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Located in the northeastern United States, Massachusetts covers approximately 7,826 sq. miles. Massachusetts is nicknamed the "Bay State" for its many bays along the Atlantic coast, including Cape Cod Bay. The capital of Massachusetts is Boston.


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On the surface it appears that people who move to Massachusetts are the majority who complain about it. I spent my childhood and some of my adult years in eastern Massachusetts and I would join with the transplants. Some natives love to say things like "don't let the door hit your ass on the way out" in response to people saying they want to leave Massachusetts. I have come here to say that the transplants are not wrong. Many of the natives are not aware of something very bad that is happening which is not directly impacting them ... yet.

Boston's local economy is driven by three sectors: (1) state and local government, (2) healthcare and (3) education. The education sector is huge and represents the bulk of the economy of Boston proper. The education sector is in a bubble. The colleges and universities need to recruit many new students to support the nearly insatiable growth of their salaries, benefits and other costs. This recruitment need drives the schools to misrepresent life in Massachusetts to prospective students. Subsequently these students turned transplants have a valid reason to complain. They were lied to by the schools who only cared about increasing their tuition and room & board revenue. The business of a university is to make money for the faculty and staff. Let's face facts, if the schools were honest about the day to day life in Massachusetts would young people come here? Many other reviewers have hit upon the very real negative aspects of Massachusetts 1990-present. I will not rehash those specifics in this review.

Six out of the ten states with the highest median ages in the entire nation are the six New England states which includes Massachusetts. Think about that for a minute. Despite convincing thousands of college students to come here, Massachusetts still has one of the oldest populations in the entire nation. It seems like most of the college students choose not to stay in Massachusetts.

The schools in Massachusetts commit state sanctioned fraud. This happens because the state is dependent on getting uninformed, young people to move here in order to bilk them of their income and savings. Massachusetts is no different than people who live off credit, you know the ones, people who have lots of nice things that were all purchased on credit cards. In addition to the education bubble, Massachusetts is also subject to the healthcare bubble. The state does not produce very much. Remember the three sectors I mentioned above? They are all economic sectors that primarily survive by taking wealth from the citizens. The current economic standing of Massachusetts is derived from these education and healthcare bubbles. Massachusetts is not strong or robust but it does seem to manage to maintain that facade as people are paid handsomely to defend that facade.

If the flow of students into the state dried up, Massachusetts would suffer a local economic crash worse than the housing crash of 2008 that impacted the nation. Things are not always the way they seem, think about it.

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