Club Empre in San Antonio tx

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Club Empre in San Antonio tx 1

Omg Never again ....this club is the defintition of ghetto...went for my friends husbands birthday party and she paid 300 dollars for Vip that included 2 bottles of grey goose to the manager ''rich'' night went on by 12am both bottles from vip had gone missing while everyone had gone out to dance both bottles were more than half way full!!. The waitress named Vanessa Had over charged us for drinks be annouced on special "3 dollar star fucker shots" charged us 6 bucks! The people there are scandelous..Later my 2 girlfriends and their husbands went out to the patio to smoke "cause there is no smoking inside" they went out through wrong door and got kicked out...both of thier husbands got pepper sprayed and Punch in the head by the security ..bouncers whatever they are! And it doesnt end there less than 20 minutes later My boyfriend got jumped by 5 bouncers for wanting to talk things out with some guy who had started talking smack not even approaching him close...the bouncers all jumped him held him down and punched him busting his brow open..they carried him out where 'rich' was out front where he was being very rude and commanding us to leave without wanting to hear that his staff had assaulted my boyfriend for no reason! Im guessing you really need to have some kind of connections with the staff there in order to be protected ...cause they never kicked out the main one who started everything to begin with...ive never ever in my life been to a club so ghetto ..low class...Rude staff ...False advertisement..very slutty girls and wanna be gangsta low life guys And most of all security/bouncers who beat on the people there...this wont end here ''rich'' we are pressing charges with many witnesses and pictures ....DONT GO TO EMPIRE PEOPLE

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