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Coca-Cola has been produced since 1886, and is the most recognized brand in the world with distribution in nearly 200 countries.


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Arab logo.
Arab logo.
The original Coca-Cola logo.
The original Coca-Cola logo.

Connecting bottles «Coca-Cola» Paljaad stubble in Fez where contaminated prevent vehicles from entering
Coca-Cola (in English: Coca-Cola) moisturizer drink known in America as "Cook" (in English: Coke). It is water, carbon him any added carbon dioxide with sweeteners (sugar or Aspartame) and substance or flavor cola, caffeine and other additives. John Stith Pemberton invented (in English: John Stith Pemberton) in 1886. There is a similar drink and another competitor known as the Pepsi-Cola (in English: Pepsi-Cola).
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Initially [edit]

Declaration of Coca-Cola back to about 1890 AD

Coca-Cola Canada Limited mobilize factory January 8, 1941. Montreal, Canada.
In May 8, 1886 enables US pharmacist named John Stith Pemberton, who owned a pharmacy "Jacobs" in Atlanta, Georgia, from the installation of an alternative to alcohol product through the addition of carbon dioxide to the water with sweeteners (sugar or aspartame) and the article "coke" extracted from paper cocaine and flavor "cola" derived from the seeds of the cola plant that contains caffeine, and reach a production of the drink known today as the "Coca-Cola", the drink is sold in its first year in the pharmacy under the name "fountain soda syrup" as a kind of drug that strengthens the nerves and relieves from head pain and helps digestion process where there was a belief common in that period in the United States that the sparkling waters beneficial to health, as well as to be considered a refreshing beverage and savory.
Outside the United States [edit]

Colacola Arab tray.
In 1900 were marketed Kokkola for the first time outside the United States after Charles Candler visit to Britain, and has the first sale of a drink in London on August 31, 1909, then Coca-Cola arrived in Canada, Honolulu and Mexico did not invalidate the year 1916 until they were sold in Cuba, Jamaica, Germany, Puerto Rico and France.
In Arab countries [edit]
The first factory to fill Coca-Cola in the Middle East was in Egypt was established in 1944 in the Dokki district of Giza.
Since Khmsnaat the twentieth century was in Riyadh plant produces Coca-Cola drink par excellence, as Coca-Cola produced for a long time in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia under the name of «Coca-Cola»
The Coca-Cola plant in Iraq is located in the capital Baghdad at the beginning of Sheikh Omar Street (attributed to Omar Suhrawardi) was characterized by extensive glass facade that reveals the lab and Mkainh.
Effects [edit]
Coca-Cola and other similar products contain large amounts of sugar, excessive sugar intake is one of the factors contributing to the development of certain types of diabetes. Sugar mainly contribute to tooth decay. Van Carbonation in Coca-Cola, as well as some of the most moisturizers prevents calcium, and can lead to osteoporosis

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