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Former First Lady and Senator from New York. A candidate for President in 2008.


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In a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2010

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu 0.2010
Hillary Clinton (October 26, 1947 -), State of the United States from January 20, the Minister of 2009 until February 1, 2013. The most prominent Democratic candidates for the US presidential elections in 2008, but it announced its withdrawal in front of her rival Barack Obama after competitions garrison led to sent fear into those in charge of the party Democratic dissent because obviously left by this competition between party supporters. It was accepted by the senator from New York from January 3, 2001. Prior to that was the First Lady of the United States after her husband, Bill Clinton became the second president Forty of the United States of America.
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Her life [edit]
I was born to a conservative family in the state of Illinois, and her father encouraged her to develop itself, regardless of being a female, where she participated in the electoral campaign in favor of the Republican Party since her childhood. Gradual transformation began in her political opinions to liberalism after her meeting with Martin Luther King in 1962 where I started interested in civil rights in the United States.
During her studies at Yale University Law he left Republicans and has worked as a consultant for the poor. I met at the university on Bill Clinton in 1971 and participated together in a campaign to Democratic candidates. [1]
Her political career [edit]
I began to engage in politics very early and since he was 13 years old when I participated in the election campaign for the Republicans in 1960. In 1971, she met Bill Clinton and worked with him in the following year in advertising Democratic presidential candidate Gore Makjvern. In 1974, a researcher involved in the investigation of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.
In 1993 and reached the White House, the first arrival of her husband Bill Clinton to the presidency as a lady. And it came under heavy Dgoz after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The time has been accused of sterility and they did it to serve future political goals.
She ran for the presidential elections to the US in 2016
Political views [edit]
Rejected the Iraq war, and said that if she won the post of President Vstzhb Americans did all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also in favor of Israel, said in an election rally during the election campaign that it will be erased Iran off the map if I thought about attacking Israel [2], as it believes that Iran is a bad state and publish terrorism, and emphasized that if she won the election will prevent all of Iran's nuclear attempts.
Secretary of state in the Obama administration [edit]
In December 1, 2008 President-elect Barack Obama announced the appointment Minister of Foreign Affairs in the new US administration, which begins on January 20, 2009. [3]
Personal life [edit]
Bill Clinton got married and single girl is Chelsea Clinton and they have.
Works [edit]
Hard choices issued at June 10, 2014.
Sources [edit]
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