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Chesterfield Tile Co Inc 2

The tile work was fine but the attention to detail was horrendous. They scratched the stainless steel top of our brand new VERY expensive stove, at first denied it, then blew if off by saying 'it will get scratched up eventually anyway'. And this was from the OWNER, Rick. They also were careless in replacing the shoe molding, there are gouges in the base moulding. They destroyed the stain matched shoe moulding on the kitchen island and tried to replace it with non-matching (brown instead of green) trim. I stopped them and made them cut out new pieces of unstained moulding so I could finish it myself. Just went to put the pieces down after staining them (a 4 day process) and they are not cut correctly, dont' match up at all. They also bent the warmer drawer slide on the stove. If it wasn't for our constant oversite they would have screwed several other things up too. Like I said, the tile itself looks fine, but they are otherwise careless. I do NOT recommend this company unless they will not need to move appliances or work around existing cabinets. They are careless about your belongings. And the owner is an immature hot head who immediately went off the deep end and essentially called me a liar when I called him out on scratching the stove. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!

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