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Cottage Hill Animal Clinic Dgn None 1

I would not even give this place a star if I could! I worked there for 2 weeks. I liked it because I had just graduated high school and my boss gave me the week off. She told me to be at work on Monday. I came into work that Monday and she told me she would call me with my schedule. I called the Clinic as well as my boss' cell phone. She did not return my calls at all and would get someone else to answer and say she was busy. I went up there today to get my check and she said all the days I worked were considered "VOLUNTEER WORK" and I did NOT get paid. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

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Canewen commented 687 days ago.
(Edited 687 days ago)
Yes, if you want to take your animal to a place that treats their employees like this then just think about how they treat the animals. This place has a VERY HIGH turn over rate, unable to keep dependable, honest, and caring employees, because of the people who run this place including the owner. I'm sorry to hear you were treated like this, and I know of many more like you. I wished there was someway to have the owner investigated!
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