reviewed by lastova54 is a Web site that allows you to upload art and apply it to merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, and gear. Contributors of the art and designs earn royalties on sales.


Zazzle 5

I love the selection that I have to choose from when picking designs that I want on Clothing, bumper stickers, etc. I love the option for the different types of shirts, specifically I love there's an option to buy an American made shirt!! I love the colors that you guys offer, as it's more than just black, white, navy, you get the idea. I will be purchasing from here again I love that the people who make designs are just individuals and that they get paid royalties on their design. I love to support small time, local people instead of big box stores. Zazzle offers the convenience of big box store prices at your own home with the variety you'd expect to find shopping online. Yet it maintains the feel of a boutique.

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