Troubleshooter Tom Martino

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algonquinjCalh oun

Troubleshooter Tom Martino 5

Having read all of these reviews, I think ya'll is a bunch of Peckerwoods that need to handle yo' on life and get on good with the next's one.
Tom Martinoez has been a good friendly folk to me, my wife, my sister, my Aunt and all the rest of my kin. He was a knowin' when the "Traveller's" come to town, we did good work on pavin' sidewalks, roufin' and such. Just cause we took off a bit, or stole a bit, or saw a bit of jewelry and made off it with it, it was a "Martino" thing. Takin' money for sayin' somethin's good AIN"T no CRIME in the here US of A! In point of fact, when we made money from someone that weren't right, like a retard of handicapped or blind or Mongoloidish, we called it "Doing Martino", haha!
But i regress. Tom Martino done does us a favor for when we swindle, lie and cheat, we only do it for our families, just like'm, causin we paid his referral service and they sent us a business... shoo we, it was hoffen' so many people! Now we only buy lots of drug houses to turn into high rise apartments and let dope fiens live in 'em, and die outside 'em, just like him.
Tom Martino never done us wrong. We love him like a bro, cause is he is just like us.

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