Mclavy Limited Mens Clothng

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Mclavy Limited Mens Clothng 5

The Alexander brothers combine to make an atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Patrick, the younger, has a fine eye for bow ties and socks. While Andrew, the older, not much of a scholar, delves himself into the wonders of the finer things such as "lodge lemonade" and McClavy family politics. I would not trust John Woodard with a tape measure, but by damn, he could sell me snow in Alaska. Frank's veteran knowledge from Nam really brings the place alive on camo day, and his old man remarks are sure to brighten anyone's day. I do not shop anywhere else.

-Mantis Tobagon

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mantistobogan commented 436 days ago.
My only negative comment is the inability to find 30 dollar socks at Mclavys
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