Sherwood South Animal Hospital / Emergency and Critical Center Center

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We are a full service veterinary hospital that operates an after hours Emergency & Critical Care and a luxurious boarding resort on premise in order to provide the best possible ...
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Sherwood South Animal Hospital / Emergency and Critical Center Center 1

MONEY IS THE FOCUS!! I wish that I could recommend this facility, but I cannot. In late October of this year I had an emergency situation with one of my female Shih Tzu. She was in labor and looked like she was going to need an emergency cesarean section. It was nearing midnight on a Saturday night, so my only options were emergency vet facilities. When I called Sherwood South, I was informed that I could bring her in, but that the procedure would be $1800.00 and that I would have to pay 1/2 up front and the other half when I picked her up the following morning. Not having all of the $1800.00 handy, I asked if they would just turn her away and let her die. I was informed that they didn't want her to die, but if I didn't have the money that they could not provide services. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of a facility were $$$, rather than the best interest of the animals, is the driving force. The good news is that I found a wonderful facility that didn't even ASK about money up front. They just took her in, performed the section, and worried about the money afterward . . . And the total cost was approximately half of what Sherwood South quoted.

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