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Unfinished Furniture Expo 1

Owner Mark Rees is rude, dishonest and disrespectful. I ordered a chest online and then realized the measurements wouldnt work for my space. I called to cancel less than 8 hours later, and was told it had already shipped. We were able to compromise that I would pay to ship it back and pay for his shipping to me (even though he had offered free shipping at the time of purchase and I did not initially pay for his shipping) but he agreed to waive the restock fee. Then, I check the tracking information and find out that it was never picked up for shipment. He assured me that it was, and that he had Fed Ex tracing it. I called Fed ex to verify and was told that no trace or investigation had been requested. I asked for the contact information for the fed ex people he was working with and he refused to give it to me. He called me accusatory, and said that life was too short to deal with "my kind". Sorry, but I paid him over $300 and had nothing to show for it. I was just suppose to believe that he shipped it, when I had proof that he didnt. I had to open a pay pal claim and am still waiting to get my money back. Do not buy from this business!

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