Wichita, KS

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Wichita, Kansas (360, 715) was founded by the Wichita Indians in 1863, and was then incorporated into Kansas in 1870. Wichita is called the Air Capital because the city is a major aircraft-manufacturing ...
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Wichita, KS 5

This is my hometown and while no one side of the town N.E.S.W. is ever seen by anyone passing through, put them all together and you will never run out of things to do. West side Apartments are both less nice and more expensive, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. But East side, specifically Rock Road, has all the class-A restaurants anyway. That is, unless you go SO far West or East that you're almost in Maize or Andover. Those places are wichita area, NOT quote unquote "Metro Wichita". No such designation exists here. If the city was all that I knew of this place, I'd never have moved away. But as I said I'm from here, which means there's personal junk attached to it as well. But seriously, Old town itself is a pub crawl hot spot. And any high school other than East high is a pretty good bet for students-children.

I'll leave looking up where all of this stuff is to whomever may actually be interested enough to check google maps. but seriously, Public high schools here are pretty good and there are plenty of options for middle and elementary. And if and when I DO go back, Sim park by the art museum and old town will be my first stops.

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