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Ghosts 3

I recall only seeing one ghost in my entire lifetime. I never really pay attention to ghosts because there could be ghosts walking around. We do not have that perception to see them. The only thing close to ghosts that I can think of is demons. Demons are definitely real they have been around since after the fall of the Garden of Eden. Never was there a time when I read anything about spirits in the Bible. I do recall reading how Christ exorcised demons out of a man and cast those demons into a filthy herd of swine nearby. The swine jump into water nearby drowning themselves.

In other cultures as well demons are called Djinn, Baba Yaga, Werewolves, Vampires, Elves, Lyres etc. In each culture there are always at least a few creatures in their mythology/legends that were pure evil and did evil unto innocent people. The only thing causing evil would be demons and not ghosts. I understand others may have a different viewpoint on this, and that is okay we are all entitled to our opinions. We all have different belief systems as well.

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