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It was okay The technician, Pat, was very friendly and did a great job - the second and third trips to my house. The first time around we needed a new circuit board and igniter switch on our furnace thanks to a power surge. When I called and asked for someone to come and check the A/C unit, Pat found a safety switch that was broken that should have been found the first time around. I had to schedule a third visit for it to be put on at a later date. The first transaction yielded a paper receipt, which is great for insurance. The second and third time, the tech had an iPad to sign and said I would get a statement in the mail. Two weeks later and three phone calls later, I got the statements e-mailed to me, but they were super generic, and one had the incorrect amount charged to my credit card listed - it didn't include tax. I thought the second tech I had at my house did a great job, but the first tech and the iPad system for billing were definate downfalls for me. I will continue using them for continuity of maintenance, and give them another shot. They've been wonderful before.
*Well, tried to get my statements corrected, and it's turning into a huge hassel. If it wasn't for the fact I have to turn it in to insurance, I wouldn't bother, and wouldn't bother going back. It is so frustrating. Don't start using a system if you can't use it correctly. It reflects poorly on your business.

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