Bank Of America Stadium

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Bank Of America Stadium 2

Anyone else find it very ironic that the Democrats are holding their national convention at BANK OF AMERICA stadium? I know BoA practically runs Charlotte, but it's an odd choice of venue for them.

But then again, the financial services crowd still has control of both political parties, contrary to any propaganda the Dem's will give you about re-regulating Wall Street, which Dodd-Frank hardly did.

Of course, the purpose of both political parties in this country is to play the working and middle classes up against each other. In terms of mass politics, the Republicans (represented by petit bourgeois small business owners and management) are pitted against the Democrats (represented by the laborer class). The creditor/corporatist class, which overlaps both parties, hedges their bets between both and plays them against each other. They stay out of intramural politics for the most part.

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