Middle Tennessee Flooring

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Middle Tennessee Flooring 5

There are alot of disgruntled competitors out there than put bogus reviews to try to hurt the few good people that are out there. I have personally bought over 20,000 sq ft of flooring from this gentleman myself over the last 5 or 6 years and everything that he has sold me is exactly as he told me it was! I will tell you this, you will not find better quality of Laminate Flooring at the same price as you buy from this gentleman anywhere. I own 78 rental properties so I have shopped everywhere. If you noticed this same reviewer post 3 bogus reviews in 2 days. People you have to realize that if you are buying B Grade Flooring it will have some defects in it. This place in Lavergne is the only place that I will buy Laminate Flooring!!!

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