from one country to another with a 333 quintals per hectare in the Netherlands, and 346 quintals in the United Arab Emirates.
It is one of the export crops in Egypt due to be grown in large areas.
Photo gallery [edit]



Watermelon is the heart of Orange


Watermelon with yellow pulp


Watermelon Persian models


Watermelon green crust with white pulp


Watermelon is a white pulp


Melon seeds


Watermelon in the wholesale market in Tunis

The benefits of watermelon [edit]
Cleaning the kidneys:
Because of watermelon contain a lot of potassium and water, it works on kidney cleansing of toxic sediments has generating characteristics of Paul.
Green watermelon contains antioxidant called lycopene numerous studies have demonstrated its ability to reduce the risk of prostate and colon cancer.
Watermelon contains a lot of carotenoids that turn inside the human body into vitamin A, which has a great potential in eye protection from diseases.

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