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Kia Store East 1

Warning!! Please dont let them take advantage of you as they did me and the person I am with who is now deployed. They work in pressure sales as I am sure u can tell by ads they put out! They worked us like taking candy from a baby and after reassuring us we could return the car they then lied and pushed through the paperwork before we could do anything to stop it! They are not to be trusted with ur business! I even had voicemails from the GM saying "oh come back we will talk and keep our word" yet when we arrive he explains he pushed the title through already and it was too late! They are dirty and unless u know what ur doing they like to take advantage of people. .we sadly where easy prey . .told us one thing did another. .even the finace company was willing to void the loan but Kia saw $$ signs and took us to the cleaners!! If u step on this lot god help you as they try to fast talk and swindle u into a contract and lie then top top it the GM if u try in fix this will pull u to his office and tell you "well no one held a gun to ur head!" huh? what? really? Rude, dishonest, and bullies. .be extremely careful my friend!!

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