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Maksimum Auto Detailing does a fantastic job for what they charge. They came to my house and detailed my Highlander in 8 hours and set it back to the day that it was purchased. They rely on word-of-mouth mostly and this is how I decided to repay them for their fantastic services.


Maksimum Auto Detailing 5

As much as I hate to admit it, I am absolutely the type of person that hates to have anyone touch my car. I am the only person that drives, washes, waxes or does anything to it. Recently I have had little time or energy to keep up with my usual wash routine, let alone the seasonal waxing. I finally broke down and decided I needed to have someone do it for me. I booked an appointment with a local shop, however, before taking my car in I found out that they start their detailing process by using an automatic 'soft touch' car wash. You have probably seen these before. They are the ones that use the spinning brushes and hanging rags to clean your car. Anyone who cares about their car knows that you never, under any circumstances drive your car through one of those. After a little more careful research I found Maks. He hand washed my car and detailed it inside and out. He even polished out a few scratches that I was not sure he would be able to fix. Believe me when I say that if there was a problem with my car after Maks completed the work, if I was not 100 percent satisfied, even if the issue was seemingly tiny, I would have pointed it out. I had extremely high expectations for Maks, but I was pleasantly surprised when he exceeded those expectations. Nowadays it is not often that you find that. I will definitely be taking my car again the next time I need a little help.

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