Nadya Suleman (Octuplets' Mom)

reviewed by HenryTudor

Nadya Suleman, 33, has been lambasted by talk-show hosts, fertility experts, even her own mother, who has her hands full taking care of Suleman's other children, ages 2 to 7. She is requesting $2 million for the rights to her story. Is she an example of maternal love, or someone primarily looking for media attention and big payoffs?


Nadya Suleman (Octuplets' Mom) 2

No kidding that self-absorbed wench wanted media attention and the big payoff. I am not surprised that she is resorting to porn after the money from her sugar daddies(Dr Drew) dried up. There is some bizarre curiosity to see how her stretched vagina looks like. I bet there are four more babies up there.

I won’t be surprised if she does blowjobs next. After all, she is Kim Kardashian in disguise and according to Bill Clinton-“Oral sex is not real sex.”

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