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DONT BUY A FOXRIDGE HOME! I give them one star for their sales team and the fake concern demonstrated by Chris, the Project Manager, during the build process. After 30 days though, you can forget about any type of customer service or concern for warranty repairs. These houses are not cheap, but they are BUILT VERY CHEAPLY with sub-par craftsmenship. I have so many problems with this house that my dream home is now a night mare. What's worse, all of my neighbors are experiencing the same kinds of problems. So much so that we will be filing a class action lawsuit. Problems range from cracks in the foundation from one side of the house to the other, stress cracks in upgraded cabinetry, severe grading issues where water puddles between houses with no where to drain, leaking roofs, cracking walls, trim coming apart from the walls, leaking showers causing wood rot and mold, etc.

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