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What a waste of my time and money! I went to a weekend long workshop featuring Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei recently. The Grandmaster was great - just being in the room was worth my money. But this guy Gary Huff is something else. It was obvious he didn't know a lot of the material covered in the workshop by the Grandmaster (Mr. Huff's teacher). But when the Grandmaster asked Mr. Huff to lead the class, it became more obvious he was clueless.

Part of the weekend was a "Long Pole" form. I have read that this is usually done with a 8-9 foot pole, and Mr. huff supplied everyone with these dinky 6-foot poles. And once again, when the Grandmaster asked Mr. Huff to lead the class in the Long Pole form it was obvious he did not know it. He even got so nervous he started making sexual inuendos with his long pole in frpnt of the class. How incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful.

His website goes out of its way to tell everyone Mr. Huff is a "Master" who has studied in China. If I was the Grandmaster, I would be quite embarrassed to tell anyone this guy was my student. Worst Tai Chi teacher ever.

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