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Alamo 5

Ever since I watched Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, where a fortune teller told Pee Wee that his bike was in the basement and he made the trip only to discover the Alamo does not have a basement, I have had a minor fascination with this place. It did not disappoint. I will however say that the main building - the one you see on the postcards and in the picture above - is very small; maybe 1000 square feet. The outside area larger, maybe the equivalent of 1.5 city blocks. Such history here in such a small place; I was also surprised that it is located right downtown. I had always pictured it being in a field somewhere.

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Chalky commented 485 days ago.
It's amazing that probably 90% of people who grew up in our era associate the Alamo w/Pee-wee. I hope the guy gets some kind of royalties from Texas. Imagine if you worked there? I bet the basement is an hourly question.

minkey commented 485 days ago.
Lol I was really thinking about asking that but, I just couldn't. I tried to get my girlfriend who has a Russian accent but even she couldn't. He must have brought a lot of people to the Alamo when that first came out so he really should have received some royalties. Oddly enough I didn't see any tours going on; there were audio tours but I expected a bubbly brunette with a thick Texan bell accent to tell us her favorite facts.
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