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This cult is ran by a egotistical man who seeks to use religion to control his adherents. 'Pastor James Thorsten' has even disregarded the laws of man as he has not reported criminal activity to the proper authority's. Instead, there is a continuous cover up which is aided by the escape from reason that has permeated this congregation.

This church focuses on the outward manifestations of individuals to define their standing before God. There is a constant pressure to conform to the evolving theology of one man. All others must fall in line or be out of Gods will.

This organization has also supported the scandalous television preachers/ prophets that have shamed evangelical Christianity. Benny Hinn, John Bevere, Juanita Bynmun, Kim Clement, Clarice Fluett and Ken Copeland are a few of these heretics.

Timothy tells of the qualifications for church leadership. One important reality is the conduct of a Pastors family. The family of this pastor is not in order and yet he seeks to control the family's of others. This has resulted in broken families, bitterness, divorce and oppression.

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Enoughofthat commented 210 days ago.
(Edited 210 days ago)
You might want to check out my comment on the topic on here based on the book "Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, Recognizing and Escaping Spiritual Manipulation and False Spiritual Authority Within the Church." I don't know Carice Fluett but I've heard of the others.

The problem with many pew sitting church goers is they fail to realize Jesus said go and be a light and a help to hurting people, not sit on a pew and eye gaze at some flawed person and lift them up as if they are gods. Church leaders should not be treated like gods. The bibles say they should be great servants not kings sitting on a throne controlling every aspect of the pew sitters life. They should trust God to enlighten the pew sitter on how to he or she is supposed to live without trying to become the god over their lives and wallets.

Is Prophetess Juanita Bynum back on the scenes? Haven't seen much of her since her divorce from her abusive Bishop husband beat her up in a parking lot of some hotel they were at. TBN followers made this woman out of some kind of goddess prophet. Too bad she could not foretell the future that her husband was going to slap her around and they'd divorce for him to promptly marry someone else. So-called Prophetess Bynum was a good money raiser for TBN though!

Rateriverside commented 210 days ago.
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Rateriverside commented 210 days ago.
Checked out your comment on spiritual manipulation. Very good stuff! The following link is fairly interesting as well. http://thegospelcoalition.org/mobile/article/trevin wax/when-you-should-not-submit
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