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MySpace combines aspects of social networking and blogging. MySpace also aggregates thousands of band profiles and streams music. MySpace is one of the highest traficked Web sites in the world.


MySpace 4

I saw a meme the other day with a picture of Tom that said, "Sadly, there are people on the Internet who won't know the significance of this picture soon." Tom was everyone's first friend in Social Media. And MySpace was a great community for connecting with people outside your physical radius, bragging about your friend count and even connecting with celebrities online.

Once Facebook opened its proverbial doors to non .edu members, MySpace started its long walk down a short plank in terms of social popularity and use (at least here in the United States), but still, I give MySpace 4 stars because it was my entrée into not only Social Media, but also into webpage design and code manipulation. MySpace allowed you to explore people and things beyond your normal reach and showcase yourself through the style and design of your profile. People were very creative too. MySpace boosted the creation of Internet Generators for all sorts of stickers and gifs and code snippets and music players, etc. Now, it seems to be more heavily geared toward artists and musicians, and though I haven't logged in for well-over a decade, MySpace will always hold a very dear place in my heart for all it was and wasn't.

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