Camp Barney Medintz

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Camp Barney Medintz 1

Camp Barney Mednitz is a disaster. It is all about getting as many campers that pay full tuition and the cheapest help to take care of them. Jim Mittenthal is one of the worst examples for a leader that I have ever witnessed. He places counselors in cabins with little or no training regardless of the needs of the camper. Barney is a disaster waiting to happen. I will never forgive myself for entrusting my children to this Director. He speaks a good game like he cares about your kids but plays favorites and could care less about your kid. I f your kid is his favorite then there is a good chance they will have fun and be safe. If your kid or your kid's counselor is not on his favorite list then watch out!!!!The Executive leadership will back up anything Mittenthal does as he is a producer financially for the MJCCA.

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