Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery

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Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery provides cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery. We specialize in rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) and revision rhinoplasty. We also perform facelifts, ...
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Pearson Facial Plastic Surgery 5

I've seen Dr. Pearson for a couple different issues. The first was involving sinus problems. He checked everything out, identified the problem and explained my options with great honesty re: the pros & cons. I really appreciate that he didn't pressure me into a procedure. The next issue I started having was repeated strep & tonsillitis. Again, he presented me with my options and spent sufficient time making sure he understood the issues. After much observation and several tests we decided tonsillectomy was a good option. He prepared me for what to expect very well. He works with a wonderful surgery center. The entire process wasn't unpleasant at all. Dr. Pearson is an IDEAL medical professional and such a talented, thorough doctor & surgeon. If I ever decide to have cosmetic work done I'm calling him!

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