The people of Iraq believe they are better off now than before the war...

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The people of Iraq believe they are better off now than before the war... 2

Yes, I'm sure the people of Iraq believe that. . .

Their nation was destroyed; water, electricity, health care networks rendered useless, oil contracts privatized, an upsurge in ethnic and religious violence. And now Islamist terrorists are being funded and armed by Qatar with the purpose of destabilizing Iraq even further, all with the purpose of stopping the construction of a pipeline linking Syria to Iran via. Iraq.

Geopolitical maneuvering and pipeline politics has a lot to do with the recent upsurge in violence, and Iraq, already weakened by years of war, is caught in between. The country of Qatar (backed by British and French money and a supporter of Wahhabi causes) wants exclusive access to new natural gas fields in the Persian Gulf; their goal is to sell that fuel to energy-starved Western European markets. Iran, which has access to their own new energy finds, also wants to sell fuel to those markets; accordingly, they want to build a pipeline through Iraq & Syria to the Mediterranean. The Qatari's figure that destabilizing Syria and Iraq (with NATO's help) will yield a more acquiescent government that will block the pipeline from being built, thus allowing Qatar to become a major regional power.

The US and Western European nations are allied with Sunni Qatar, while Russia and China are backing the Iranian/Iraqi/Syrian Shi'ite governments. Money makes for interesting bedfellows.

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FranksWildYears commented 27 days ago.
So 23,000 killed in the last 5 years and by a rough estimate twice that many maimed and injured. Does this represent an improvement or a deterioration of daily life in Iraq compared to the unacceptably brutal regime that had to be ousted?

abichara commented 27 days ago.
No one exactly considers Saddam Hussein a model for good governance, but this war made a bad situation worse. Even from a realpolitik standpoint, we ended up at a disadvantage, all while increasing instability in the region.
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