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Mcrae Animal Hospital 1

I took my puppy there for all his first set of shots and was treated by a very rude vet and 7 months later he got parvo we took him back when the dog was only at the start of the virus they said they would check him out and ran a bunch test that he didnt need one day he was doing fine and I asked if we could take him home with some type of home treatment and the rude vet said that if I want to put him down its a shame because hes doing so well here, I said im just asking if there are other treatment options and he jumped down my throat so we decided to leave him there and then the next day he died this was today 12/9/11

I dont recommend this place all they care about is money not your dogs life and if you cant pay your animal will pay with its life.... be carefull people please if you love your dog or cat as much as we loved ours find a better place

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