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In all fairness I've never been to this church but my rating is for women preachers. If this church has a woman Pastor whose accused of being critical in other comments she must know there are others critical of women Pastors. There are Christians who believe that the Old and New Testament requires women to keep quiet in the church and never rule over men. I think that text is misinterpreted because women had a role in Jesus ministry when he was on earth. This was revolutionary and unheard of at the time. There is a verse in Galatians chapter three verse twenty eight that said: "There is no Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Choosing a Pastor and church is a matter of prayerful personal preference. Like ones style of church music, some church goers like traditional choirs, other like contemporary Christian bands. It's ones personal choice and we have freedom of religion if you live in the USA.

Where I draw the line in the sand is when there's obvious spiritual abuse and abuse of authority, like scaring the poor by quoting the Malachi chapter three verse nine verse. That curse was said to another nation, under a different covenant with God, in the Old Testament. Christians are in a New Covenant and New Testament. When the majority of Christians figure out that Jesus took the curse for them according to Galatians chapter three verse thirteen and Colossians chapter two verse fourteen and blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against them (Old Covenant laws and curses) nailing it to his cross for those in him, they will stop buying into the fear mongering and manipulative tactics of tithe advocates. Pastors who do this should not try to declare curses over Christians that Christ redeemed from the curse for money when they are poor and barely scraping by. This is Spiritual abuse of the worst kind. Not saying this lady preacher does this but just saying there's enough of this going around! I remember when I was a struggling college kid there were times when I went without food and money for my books. The church should help, not hurt the poor and scare them half to death with a curse that God never meant for those Jesus has redeemed from the curse. Who wants to go to church to be beat down and cursed with a misquoted curse over their lives. This is a misrepresentation of the loving nature of Jesus who said paid in full, not I'm worst than the Repo Man ready to devour all your stuff if you don't give me ten percent on every dollar. Back to women Pastors, that's not my thing but I have no problems with those that prefer going to a church with a female Pastor when there is a husband wife team.

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