Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System

reviewed by cyclee

Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System It seems that every morning you wake up, your baby's grown another inch and gained another pound. Clothes that fit this week won't fit the next, ...
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Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System 5

Large basket, cup holders for both adults and children, easy enough to maneuver, convenience of fitting the car seat onto the stroller, the seat has quite a few incline positions including laying down completely flat, the shade is also of sufficient size. This stroller is everything I need without the added weight and bulk. The best thing of all features, however, is it enable you to make a show to friends on the ease of folding and unfolding, which earns me a woo or wow - every time.

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Chalky commented 58 days ago.
Do you ever get the 'woo' and the 'wow?' Good to see you here, Cyclee. Hope you're doing good!

cyclee commented 58 days ago.
Hey Chalky, I've missed you :) Sorry for disappearing for over a year. Apparently, time flied by faster than I expected. I'm doing perfectly well, how about yourself?

And yes, I get woos and wows a lot lately though for various other reasons :)

Chalky commented 58 days ago.
I'm doing fine. It's good to hear from you :) Going by the baby reviews, congratulations!! Glad things are going good. Things are pretty good w/me...just enjoying the summer. RIA has had many ups and downs lately in terms of errors. It's dwindling down here, but I still enjoy typing up some stuff now and again.....and some of the regulars still show up, which is good.

cyclee commented 58 days ago.
Thank you Chalky, never thought I'd be in this position some day but here I am. I'm glad you're doing well and is still around. Seriously, you guys are the only reason why I'm back. I guess I missed the ups and downs but I hope things are good now and more people will show up in the future. It's a fun place to party isn't it.

Chalky commented 58 days ago.
Thanks Cyclee. All RIA needs is a mini-fridge, and we're good to go.
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