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Direct Air Conditioning Incorporated - 9201 Sw 67th St 2

I recently had a service tech, Erminio, come out to my home and give me an estimate for an AC to blow cold.

I am happy that he came out in a timely manner and was able to determine exactly what was wrong with it within a couple minutes. I am NOT at all happy that he wanted to charge me---- almost $200 for a part that I eventually bought on ebay for only $15 including the shipping. In fact there were MANY single pole, 30 amp connectors in the same price range. And, for your info, the 40-amp double pole which Erminio wanted to charge me almost $250 to install was not much more than the single pole on ebay.

I don't like being lied to and ripped off. I was so glad I declined to have the work done then and there and opted to do my research, first. Erminio told me that I would not be able to buy this part as I don't have a license to purchase. That is a scam. He went on to say that even he couldn't buy one and that only the boss is legally able to buy connectors but now we know that's simply NOT TRUE.

I held off on giving this company a scathing review in order to work out my disgust with anyone trying to gouge me. I would expect someone to come out here and spend 5 minutes installing the connector.

The boss of the company told me that charging that klnd of mark-up is totally justified so we could not work it out.

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